Parliament Session Updates: Citizenship Amendment Bill clears crucial Rajya Sabha test

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Updated:Dec 11, 2019 10:24:54 pm

The Citizenship Amendment Bill got 125 votes in support, while members 105 voted against it in the Upper House. Shiv Sena didn't participate in voting. 

Citizenship Amendment Bill, Amit Shah, Rajya Sabha, CABThe Bill moved by Home Minister Amit Shah was passed in Rajya Sabha after hours-long debate. (Photo/RSTV)

The Rajya Sabha on Wednesday passed the contentious Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2019 following an over 8-hour-long fiery debate in the House. The legislation got 125 votes in support, while 105 members voted against it in the Upper House. Shiv Sena decided against voting over the Bill. Responding to the debate over the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2019 in Rajya Sabha, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that the legislation should have been brought 50 years ago. “If this bill was brought 50 years ago, then the situation had not been so severe today,” he said, adding that the Congress party’s definition of secularism was limited to Muslims. Speaking in the Upper House earlier, BJP’s Subramanian Swamy  said that the Congress and the Opposition are confusing the Citizenship Amendment Bill with NRC. Accusing the Bharatiya Janata Party of pushing its Hindutva agenda through the Citizenship Amendment Bill, Congress leader P Chidambaram said that the legislation will be struck down by the Supreme Court. “Parliamentarians are abdicating their duties. This is a slap in the face of Parliament. Parliament has been asked to do an unconstitutional thing. It will not stop here. It will go to the judges,” Chidambaram said.   The AIADMK and Janata Dal (United) voted in favour of the Bill.

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    20:56 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Rajya Sabha passes Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019

    The Citizenship (Amendment) has passed the crucial test in Rajya Sabha. The legislation got 125 votes in support, while 105 members voted against it in the Upper House. Shiv Sena decided against voting over the Bill. 

    20:36 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Shiv Sena boycotts voting over Citizenship Amendment Bill

    Shiv Sena's Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Raut has confirmed that his party decided not to participate in the voting over the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 in the Upper House.

    20:08 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    CAB won't be referred to Select Committee

    Amendment to send Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 to Select Committee of Parliament has been defeated.  124 members voted against  the amendment, while 99 in favour of it being sent to the Select Committee.

    19:57 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Rajya Sabha votes for CAB to be sent to Select Committee

    Voting to send the Citizenship Amendment Bill to be sent to the Select Committee is underway. The Congress and Left parties have demanded the proposed legislation to be sent for Select Committee of Parliament for scrutiny. 

    19:33 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Congress, Pakistan PM Imran Khan speaking in one voice on Citizenship Amendment Bill, says Amit Shah

    Home Minister Amit Shah slams Congress, says statements of party leaders were the same as that of Pakistan PM Imran Khan over the Citizenship Bill.  

    19:27 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Don't teach me idea of India: Amit Shah

    During the debate, Kapil Sibal ji asked how will we determine whether minorities have been persecuted or not. The bill is about granting citizenship, it is not about snatching rights from anyone. We were born here and will die here. Don't teach me the idea of India, says Amit Shah 

    19:18 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Amit Shah questions Shiv Sena's flip flop over CAB

    Shiv Sena supported the Bill yesterday. They should tell the people of Maharashtra as to what happened within the span of a night that they changed their stand today, Amit Shah says.

    19:06 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Muslims need not worry: Amit Shah

    Citizenship Bill is not to snatch anyone's Indian citizenship. Muslims need not fear or worry about anything, says Amit Shah defending the legislation in Rajya Sabha.

    18:50 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Proposed law for persecuted minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan: Amit Shah

    Muslims not included for giving citizenship because proposed law is for persecuted minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan. Equality guaranteed in Article 14 does not prohibit law based on reasonable classification, says Home Minister Amit Shah defending Citizenship Bill.

    18:44 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Amit Shah slams Congress over 'secularism'

    The Congress party's definition of secularism was limited to Muslims, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said in Rajya Sabha while responding to debate over the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019.

    18:31 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    CAB should have come 50 years ago: Amit Shah in Rajya Sabha

    If this Bill was brought 50 years ago, then the situation had not been so severe today, says Union Home Minister Amit Shah replying on the debate over the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

    18:18 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    CAB approved by Law Department: Ravi Shankar Prasad

    All bills of our government are brought in the House only after they are vetted by the Law and Legislative Department. This law is valid and in larger interest of the nation, says Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad.

