Not everyone will understand Kamal Haasan’s jibe on O Panneerselvam-Sasikala war: This isn’t Mahabharat, we can’t be rolling out dice anymore!

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New Delhi | Published: February 9, 2017 12:14:33 AM

You know, when Kamal Haasan explodes, the whole of India is forced to stop whatever they are doing and listen. This time, Kamal Haasan's explosive TV interviews have made the nation sit up and listen.

Kamal Haasan's explosive TV interviews have made the nation sit up and listen. (PTI)Kamal Haasan’s explosive TV interviews have made the nation sit up and listen. (PTI)

You know, when Kamal Haasan explodes, the whole of India is forced to stop whatever they are doing and listen. Remember, the last time he spoke about jallikattu and biriyani, you saw how the nation reacted and the rest is history. This time, Kamal Haasan’s explosive TV interviews have made the nation sit up and listen.

So, what did Kamal Haasan say that we don’t know already?

Powerful statements – that’s what! And no, he meant business. You could make that out from the anger in his voice. He wasn’t kidding and most importantly, he lashed out at the political classes that have let down Indians.

Here’s what the iconic actor told TV channels, “OPS is not incompetent, he has been doing well and no one can find a fault with him during the term that he has been CM. He should be allowed to continue.” When asked about Sasikala’s proximity to Jayalalithaa, Kamal Haasan rubbished it saying, “Proximity isn’t enough to make some one the chief minister of a state. I have a close friend of many years who is a lawyer. Does that mean I can go and argue cases in court like he does? No, so you have to look at the situation more carefully.”

So, lets do just that, shall we? Take a deep breath, step back and take a closer look at how O Panneerselvam has conducted himself.

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O Paneerselvam is the last person whom anyone in Tamil Nadu would have expected to revolt against Sasikala Natarajan, but yes, that is exactly what has happened. His U-turn took his own party cadres by surprise and no one would have been more surprised by his unexpected move than Chinnamma.

Perceived as a gentleman within the AIADMK, O Paneerselvam has been a strong Amma loyalist right till the end, never seen to be greedy for power or eager to seize a political opportunity in the way any other leader may have been tempted to. Soft-spoken, well-mannered and known to be an efficient administrator, OPS conducted himself with utmost dignity throughout the time that he had sworn in as Tamil Nadu Chief Minister.

Sasikala, on the other side, became the uncrowned ”amma” of Poes Garden right after Jayalalithaa’s burial. She brought her flock of family members including her husband, whom Jayalalithaa had banished for interfering in her domestic affairs, and her brother. For some one who claims to follow Amma’s path and abide by Amma’s wishes, it is ironical that Sasikala lost no time in establishing her husband and her brother as the key decision makers. They called the shots and sent out the right signals of their intentions to MLAS, including gathering their support to put forth the party’s decision to slowly get OPS to step down.

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Why O Panneerselvam’s dissent is actually good news for Tamil Nadu politics

Panneerselvam’s shocking revelations about how he was forced to resign have sent ripples across Tamil Nadu. Not just that, O Paneerselvam has announced a probe into Jayalalithaa’s death – a very important move that will instantly strike an immediate chord of trust with the people of Tamil Nadu, who have been talking in whispers about the lack of transparency in the treatment. That he has the courage to be transparent and ready to announce a probe is something that sends out a powerful message to the people and to Sasikala Natarajan – who is being seen as some one who is hesitant to reveal anything about Jayalalithaa’s hospitalisation.

“I have never betrayed my party or spoken against the party,” O Paneerselvam had reiterated this morning, while announcing a probe into Jayalalithaa’s death.

MK Stalin had clarified earlier, “DMK has nothing to do with AIADMK’s internal squabbles.”

“Shocking to hear how OPS was forced to resign, we won’t go to the President on this but there is much uncertainty in the state and this can’t go on like this – things have to be sorted out,” DMK’s Kanimozhi reacted this morning.

The core question is – Who has the numbers – OPS or Chinnamma?

When asked about Chinnamma, Kamal Haasan told a TV channel, “Lets be very clear. I can understand this generation calling Mahatma Gandhi as Bapuji or Nehru as Chachaji but leave the others alone – come on, we are the people and we have grown up! We don’t want horse trading, we want a responsible government and OPS should be allowed to continue. This isn’t the Mahabharat, we can’t be rolling dice to see who wins, who loses this war.”

You know what – Kamal Haasan’s explosive statements make perfect sense.

Politicians won’t easily understand Kamal’s jibes – “You don’t get to choose who leads a state, we the people do and we definitely don’t do horse trading. We aren’t like you!”

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