Move over ‘Congress-mukt Bharat’, PM Modi’s ‘New India’ vision can subsume politics, parties

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New Delhi | Updated: March 15, 2017 6:56:02 PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'New India' vision has more to it than what is apparent.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘New India’ vision has more to it than what is apparent. It is more ambitious and less bitter than BJP’s ‘Congress-Mukt Bharat’ project. Perhaps, the present rulers of the country have realised the futility of aiming for making a political group extinct. They now know, there can be a grander project that can very well subsume politics, and it players — the political parties.

Modi’s ‘New India’ vision can be explained as a silent ‘second freedom struggle’ to break-free from 70-years of rule, or rather misrule. It can be seen as the beginning of a new era — that will be marked by rapid changes in all aspects of life and society and help establish the glory of India once again. Interestingly, the idea of ‘second freedom struggle’ was floated during the ‘Jan Lokpal Movement’ led by Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal in 2011. It is now taking shape in the form of PM Modi’s ‘New India’.

Here I am outlining 10 features that would make ‘New India’ distinct from the past:

  • ‘New India’ will revive nationalism like never before

The nationalism wave is already sweeping the country. The spread BJP footprint across the country is just a pointer towards this trend. One dangerous outcome of this trend is the rise of reactionary sections that do not take a second to label anyone “anti-national” if they do not conform to their views. But, nationalism is the in thing today and it hasn’t taken a new avatar, even as historians for years have tried to vilify nationalism and associated it with fascism.

Nationalism in ‘New India’ and is in line with similar trends across the world. International threats like terrorism and Global Warming, and domestic needs like jobs and food, have forced countries to look inwards, even as they continue to be interdependent. In this sense, ‘New India’ vision is in line with the global trend.

  • ‘New India’ will change the meaning of poverty, corruption

Poverty so far has been understood as people’s inability to access basics like food, shelter and education. With PM Modi’s focus on empowering the poor, instead of giving them subsidised alms, the definition of poverty is bound to change in the next few years. Modi aims to strengthen the poor by giving them opportunities and cut on subsidies. He believes the empowered poor would use her/his talent to break-free of the cycle of poverty. In the ‘New India’ poverty will be understood as the lack of access to empowerment opportunity, not just government’s aides.

In the ‘New India’ poverty will be understood as the lack of access to empowerment opportunity, not just the government’s aides.

Similarly, in the case of corruption, it won’t be just about bribes, but also about leaders’/administrators’ inability to create an environment where people can pursue their interests, and empower themselves, instead of merely depending on the state

  • ‘New India’ will put the country on an irreversible path of rapid development

‘New India’ would cut on red-tapism. It will focus on results and put the country on an irreversible path of rapid development

  • ‘New India’ will be confident, robust, active, energetic.

‘New India’ would cut on administrative lethargy. PM Modi has set an example in this regard with his own lifestyle. Others will have to follow in his footsteps. Nothing can stop an overworking and energetic country from becoming developed.

  • ‘New India’ will urge people to focus more on their duties, than just on rights

People can not always keep harping on their rights and forget duties. In ‘New India, not only they, but the politicians also, would have to focus on their duties and then demand rights. Programmes like ‘Swatchh Bharat Abhiyaan’, toilet construction etc are just the samll beginnings in this regard. More such programmes can be expected in the coming years.

  • ‘New India’ will force parties and leaders to think for the country first, or face rejection from the voters

In ‘New India’ politicians would no longer be allowed to play with national sensibilities. They will have to think of the country first and think twice before putting India in bad light in front of the world. Some politicians tried to do this after India Army’s Surgical Strikes in Pak-occupied Kashmir in September last year. But they faced rejection at the hands of voters in the recently concluded Assembly elections in the Country. This trend will grow more in ‘New India’.

  • ‘New India’ will have time-bound growth plans

PM Modi has emphasised on time-bound development projects and achieved some remarkable success with his programmes since 2014. ‘New India’, thus, may appear like a well-oiled giant that cannot give up its desire for growth.

The points of ‘New India’ pledge on NaMo App.
  • ‘New India’ will fight with full might against the vestiges of past and aim for ‘One India’

PM Modi has promised a course-correction in the country. He had seen some success. His government wants to fight against vestiges of past — be it divisions of caste, religion or region or issues like Triple Talaq. New India will aim for ‘One India’. Naysayers may attack ‘New India’ as a rebranding of ‘Hindutva’. But ‘Hindutva’ is controversial. ‘New India’ is cool. Can anyone stop an idea whose time has come?

  • ‘New India’ will be at the forefront of global space missions

Future is in space. With Modi government’s focus on space technologies, ‘New India’ won’t be behind the world in global space missions when humanity would start living beyond the Earth.

  • ‘New India’ will not be just about Modi, but his vision

Critics can claim that ‘New India’ vision would die with Modi and possible defeat of BJP in the future election. But Modi has set such trends and examples and raised people’s expectations to such an extent that future rulers of the country would find it impossible to return to the old.

‘New India’ is happening. It will happen.

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