    16:54 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Congress confused between NRC and CAB: Subramanian Swamy

    The Congress is confused between the NRC and Citizenship Amendment Bill.  Article 14 does not bar this Bill. Congress has made similar demand for relaxations for religious minorities in Bangladesh and Pakistan for getting Indian citizenship,  says BJP MP Subramanian Swamy in Rajya Sabha

    16:51 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Send the Bill to Parliament's Select Committee: JD-S

    The Janata Dal Secular has demanded the Citizenship Amendment Bill to be sent to Parliament's Select Committee for scrutiny.  "This Bill will be a dilution of our secularism policy in this country. I strongly oppose this Bill. I recommend that the Bill be sent to a select committee of Parliament for scrutiny," D Kupendra Reddy said.

    16:40 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Naga People's Front supports Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019

    I support this Bill. People in north-east have no religious bias and aren't communal. It's not about religion, minority or majority communities. It's about illegal migrants who've come into our region and threatening to run over our population, says NPF leader KG Kenye

    16:25 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    CAB against Constitution: AAP's Sanjay Singh

    This Bill is against the basic structure of BR Ambedkar's Constitution. This is an attempt to break the nation and spread hatred, says Sanjay Singh, Aam Aadmi Party, Delhi

    16:18 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    This Bill should be thrown in Bay of Bengal, says MDMK leader Vaiko

    If this obnoxious, abominable, undemocratic, unreasonable, unpardonable, unjustifiable, unconstitutional Bill is passed today in this Council of State, it will become a black chapter in the annals of this Upper House. This Bill should be thrown in Bay of Bengal, said MDMK leader Vaiko

    15:46 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Two-nation theory was not Congress': Kapil Sibal

    Opposing the Citizenship Amendment Bill, Congress leader Kapil Sibal said that the two-nation theory was perpetrated by Savarkar. I request the Home Minister to withdraw the allegation the Congress supported the two-nation theory, we believe in one nation. I request Mr. Home Minister to rise above politics because this Bill is nothing but politics, said Kapil Sibal. 

    15:43 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    PDP opposes CAB in Rajya Sabha

    Speaking in Rajya Sabha during debate over the  Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019, PDP leader Mir M Fayaz accuses the BJP government of targeting the Muslims. "I stand to oppose this Bill. Since this govt has come to power, the way it has brought bills like Triple Talaq & Art 370-Muslims have been targeted,"Fayaz said.

    15:18 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Mayawati's BSP opposes Bill

    Our party is opposing the Citizenship Amendment Bill. Why are you violating Article 14 by excluding Muslims? Muslims being excluded is the sole problem of this entire Act, says Satish Chandra Misra, BSP, Uttar Pradesh.

    15:14 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Don't need certificate of patriotism from anyone: Sanjay Raut

    Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut: I am seeing in many parts of our country protest is happening against the Citizenship Amendment Bill. They are our Indian citizens too, so we don't need a certificate of patriotism from anyone. This bill is not religious so this bill should be discussed on the basis of humanity. Will you give voting rights to the refugees coming from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. 

    15:03 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Citizenship Bill won't pass judicial scrutiny: Sachin Pilot

    Rajasthan Deputy CM Sachin Pilot on Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019: 'For the first time in independent India, issue of deciding citizenship on basis of religion has come up. I don't think the bill will pass the judicial scrutiny. This is majority versus morality.'


    15:01 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Citizenship Bill: This is a sad day, says P Chidambaram in Rajya Sabha

    Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram says that this (BJP-led NDA) government is ramming through Citizenship Bill to advance its Hindutva agenda. 'This is a sad day. I am absolutely clear that this law will be struck off,' he adds.


    14:55 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Citizenship Bill is slap in the face of Parliament, will be struck down in SC: P Chidambaram

    P Chidambaram on Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019: "Parliamentarians are abdicating their duties. This is a slap in the face of Parliament. Parliament has been asked to do an unconstitutional thing. It will not stop here. It will go to the judges. Unelected judges and lawyers will then decide whether it is constitutional or not. Why only religious persecution - why not political persecution? why not linguistic persecution? I dare the government to lay the opinion of the law department in the House. This will be struck down in the Supreme Court. "

    14:44 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Citizenship Bill will be a blow to our secularism: DMK MP T Siva

    DMK MP T Siva says that if the Citizenship Amendment Bill this Bill is passed, it will be a blow to India's secularism. 'You (BJP) have a mandate to justify all citizens of the country and not segregate one section and make them feel victimised,' he adds in Rajya Sabha.

    14:40 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    CPI(M) opposes the Citizenship Amendment Bill

    CPI(M) TK Rangarajan on Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 in Rajya Sabha: Suppose you make the law, who will be responsible for any repercussion on minorities? That is why my party oppose this. Don't spoil the country, don't spoil the constitution, that is my request.

