1. Nagas in Delhi urge Kiren Rijiju to resolve economic blockade in Manipur

Nagas in Delhi urge Kiren Rijiju to resolve economic blockade in Manipur

Several flights were affected at the airport here today, with many of them getting delayed and some being cancelled, as bad weather caused poor runway visibility conditions.

By: | New Delhi | Published: December 2, 2016 12:40 PM
Kiren_Rijiju_PTI L The UNC is a respected apex institution of all the Nagas whose territory falls within the jurisdiction of Manipur State pertaining to land, culture and customary law,” said the statement. (Source: PTI)

The Naga people living in Delhi are deeply concerned by the recent events in Manipur that have led to the arrest of United Naga Council (UNC) President Gaidon Kamei and his Information and Publicity Secretary S.K. Stephen by the Government of Manipur on grounds of economic blockade for nearly a month in the state. “The arrest is highly condemnable as the action amounts to dismissing Naga people’s rights over their land and age old customary law.

The UNC is a respected apex institution of all the Nagas whose territory falls within the jurisdiction of Manipur State pertaining to land, culture and customary law,” said the statement. “Therefore, the protest launched by the UNC leaders was to safeguard the indigenous land of the Naga people against the State arbitrary decision without any consultation and its complete disregard to the past Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Governments of Manipur and written assurance from Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, on the 24th November on issue of Sadar Hills and Jiribam,” the statement added.

To voice a strong protest against the highly condemnable action of the State Government of Manipur, Naga Students’ Union, Delhi (NSUD) has formed a Committee for Joint Naga Civil Societies, Delhi (CJNCSD) on 28 November, 2016 in collaboration with various Naga Civil Society based in Delhi. The Committee has a representation of Naga Forum Delhi (NFD), Naga People Movement for Human Rights, Delhi Sector (NPMHR), Naga Lawyers’ Guild, Delhi (NLGD), Naga Students’ Union Delhi (NSUD), Forum for Understanding the Naga-India Conflict & Human Rights (FUNICH), Naga Scholars’ Association (NSA) and Naga People’s Union for Civil Liberties (NPUCL).

To look upon the on-going situation in Manipur, the newly formed committee had called on Kiren Rijiju, Minister of State (MoS), Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on 29 November, 2016 in New Delhi and submitted a memorandum to draw centre Government attention with two focus point.

Firstly, immediate and unconditional release of United Naga Council (UNC) President Gaidon Kamei and his colleague Stephen, who are presently under Manipur police custody. And secondly, moratorium against any unilateral readjustment of administrative areas by Government of Manipur, particularly involving Naga areas, considering the Framework Agreement signed between Government of India and National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) in the presence of Honourable Prime Minister on 3rd August, 2015.

“The Committee will launch a democratic movement in New Delhi for immediate and unconditional release of the UNC leaders and demand for direct Centre Government intervention in the present Manipur crisis,” the press release said.

CJNCSD alleged that the present State Government of Manipur has completely failed to represent and address the genuine concerns of various ethnic communities of the State. Instead of maintaining social harmony in the State, the State Government of Manipur chose to steer ethnic tension which could erupt violent ethnic conflict as it has been witnessed in the past. It is led to believe that the present crisis is churned out as State Government’s ill intention to come back to power at any cost.

President of Naga Hoho Chuba Ozukam and his team on their visit to New Delhi for the similar issue and on the mission to pressurize Centre Government for early settlement of Naga-India Framework Agreement lent their support and participated in the meeting of the leaders of various Naga Civil Societies.

“The Committee will relentlessly resort to various democratic movements unless the goals are met in releasing the UNC leaders and timely intervention of the centre government to resolve the ongoing crisis,” added the statement.

