Malayalam actress molestation case: Pulsar Sunil taken to Wagamon for questioning; 3 tough challenges in store for Kerala police

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New Delhi | Published: February 27, 2017 5:10:06 PM

Pulsar Sunil, the main accused in the Kerala actress molestation case, and his accomplice have been taken to Wagamon for questioning by the Kerala police.

Malayalam actress molestation case, Malayalam actress molestation, Malayalam actress, Pulsar Sunil, Wagamon, Kerala police, Kerala, MalayalamPulsar Sunil, the prime accused in the kidnapping and molestation. (IE)

Pulsar Sunil, the main accused in the Kerala actress molestation case, and his accomplice have been taken to Wagamon for questioning by the Kerala police. According to TV reports, Pulsar Sunil and Vigeesh had absconded for several days after the crime and had visited Wagamon after a brief stay in Coimbatore. The latest development is that the Kerala police have taken the two of them to the very same hotel where they had bought food. The owner of the hotel has identified them. Three immediate challenges remain for the Kerala police to take this case forward to its logical conclusion.

One of the challenges facing the Kerala police is that Pulsar Sunil has been changing his statements frequently. This puts them in a tricky situation – what to believe, what not to believe! Clearly, Pulsar Sunil is smarter than the cops – he is playing a cat-and-mouse game of sorts, keeping them hanging.

Secondly, the phone on which the photos and videos of the Malayalam actress were taken by the main accused has still not been found. Pulsar Sunil reportedly told cops that he threw it into a water body immediately after the incident and he told them that he had bought a new phone instead. However, cops are not sure whether this is the case and the missing phone has not been traced so far.

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Thirdly, Pulsar Sunil has repeatedly said that he has no personal enmity towards the actress and no other person or ”quotation” gang is involved. He abducted her to get some money, around Rs 50 lakhs and that alone was his reason for carrying out this abduction exercise – to frighten the actress and get her to pay later.

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Beyond the main accused and the accomplices, this case has witnessed some all-time lows. Result? The Malayalam film industry has now come under the radar as shocking revelations’ of locations becoming ‘dens of narcotic drugs’ are doing the rounds.

The big question is: Will Pulsar Sunil reveal names of any top personalities linked to the film industry? As of now, the cops don’t think so as he has stuck to his stand that he alone masterminded the entire crime.

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