Miracle! Gujarat man gets hit by a truck, what happened next will leave you amazed

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New Delhi | Published: February 22, 2018 2:06:37 PM

Gujarat: A man from Gujarat narrowly avoided getting run over by a truck. The incident happened on Tuesday. The person was crossing the road when he was hit by a yellow coloured dumper.

Gujarat: Man walks awayt unhurt after being hit by a truckGujarat: Man walks away unhurt after being hit by a truck

There is a famous saying in Hindi that roughly translates to – ‘if the Lord wants to keep you safe, there is no one on earth who can take your life’. Well, an ordeal that a man from Gujarat went through has proven just that. In a shocking incident, which has been caught on CCTV camera, shows a man crossing the road on Halol-Pavagadh highway in Gujarat’s Godhra. Just as he was halfway across the road, he gets hit by a yellow truck (apparently garbage truck). The video of the shocking incident, shared by news agency ANI, shows the man falling on the road due to the impact of the hit. However, to his fortune, instead of falling in front of the truck, he fell on its side, narrowly escaping the wheels.

In the video, the truck can be seen passing by after hitting the man. A bike-rider, on seeing the incident, stopped to see if the man was okay. Soon after, the man got up and walked to the middle of the road to pick up something (apparently some of his belonging which fell off during the incident). His gait seemed perfectly fine (at least visibly) with no signs of an injury.

The man hasn’t been identified as yet and no police complaint against the truck driver has been filed so far. The dramatic incident, which happened in the course of few seconds, can be seen as a classic case of – ‘if you are destined to live, you will’ and the video of the same will make you say, ‘Miracles do happen’.

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