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  1. D
    Dec 4, 2016 at 4:22 pm
    What wrong did the Manipur govt. do in arresting the officials of UNC who have been carrying out economic blockade in National Highways since a month? And the so called CJNCSD's call for unconditional release of UNC leaders speaks of double standards. They think about their leaders [two] only not about normal citizens [28 lakhs]. If UNC has differences with state govt., they need to settle it democratically, not by carrying out blockade on state highways. Here, in Manipur economic blockade has become a tool to pressurize the state government. Sometimes, it is UNC, sometimes it is ANSAM and sometimes some other group....... National Highways has become National ways for Manipur...
    1. L
      Dec 3, 2016 at 8:59 am
      It is indeed very sad that we are talking about rights but we forgot the most basic Right- Right to Live. The aam admi who is actually at the receiving end of THIS conflict, how they are bullied to pay triple the price of one litre petrol, gas cylinders, basic necessities like cooking oil, onion, garlic . Because of the Economic Blockade I have seen many families in challenging and heart wrenching situations. We all know how the skyrocketing price of Onion and Petrol had changed the fate of Government in Delhi.
      1. Chingakham Lip
        Dec 3, 2016 at 3:32 pm
        I think it is the height of foolishness lent out by the ever heartless naga folks curtailed in the name of human rights , civil societies like The nagaHohos and the Unc supporters , etc. One thing that the partially naga favoring biased editor forgot to put in this baseless page here is that every Transport Bus which carries pengers to and fro from Guwahati to Manipur has been paying unconsutional tax at every naga militant police led mini outpost which starts right after attaining some heights of the hilly roads after crossing Dimapur. A sum of Rs.200 to 400 and at some out-posts it could sore upto thousands and by any chance if its found that the buses or trucks are carrying something more valuable than regular , which if not paid results in the torching of the vehicle or snatching of the goods. This is the scene for each and every outpost besides the yearly so called tax (illegal) which ranges several of thousands of Rupees ranging from 5000 to whopping 15000 extra. Can anyone just imagine such inhuman atrocities being carried out by the NsCN-IM. And the civil societies knowingly supports it because this money is not some meagre amount . These tax imposed on guwahati manipur highways earns several crores anually. Now who would want to loose this opportunity of golden eggs ,right ! ? And not only that, they the Naga civil societies in accordance with the terrorist impose economic blockade which cripples the state of manipur and innocent people , be it the meitei , the pangals , the i , mizos and the other naga tribes of manipur. During such a blocked which sometimes lasts upto 3 months the prices of essential goods sores sky rocket. We have to pay Rs.2000 for lpg gas and we all know the rocketed price of petrol. In other states, where an increment of 1 or 2 buks is a havoc, but in manipur it sores upto Rs 300 for a litre and the folks here are very used to it. The Meiteis are peace loving people , if the Nagas do have a problem then they should sort it out on the grounds of the Consution. If we the people of Manipur had a mentality as same as theirs then there would have been bloodshed every where . History have accounted that the Nagas have always had their eyes on the lands of others for whatever purpose . But in this 21st century when humans are reaching the threshold of medical science and when racial and communal violence are being neglected all over the world , the Naga politics have been preying on lands of am , Arunachal and Manipur. Nagas can not have Arunachal its far beyond their reach and Tensions in am too have been noticed but like every peace loving people the am govt. just ignores without much of a noisy remark. We all know if am and the local folks starts a counter blockade then the state of Nagaland would starve to death. These atrocities are created on highways 53 and 39 which pes through Naga inhibited areas , and so they could carry out their baseless activities. A few weeks ago I retured to my home in Guwahati by road from imphal on the tarmac less off road conditions, talk about tax, anyways when we reached the plains of dimapur a inebriated naga person on his bolero hit the bus we were travelling on the left side head on. The driver of the bolero was hurt with blood smeared face but he could walk out. His car's front suspension and engine compartment were gone. We saw broken whiskey bottles in his car. We all felt sorry for him , later the local police arrived and asked us to leave and ensured the driver too would be sent for home soon as we had spoken to the police that it was not the bus driver's fault. Soon a bus was arranged by our driver to pick us and leave the town. Unfortunately i heard from the counter that the bus was torched .This scenario my dear editor you failed to depict. They the Naga hohos , the unc influence the tribals of manipur and nagaland to turn up against the meitei , the is , and sometimes their own naga people from different tribe to encourage them in imposing bandhs at their own will not only hamper the developmental work being carried out in Manipur, but also to demolish the economy of the state, as because if the Jiribam highway and the New broad gauge Railways tracks are laid then their so call black money market of illegal taxation would come to a halt and their miserable life would then become like . So please spread the right news.
        1. Chingakham Lip
          Dec 3, 2016 at 3:32 pm
          wrong information

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