PM Narendra Modi Speech Highlights: PM warns against complacency, says people must be cautious during festivities

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Updated: October 21, 2020 11:50:36 am

PM Modi Addressing Nation Highlights: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the government is making all efforts to ensure that a vaccine, whenever it is launched, reaches every Indian.

According to BJP sources and reports from the districts Thursday, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will join Modi at the rallies in Dehri and Bhagalpur.

Prime Minister Modi Today Speech Highlights: With the onset of the festival season, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said this is not the time to be careless as the novel coronavirus is still around and even a small negligence can dampen the festive spirit.

In his seventh address to the nation following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Modi said many videos have surfaced in recent times that show many people having stopped taking precautions. “This is not the right thing to do,” he said.

“If you are careless and moving around without mask, you are putting yourself, children and the elderly at risk,” the prime minister said.

“We must keep in mind that lockdown may have ended, but the virus is still there,” he said.

In Europe, America and other countries, the number of cases have seen a hike yet again after seeing a decline in the past, he noted.

We should continue to be careful and not be callous until a vaccine is found, Modi said.

The prime minister said the government is making all efforts to ensure that a vaccine, whenever it is launched, reaches every Indian.

“We all must remember, there can be no laxity till a medicine is found,” Modi said.

Earlier, PM Modi had tweeted that he would address the nation at 6 pm: “Will be sharing a message with my fellow citizens at 6 PM this evening.”

Prime Minister Modi’s address comes at a time when the country is witnessing a decline in the daily number of Covid-19 cases and better recovery. The economy too is picking up with many indicators suggesting a positive trend with the start of the festive season.

A committee of scientists appointed by the government recently said that coronavirus in India may have already peaked and infection will likely “run its course” by February 2021. Last Saturday, Prime Minister Modi reviewed the COVID-19 situation in the country, including preparedness of vaccine delivery, distribution, and administration. He said coronavirus cases and growth rate over the last few days were steadily declining but there was no room for complacency.

“We are committed to ensuring speedy access to the vaccine. For that, advanced planning is underway in subjects including: Cold storage chains. Distribution networks. Monitoring mechanism. Advance assessments,” he said. The Prime Minister appealed to people to wear masks, wash hands and follow social distancing- Do Gaj Ki Doori.

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    19:32 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    Defence Minister Rajnath Singh reacts to PM Modi's speeh

    Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that the Prime Minister has made it clear that we cannot afford laxity till a vaccine for coronavirus is found. "We cannot ignore the dangers of coronavirus until the vaccine arrives. The Prime Minister's message is clear, there can be no laxity until Covid-19 vaccine is discovered. PM's message was like the one given by the head of a family. He appeared in the role of the protector of the country and society today."

    19:17 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    PM Modi evokes Kabir and Tulsidas to caution about coronavirus in festive season

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation amid intense speculations on Tuesday evening. In a crisp under 15-minute speech, PM Modi sensitised the public over the coronavirus pandemic and laxity of safety measures during the festive season. He exhorted the masses to diligently adhere to Covid protocols. Invoking legendary poets of ‘Bhakti’ movement such as Sant Kabir and Tulsidas, PM Modi stressed on the public awareness about wearing masks and social distancing. |READ MORE

    18:29 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    Prime Minister Narendra Modi urges citizens to follow COVID-19 appropriate behaviour

    PM appeals to the people with folded hands. "I pray to all of you, I want to see all of you safe and your families happy. I want to see festivals bring cheer your lives," says Prime Minister Modi

    18:24 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    PM Narendra Modi asks media personnel to spread awareness

    PM asks media personnel, people on social media to campaign to spread public awareness for following COVID-19 guidelines.

    18:21 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    PM Modi on Covid-19 vaccine

    Govt is making all efforts to ensure that vaccine, whenever it is launched, reaches every Indian: PM Modi

    18:19 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    All countries are working on a war-footing for making COVID-19 vaccine, says PM

    All countries are working on a war-footing for making COVID-19 vaccine. Government is preparing for making the vaccine accessible to every Indian as soon as it is made available: PM Modi

    18:17 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    Not the time to be careless, says PM

    This is not time to be careless or to believe that COVID-19 has ended: PM

    18:16 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    India has a facility of more than 90 lakh beds for COVID-19 patients, says PM

    India has a facility of more than 90 lakh beds for COVID-19 patients. There are 12,000 quarantine centres, around 2000 Corona testing labs. Number of tests will cross 10 Crores soon. In our fight against COVID, rise in the number of tests has been our strength: PM Mod.

