PM Narendra Modi Pariksha Par Charcha highlights: Watch his speech, examination tips

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New Delhi | Updated: February 16, 2018 8:05:08 PM

Pariksha Par Charcha highlights: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is holding an interactive session with students from across India ahead of the upcoming board examinations across the country.

Pariksha Par Charcha, narendra modi, pm modi, cbse, state board exam, Central Board of Secondary Education, cbse exam, cbse exam date, Talkatora Stadium, delhi, delhi newsPariksha Par Charcha highlights: PM Modi addresses students through a video conference and discusses exam-related issues faced by students of state governments and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

Pariksha Par Charcha highlights: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today held an interactive session with students from across India ahead of the upcoming board examinations across the country. The session, titled ‘Pariksha Par Charcha’, was held at Talkatora Stadium in Delhi on February 16. PM Modi addressed the students through a video conference and discussed  exam-related issues faced by students of state governments and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). It has been learnt that students from 2,000 school and colleges attended the event which began at 12 noon.

Recently, the Prime Minister had exhorted the students to share their thoughts on upcoming examinations. He also sought suggestion regarding stress-busting techniques through the Narendra Modi App and the MyGov App. According to reports, 10 crore students took in the programme. Of them, around 10 students got the opportunity to ask questions directly. A book penned by the Prime Minister was launched earlier this month. Titled ‘Exam Warriors’, the book deals with exam-related stress and how to tackle it, among other issues.

Watch Narendra Modi’s Pariksha Par Charcha LIVE

Track highlights of PM Narendra Modi’s Pariksha Par Charcha

2:02 PM: After having answered all doubts like a friend to the students, PM Narendra Modi concluded his ‘Pariksha Par Charcha’ speech.

2:00 PM: PM Modi talked about Tamil language and said it is one of the oldest languages of India. Once again, he requested the faculty to translate his speech to the students with whom he could not connect in their mother tongue.

1:59 PM: I may be into politics but in my heart, there is only a goal to do something for the people, said PM Modi.

1:58 PM:

1: 57 PM: Your focus should be on your preparation and not on the result. Results are merely a by-product. I follow the same ideology during elections, said PM Modi.

1: 56 PM: The last question came from a class 11 student from Delhi, Girish, who questioned PM Modi about his preparations for the Lok Sabha Elections 2019.

1:55 PM:

1:54 PM: Do not wish to become something in life but wish to do something new in life. When you dream of becoming something particular in life, you steal away your own freedom, said PM Modi.

1: 52 PM: A class 11 student from Noida questioned PM Modi about the vast amount of career opportunities present today and how students can deal with their confusion regarding the same.

1: 50 PM: Maintain two diaries where in one you write about what you want to do during the day and in the other what you did during the day. Compare both the diaries at the end of the month and see how they differ. This will help you learn your abilities, said PM Modi.

1:49 PM:

1:47 PM: PM Modi talks about time management while preparing for an examination. He said that students should realise their priorities and decide the things which are important for them to spend their time upon. Students should be flexible with their time table, said PM Modi.

1:44 PM: When I became the Prime Minister of the country, I called all my teachers to an event to commemorate them because they played a big role in my life, said PM Modi.

1: 42 PM: Teachers should maintain a contact with the ecosystem of their students to understand them better, said PM Modi.

1: 40 PM: PM Narendra Modi advises teachers to maintain a contact with the parents of the students. When I was young, teachers were a part of the family, said PM Modi.

1: 38 PM: What is teachers’ role to play during their student’s examination, asks a student from Assam Rifles Public School, Shillong.

1:36 PM: PM Modi tells students to have quality sleep. I sleep within 30 seconds after going to bed, said PM Modi.

1:35 PM:

1:33 PM: PM Modi tells students to practice various positions from yoga that would help them attain peace of mind.

1:32 PM:

1:30 PM: Students should focus on their EQ as it gives the biggest strength in life to a person, said PM Modi.

1:28 PM: PM Modi said scientists have found that the IQ in children starts to develop even before the age of 5 years. He also said that EQ is the biggest source of inspiration in a person.

1:25 PM: PM Narendra Modi talks about the difference between IQ and EQ, Intelligence Quotient and Emotional Quotient.

1:23 PM:

1:22 PM: PM Modi talks about the five elements of life and says that students should maintain a connection with these elements.

1:20 PM:

1:17 PM: A class 12 student from Delhi, Saloni, raises her question on distractions faced by students while studying for an exam. PM Modi answers the question by saying that if students want to focus on studying, they should first know how to ‘defocus’.

