Madhya Pradesh farmers protest: Among those killed, none had land or regular job

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New Delhi | Published: June 9, 2017 8:51:08 AM

The story of farmers killed in Mandsaur firing earlier this week is that of a despair before death. None of them was a land-owning farmer.

Mandsaur firing, Madhya Pradesh farmers protest, Madhya Pradesh Government, farmersFar away from spotlight, families of these victims are still trying to come of loss. (PTI photo)

The story of farmers killed in Mandsaur firing earlier this week is that of a despair before death. As per Indian Express report, none of them was a land-owning farmer. One was a a Class XI student, who liked biology, the second  person was an unemployed 23-year-old, who got married two months back, Third one orked as as a daily wager, and other two,  worked on family farm lands they didn’t own. Far away from spotlight, families of these victims are still trying to come of loss, with each one has one query: Why was he shot? Check out for their stories below:

Abhishek Dinesh Patidar

Abhishek was studing in class XI and was fond  of biology. He was the youngest of four brothers  and sisters. After the incident on Tuesday, the family blocked the highway by placing his body, When the collector reached the spot, he was manhandled by villagers, the report said.

Abhishek’s father Dinesh said that his son was just raising slogans during the protest and never indulged in violence. “What harm could a teenager do to the police,’’ asked a relative, alleging he was shot from close range, he was quoted as saying further.


He hailed from Takrawad village, which is 25 km away from the Pipliya Mandi police station. Poonamchand was a BSc student, but left college in the second yearas he had to take care of family land that was never transferred to him. The man had joined the protest as he was concerned over not been able to recover input costs for garlic, soyabean and wheat.

“He was drinking water when he was shot in the chest. He and other farmers were in the middle of talks when men in a police vehicle passed by and shot him,” his uncle Ghanshyam was quoted as saying.

Chainram Ganpat Patidar

Chainram, who hailed from Nayakheda village, got married earlier this year. His wife is in a state of shock since Tuesday. The father of the deceased, works as a farm labour to make ends meet. “My son’s dream was a life in the Army” the paper quoted him as saying. The family had a large piece of land earlier but much of it was acquired by the government for a dam in 1970’s. The compensation given to the family was so meagre that the family could not buy land elsewhere, said a relative.

Satyanarayan Mangilal Dhangar

Satyanarayan, a resident of Lodh village studied till Class VII. He worked as a daily wager, earning Rs 200.  Even as the family has about six bigha, they still do not have the land title. Victims eleder brother Raju Dhangar told the paper, “He was the only one to bring money daily. The rest of us spent time on the small family land. Agriculture income is never certain.’’

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Kanhaiyalal Dhurilal Patidar

Kanhaiyalal, who did not study till class VIII, was a resident of Chillod Pipliya and was father of two. His children, 16-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son attend school. seven bigha. “He was fearless and thought the police would not touch him because the protest was peaceful. He thought the police were calling him to talk, but they shot him,’’ neighbour Suresh Chandra Patidar told the paper.

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