Narendra Modi Israel visit: PM speaks to Indian diaspora, says my government’s motto is reform, perform, transform; Delhi-Mumbai-Tel Aviv airlink coming soon

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New Delhi | Updated: July 6, 2017 12:08:43 AM

Narendra Modi Israel visit: On Day 2, of his trip, Prime Minister Modi addressed the Indian diaspora living in the Jewish country during a community event.

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Narendra Modi Israel visit: On Day 2, of his trip, Prime Minister Modi addressed the Indian diaspora living in the Jewish country during a community event. While speaking at the event, PM said, Speaking to the Indian diaspora, Prime Minister Narendra Modi says,”Matter of joy that for first time in 70 years an Indian PM has visited Israel. Yes, we are meeting after a very long time. It took many years for this visit to happen.” Speaking after PM Benjamin Netanyahu, who welcomed PM Modi to the podium he said, “Our ties with Israel are about mutual trust and friendship.”  He emphasised the inordinate power that the Jewish country wields and said, “Israel has shown that more than size, it is the spirit that matters.”

PM underlined the importance of linkages between both countries that go back a long way. He said, “The Jewish community has enriched India with their contribution in various fields.” Looking at the gathering, PM acknowledged the presence of various dignitaries and indicated his gratefulness for their coming there by saying, “Mayors of various Israeli cities have also joined us today. Their love for India has drawn them here, I thank them.”

PM Modi explained his administrative approach and said, “My government’s motto is reform, perform, transform.” PM said that with this approach, he realised the importance of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and therefore he ensured that the new tax regime was implemented. He added, “There were over 500 laws before this and they created all sorts of problems and complexities that were massive. With one nation, one law rule, the nation would progress at a much faster clip. This is one of the biggest reforms ever.”

Among the many other reform measures that he has implemented, PM picked out the RERA (The Real Estate Regulation Act). He said that he has brought transparency in the Indian real estate business. More than that, he said that ‘My dream to ensure that by 2022 there should be a house over every head in India will also materialise through this as well as affordable housing, the steps for which we have taken.” PM said, “With the aim of ‘housing for all’ we have placed emphasis on the construction and the real estate sector.” PM reminded all that he remembers his promises too and said, “Have to fulfill dream of own house, water, electricity for poor households in India by 2022.” PM also stressed on the fact that due to the steps taken by his government, ease of doing business has improved. So many complex laws have been trashed, added PM and now whenever anyone has to establish a factory or business, it takes no more than a day or so to do so. He also explained the importance of the implementation of the Insolvency law in India that will ensure businesses hum, rather than get stranded. He added that once it took as many as 600 days to get environment clearances in India. He said that this has now been redduced to just 180 days and it will fall further.

I want to give you some good news. Indian diaspora is facing a lot of OCI, PIO cards difficulties. It can no longer be that India can say no to giving you these cards. Now, even Indian jewish community who have undergone compulsory army service too will get an these cards. Because of this we know problems were faced but this will no longer happen.

To increase cultural integration with Israel, PM announced that ‘we will build an Indian Cultural Centre here.’

We will also start a Delhi-Mumbai-Tel Aviv aviation connection to ensure that the link between the two countries progresses at an even faster pace.

On foreign investment, PM said, “We have introduced 100% FDI in key sectors, which will help our economy.” Acknowledging the achievements of teh jewish country, PM said, “Israel has surprised everyone with its new innovations in almost every field be it solar panel, solar window, agro biotechnology.”

The day has been quite eventful as Prime Minister Modi started his day by meeting the Israeli President Reuven Rivlin. After the meeting, President Rivlin took to Twitter to welcome PM Modi and wrote, “Welcome PM @NarendraModi. It’s good to see you again & welcome you to #Jerusalem.” Following this, PM Modi met PM Benjamin Netanyahu after which the two issued a joint statement together that resulted in 7 agreements between the two nations. PM Modi also met Baby Moshe, the 26/11 survivor who lost both of his parents in an attack at the Nariman House in 2008. After the joint statement was issued, S Jaishanker said, “We have announced a strategic partnership in water and agriculture. It offers us a whole spectrum of possibilities.” He added, “2 societies who consider themselves cradles of civilization have found a more contemporary basis for their relationship.”

While talking about terrorism, he said, “There was a broad agreement that the fight against terrorism won’t work if it’s very segmented & translated into narrow agendas.”

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