    14:19 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    TRS to oppose Citizenship (Amendment) Bill

    Telangana Rashtra Samithi MP Keshava Rao termed the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill as anti-Muslim. He accused the BJP of dividing the nation and declared that the party MPs will oppose the bill in the House. The TRS has six MPs. "We agree in principle to aiding the persecuted, but there should be no discrimination on basis of religion," he said.

    14:04 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    JD(U) to support CAB: Ram Chandra Prasad Singh

    The Janata Dal (United) of Nitish Kumar is supporting the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in the Rajya Sabha. Speaking on the floor of House, JD(U) MP Ram Chandra Prasad Singh said that the bill is not against the minorities of the country.

    14:00 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Samajwadi Party MP Javed Ali Khan speaks against CAB

    Samajwadi Party MP Javed Ali Khan speaks against the Citizenship (Amendment Bill). He said, "We understand that minorities will not be treated fairly in a theocratic state." "Why a deadline of Dec 13, 2014 being drawn? Have persecution of minorities stopped after that in neighbouring countries?" he asked.

    13:54 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    CAB in Rajya Sabha Today: Derek O'Brien urges BJD and JD(U) to reconsider decision to support Citizenship (Amendment) Bill

    Derek O'Brien in Rajya Sabha urged the BJD and Janata Dal (United) to oppose the bill. "Today is a test for parties like JD(U) and BJD," he said. Both the JD(U) and BJP are supporting the bill and voted in its favour in the Lok Sabha on Monday.

    13:48 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Elements of CAB drawn from Nazi copybook: Derek O'Brien in Rajya Sabha

    Derek O'Brien even alleged that PM Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah are using derogatory language towards certain people. He said, "Elements of CAB drawn from Nazi copybook."

    13:46 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    AIADMK to support Citizenship Amendment Bill

    AIADMK Rajya Sabha MP SR Balasubramanian said that his party is supporting the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill. The AIADMK has 11 MPs in the Upper House.

    13:45 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    No lunch break in Rajya Sabha

    There will be no lunch break today in Rajya Sabha, as debate on Citizenship Amendment Bill is underway.

    13:36 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Derek O'Brien raises proposed pan-India NRC issue

    Derek O'Brien also slammed the Modi government over NRC issue. He said that the pilot NRC failed in one state (Assam) and "now how you say it will be implemented in 27 states?" Home Minister Amit Shah has promised that the NRC will be implemented across the country.

    13:33 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    We are moving from a democracy to dictatorship: TMC MP Derek O'Brien in Rajya Sabha

    Trinamool Congress MP Derek O'Brien speaks against the bill in the Rajya Sabha. He said, "We are moving from a democracy to dictatorship." He added that of the bill is passed there will be a people's movement against CAB.

    13:31 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Manmohan Singh spoke about persecution of minorities in neighbouring countries: Nadda

    Nadda, who also is the BJP's working president, said on November 18, 2003, Manmohan Singh spoke about persecution of minorities in neighbouring countries in Rajya Sabha, and advocated granting citizenship to such people. "Manmohan Singh said we should have more liberal approach in granting citizenship to them. So, we are following what he said," Nadda added.

    13:30 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    JP Nadda speaks in favour of CAB in Rajya Sabha

    BJP MP JP Nadda reads from Jansangh resolution of 1970 to highlight depleting population of minorities in Pakistan. He even referred to media reports to highlight atrocities against minorities in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    13:13 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Minorities protected after partition in India, but not in Pakistan: JP Nadda

    BJP leader JP Nadda is now speaking in the Rajya Sabha in favour of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill. He said minorities in India were protected after partition, but the same did not happen in Pakistan.

    13:11 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    Constitution of no party can be above the Constitution of India: Anand Sharma

    Congress' MP Anand Sharma said that the BJP promised to bring the bill in its manifesto. "But constitution of no party can be above or in contradiction to the Constitution of India," he said. Sharma added that "in our religion, we believe in rebirth, and that we meet our elders. So if Sardar Patel meets Modi ji, he will be very angry with him, Gandhi ji will ofcourse be sad, but Patel will be indeed very angry."

    13:10 (IST)11 Dec 2019
    India never considered religion as a factor to grant citizenship: Anand Sharma

    Anand Sharma said that India has never before considered religion as a factor to grant citizenship to refugees. He also referred to the famous September 11, 1893 speech of Swami Vivekananda wherein he had spoke about India's tolerance towards all religions at World Parliament of Religions.

    According to the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, members of Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi and Christian communities, who have come from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, till December 31, 2014 facing religious persecution there, will not be treated as illegal immigrants but given Indian citizenship. The bill amends the Citizenship Act, 1955.
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