Mann Ki Baat: PM Narendra Modi says need to change mindset that made red beacon lights a symbol of VIP culture

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New Delhi | Updated: April 30, 2017 12:47:38 PM

New India is a concept that promotes the idea of EPI (Every Person is Important) instead of VIP (Very Important Person), said PM.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation through his Mann Ki Baat programme on Sunday at 11 am. The 31st episode of Mann Ki Baat will also be streamed on the YouTube channels of the Prime Minister Office, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and DD News. In the latest episode, Prime Minister talked about government’s crackdown on the VIP culture, early onslaught of heat wave in India and asked youngsters to make best use of summer vacations.

Here are highlights from PM Narendra Modi’s Mann Ki Baat:

11:30 AM: Prime Minister concluded by asking people to take care during summers.

11:29 AM: On May 5, India will launch South Asia Satellite.It is important step by India to enhance cooperation with entire South Asia, said PM.

11:28 AM: Prime Minister Narendra also remembered Sant Ramanuj acharya on his millennial birth anniversary year.

11:25 AM: New India is a concept that promotes the idea of EPI (Every Person is Important) instead of VIP (Very Important Person), said PM.

11:23 AM: He said red beacon lights became a symbol of VIP culture and realised it after banning them. A caller for Jabalpur also thanked PM for banning the light.

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11:20 AM: Giving a new way to earn pocket money, PM said for every referral on BHIM app you will get Rs 10. So, during vacations if you ask 20 people to download it every day, by the end of it you will end up making Rs 200.

11:19 AM: PM asked youngsters to make best use of summer vacations and think ‘out of the box’.

11:18 AM: PM urges youth to get out of ‘comfort zones’ and embrace new joys.

11:16 AM: Prime Minister suggested three ways to make the most of your summer vacation:

– New places

– New experiences

– New skills

11:15 AM: Prime Minister Narendra Modi urges youngsters to use ‘Google guru’ and reach out to organisations where they can help people and get new experiences.

11:13 AM: Talking about youngsters, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said they have become used to of the comfort zone. He urged the kids to got out and play.

11:11 AM: Bonding with animals and birds is a source of new joy, says Prime Minister.

11:09 AM: “Climate Change no more just a topic in the academic world but a reality we all experience everyday,” PM said.

11:08 AM: Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about the weather change. He said the early onslaught of heat wave is a concerning sign.

11:06 AM: “1st may is the foundation day of Gujarat and Maharashtra. I congratulate them as they have contributed to the nation. Many leaders have come from these states,” PM added.

11:05 AM: He added that getting all these suggestions is a positive sign and the government analyses all of them.

11:03 AM: PM says most people who give feedback are those who actually do something in life. He added that these suggestions come from there experience.

11:02 AM: PM starts his address by recalling the suggestions and inputs he gets from people. Says he is glad to receive feedback.

11:00 AM: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address begins.

10:53 AM: Here’s an update:

10:45 AM: PM Narendra Modi’s Mann Ki Baat address will begin shortly.

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10:30 AM: The programme will also be broadcast in regional languages immediately after the Hindi broadcast. Regional language versions of the programme will also be repeated at 8 p.m.

10:25 AM: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Mann Ki Baat will start at 11 am.

10:20 AM: “New India manifests the strength and skills of 125 crore Indians, who will create a Bhavya and Divya Bharat,” PM Modi said in his last episode.

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