1. NC won’t allow ‘disintegration’ of Jammu and Kashmir: Farooq Abdullah

NC won’t allow ‘disintegration’ of Jammu and Kashmir: Farooq Abdullah

National Conference (NC) President Farooq Abdullah urged Jammu and Kashmir youths to fight "myopic politics" being played by vested interests to divide the state on regional and communal lines.

By: | Published: August 23, 2015 7:27 PM

National Conference (NC) President Farooq Abdullah urged Jammu and Kashmir youths to fight “myopic politics” being played by vested interests to divide the state on regional and communal lines.

“Youth has a very crucial role to fight myopic politics being played by vested interests to divide Jammu and Kashmir on regional and communal lines,” Farooq Abdullah said while addressing the party workers at party office yesterday.

He said fragmenting society into bits and pieces is against the composite ethos of the state, which has all along been nurtured and sustained by National Conference even at the altar of sacrifices.

He said the state is home to divergent faiths and cultures, which makes it unique across the country.

“We have to grow as a vibrant state where equal opportunities are available to Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists and Christians,” he said, urging the youths to strengthen these values by maintaining unity and peace.

He hoped the people will stand together against forces determined to dismantle the pluralistic way of life in the state.

He said that Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh are one and they have to stand together for the future progress of the state.

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  1. M
    Aug 23, 2015 at 9:14 pm
    When a separate nation, stan, was created to enable those muslims who wanted to stay separately from the erstwhile united India, there was no reason for them to attack Kashmir. They should have respected the boundaries demarcated based on the understanding of leaders who helped people on both sides breathe freely, and later, also that of the ruler of Kashmir. People from around the world can visit Kashmir when they wish to, irrespective of their faith. Had some muslim leaders not been promoting hatred, why would any Indian have not welcomed the citizens of stan for visiting any place, let alone Kashmir, expecting a similar harmony from stan. The separatist leaders seem to be simply furthering their individual ill-will, against a non-enemy that is the Indian government, and want that their followers should sacrifice their happiness and sometimes their lives, the poor ones hired to die as terrorists, for merely satisfying that hatred. Would such leaders destroy the lives of their own children/relatives in this way. What is it that the separatist leaders can really promise to the Kashmiri youth and what can they do for them, except for engaging them in hatred and violence against India, for their w lives. Can such leaders ensure a good house for each of their followers anywhere in stan, forget about a good colony. Can they ensure lifelong free medical treatment for the youth and their families in the best hospitals in stan? Can they guarantee good quality education in stan for the children of their followers. Have they given any special benefits to Kashmiri muslims during the years a separatist ideology has been promoted? Is there any Indian state where muslim youth ever complained about any kind of discrimination by the Indian government that hinders their progress as citizens of India. Indian government never curbed the freedom of muslims within the country, and their rights as citizens have been respected like those of others. How many non-muslims have been enjoying this kind of freedom and respect in stan. Look at the growth of potion of muslims in India and that of non-muslims in stan. What does it tell? The separatists are puting even the peace of muslims in India at risk, because in other states of India, non-muslims will start looking at muslims with suion. The leaders are also generating a lack of trust in muslims in general at places outside India. If the leaders would have asked for improving the quality of lives of people in Kashmir by seeking government support for setting up educational insutions, medical colleges, software training insutes, or for inviting businesses, who would have ever opposed it, and even Kashmiri muslims would have reaped the benefits of the economic growth cycle that India went through in last two decades. But, because of staying busy in the ideology of the separatist leaders, who carry meaningless hatred against India, they lost the opportunities. In this age, all countries are struggling to work on developments that can help secure the future of humanity, and a good quality life for all. Do such developments help only non-muslims? How a life in which the separatists keep fighting and kill a few people of another faith better than doing something by which they can at least improve the quality of life for millions of people of their faith. Even if the separatist leaders don't want to do anything positive for non-muslims they can make great contributions to the lives of muslims by working on problems in the countries that are governed by their religion. Possibly, they can help the PM and President of stan and those of other muslim countries with their capabilities. Is it not better to work and make stan as good a place as Dubai, New York, Paris, places which people wish to visit from around the world. Is it not better to work on making the schools, hospitals, industries in stan among the world's best. Iran is nearer to stan than to India. stan could do so much by buying gas from Iran. During last two decades or so, could stan's leadership not have helped their country gain some a bigger share in global economic development. Look at China, which has improved the quality of life of its citizens by focusing on development, and is now the second biggest economy in the world. The promotion of hatred against others by any religious leader is harmful for everyone in this age. If any leader has a problem due to an action of one from another faith, he/she should approach the consutional agencies, and not use that incident to promote hatred and enjoy leadership on such basis. Be a leader to see and show to others the positive things about life. There are so many things to do. The medicines that give us relief were developed out of positive thoughts of some people for everyone. We don't even know the religion of those people, and they didn't/don't know ours. Why should such leaders use medicines that were not discovered and made by someone of their faith? Same holds true for the water they drink, the materials used for making their houses, the planes and trains they travel in, the mattress they sleep on. Leaders, please wake up, this is 21st century and the world has come far from the age when the ideas of fights for supremacy of one's religion. Some countries have adopted consensus based consutions and some govern themselves based on religion and the systems seem to be working fine for each, but separately. Faith still guides our lives, for a significant majority, but the spirit of the current times is peace, progress, equality for all irrespective of their religion; it is the age of pen and not sword. Malala, who could have died due to violence in her own country despite being a muslim, will now grow up to earn respect of millions of non-muslims around the world, by her deeds. She could also have been instigated by some leader and given a gun to fight a non-existent enemy for the rest of her life. But, now she will be an et for society, and even non-muslims would feel happy helping and protecting her. Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam, by his deeds, earned the highest possible honors from the Indian government, and Indian citizens feel proud of him. Did his faith ever guide him to hate anyone? If religion is important for any person, that person can spend his/her life chanting God's name while sitting on a one square metre piece of land anywhere in this world. The separatist leaders, and others who use religion as a divisive tool for securing their position as a leader, are kindly requested to rethink what is life worth living for - peace and prosperity for all in this world or something else.
    1. Ramakrishna Tumuluri
      Aug 23, 2015 at 8:05 pm
      Farooq Abdullah's Voice of Wisdom must be listened to by one and all---and especially Geelani who is hankering for an audience with stan forgetting that he is an Indian Citizen

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