1:15 PM: PM Modi insists that every child is blessed and achieving high scores during exams should not be the only motive in life.

1:13 PM:

1:12 PM: PM Narendra Modi says Indian children are born politicians as they know how to get their work done at home by hook or crook since their childhood.

1:10 PM: PM Modi also talks about how few parents try to achieve their unfulfilled dreams through their children, without realising what their children want to achieve.

1:08 PM: PM Narendra Modi answers questions on pressures put on students by their parents and relatives. He tells students not to doubt the intentions of their parents and should understand that they make immense sacrifices for their children.

1:05 PM:

01:03 PM: Instead of competing with others, the students should compete with themselves, says PM Modi.

01:00 PM: PM Modi answers the queries of the students, saying they should recognise their abilities and strengths and should strive to be better than themselves everyday.

12:58 PM: A student from Delhi, Aruna Srivastava, asks PM Modi how to deal with peer pressure. Another student from Calicut, Neha Sharma of Class 9, questions PM Modi on the pressure put on students by their parents.

12:55 PM: PM Modi mentions cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and his strategy to concentrate while playing a match.

12:53 PM: PM Narendra Modi explains how to concentrate during examinations. He says it is necessary to synchronise the body, mind and soul to attain concentration.

12:50 PM:

12:48 PM : Prime Minister Narendra Modi apologises to all students across the country with whom he is not able to interact in their local language. He requests the faculty members to voice over his speech to those particular students.

12:46 PM:

12:45 PM: PM Modi talks about a bronze medal winner in the Snowboard Championship at South Korea’s Winter Olympics, who suffered from multiple fractures and was under coma for 11 months before the Olympics.

12:43 PM: PM Modi talks about self confidence and how it is necessary for students to evaluate themselves at every point in life.

12:42 PM:

12:40 PM: PM Modi starts answering questions. He discusses how he studied pieces written by Swami Vivekananda during his younger days and discusses his philosophies with the students.

12:37 PM: PM Modi talks about ‘Swachh Bharat’ mission and said that media has changed the face of the campaign. It is now just a campaign of the government but also of the people of the nation.

12:35 PM: PM greets the teachers saying the best education he ever received was when he learnt that one should never let the student within oneself die.

12:30 PM: The students end their performance and Prime Minister Narendra Modi begins his speech.

12:25 PM: The students of Kendriya Vidyalaya present a beautiful performance on how to be triumphant over stress.

12:23 PM: The Education Minister talks about PM Modi’s focus on innovation in education through research parks and higher education finance agencies.

12:22 PM:

12: 20 PM: Javdekar talks about PM Modi’s vission, visible through Budget 2018, which focuses on the right to education.

12: 15 PM: Education Minister Prakash Javdekar talks to the students and teachers present in the stadium.

12:10 PM: PM Narendra Modi walks onto the stage in Talkatora Stadium to begin his video conference.

12:05 PM: PM Narendra Modi reaches Talkatora Stadium in Delhi and will talk to students and teachers soon.

11: 55 AM: Students from Delhi want the Prime Minister to talk about the reservation system that exists in the Indian education system.

11: 50 AM: Class 12 Students from Nainital want to request PM Narendra Modi to introduce counselling sessions for them that could help them realise which professions they could step into.

11:45 AM: Class 12 students from Haryana are disappointed with the schedule released for Board exams and want to discuss the same with PM Modi.

11: 40 AM: In his book, Exam Warriors, PM Modi gave away 25 formulas on education to both students and teachers.

11: 35 AM: Students from Jalandhar, Punjab, want the Prime Minister to talk about how to deal with exam stress and the confusion faced by them while appearing for an exam.

11: 25 AM: Students from Varanasi want to talk to the Prime Minister about the impact of holidays on the syllabus and how to cope up with the same.

11:15 AM: Students want PM Modi to discuss the transparency in the evaluation of papers in the education system.

11:00 AM: Students waiting for PM Modi in Talkatora Stadium in Delhi speak on what they expect the Prime Minister to talk about.

10:20 AM: Last week, Prime Minister Modi had asked the students to share their thoughts on upcoming examinations and suggest stress-busting techniques through the Narendra Modi App and the MyGov App.

10:15 AM: The students were also encouraged to ask questions on Twitter using the hashtag #ExamWarriors. The interaction comes two weeks after the launch of the ‘Exam Warriors’ book penned by Prime Minister Modi.

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