    18:11 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    If you step out without mask, you put your families at risk, says PM Modi

    Recently, we saw many photos & videos where it is clearly seen that people are not careful anymore. This isn't right. If you step out without mask, you put your families at risk. We must remember - whether it is America or Europe, cases declined & then there was sudden spike: PM Modi

    18:10 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    PM says recovery rate in the country is good

    Today, the recovery rate in the country is good. The fatality rate is low. 5,500 people out of every 10 Lakh population in India are infected, whereas in countries like the US & Brazil this figure is around 25,000: PM Narendra Modi

    18:08 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    PM asks citizens to not let their guard down

    Until a vaccine is developed, we cannot let our guard down: PM Modi 

    18:07 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    PM says people must not let situation deteriorate

    With efforts of every Indian over last 7-8 months, India is in a stable situation we must not let it deteriorate: PM Modi

    18:06 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    Lockdown might have ended but COVID-19 still persists: PM Modi

    In this festive season, markets are bright again but we need to remember that the lockdown might have ended but COVID-19 still persists: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

    18:05 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    PM says this is not the time to be careless

    This is not the time to be careless: PM Modi

    18:04 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    Lockdown has gone but coronavirus has not, says PM

    Please remember lockdown has gone but coronavirus has not, says PM Narendra Modi

    18:02 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    PM begins address

    PM says people need to be careful ahead of festive season.

    17:59 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    PM Modi to address the nation shortly

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation shortly. Watch his speech live here:

    17:30 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    Rahul Gandhi targets PM Modi ahead of his address to the nation

    In Wayanad (Kerala), on a three-day visit to his parliamentary constituency, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi targetted PM Modi's announcement that he will share a message with the nation at 6 pm, saying, "I don't think there's any other country in the world today where a foreign power can take land from the country and then no answer from the leadership. This is shocking to me....So what I would like is the prime minister to tell the nation when the Chinese are going to be thrown out of Indian territory." (PTI).

    17:04 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    Rahul Gandhi tweets ahead of PM's address

    Congress leader Rahul Gandhi tweets ahead of PM's address: "Dear PM, In your 6pm address, please tell the nation the date by which you will throw the Chinese out of Indian territory. Thank you.'

    16:48 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    What did PM Modi announce in his previous address?

    In his sixth address, PM Modi had on June 30 announced extension of the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana (PMGKAY), a programme to provide free ration for over 80 crore people, mostly poor, by five more months till November end.

    16:22 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    PM's seventh address to the nation since the pandemic's outbreak

    This will be his seventh address to the nation since the pandemic outbreak.

    15:50 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    Covid-19: Detailed blueprint of vaccine distribution

    Covid-19 vaccine: National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration for Covid in consultation with State Governments and all relevant stakeholders have prepared and presented a detailed blueprint of vaccine storage, distribution, and administration. The Expert Group in consultation with the States is working actively on vaccine prioritization and distribution of vaccine, the Prime Minister said on Saturday. 

    15:42 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    Covid-19: IMF prediction for Indian economy

    Severely hit by Covid, the Indian economy is projected to contract by a massive 10.3 per cent this year. The IMF said India is likely to bounce back with an impressive 8.8 per cent growth rate in 2021. The Fund also said global growth would contract by 4.4 per cent this year and bounce back to 5.2 per cent in 2021.

    15:19 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    PM Modi on Covid vaccine being developed by India

    The Prime Minister on Monday said that India was now at the forefront of vaccine development for Covid. He said more than 30 indigenous vaccines were being developed in our country and three of them were in an advanced stage. He said India was already working on putting a well-established vaccine delivery system in place and this digitised network along with digital health ID will be used to ensure immunisation of our citizens. 

    14:53 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    Covid-19 | India has one of the highest recovery rates: PM Modi

    On Monday, Prime Minister Modi said that India was seeing a decline in the number of cases per day and the growth rate of cases. He said India has one of the highest recovery rates of 88 per cent. "This happened because: India was one of the first countries to adopt a  lockdown. India was one of the first to encourage the usage of masks. India actively began to work on effective contact-tracing. India was one of the earliest to deploy the rapid antigen tests," Prime Minister Modi said yesterday.

    14:08 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    PM Modi's previous addresses to the nation during the Covid-19 pandemic

    PM Modi has addressed the nation a number of times during the COVID-19 crisis in which he has spoken about various measures, including lockdown, being taken to curb the pandemic and also announced economic and welfare packages.

    13:49 (IST)20 Oct 2020
    Prime Minister Modi to address nation at 6 pm, tweets PM

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced on Twitter that he will address the nation today at 6 pm. In a tweet, he says: "Will be sharing a message with my fellow citizens at 6 PM this evening."
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