Pro Kabaddi 2017, Dabang Delhi vs Bengaluru Bulls highlights: In close match, Bulls get the better of Dabang, win 35-32

By: | Updated: October 11, 2017 9:16 PM

Pro Kabaddi 2017: In match number 119 of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 5, Dabang Delhi locked horns against the Bengaluru Bulls as a part of the Inter-Zone Wildcard fixture at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur.

Pro Kabaddi 2017: Bengaluru Bulls, Dabang Delhi.

Pro Kabaddi 2017: In match number 119 of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 5, Dabang Delhi locked horns against the Bengaluru Bulls as a part of the Inter-Zone Wildcard fixture at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur. The last time these two teams came head to head during the Kolkata leg, it was the Delhi side that emerged victoriously. They are coming into this match on the back of a one-point win against the Jaipur Pink Panthers last night while the Bengaluru Bulls also won their last match 35-45 against the Tamil Thalaivas. The Iranian duo of Meraj Sheykh and Abolfazl Maghsoudlou were consistent with their raids last night and also got good support from young gun R Sriram. Nilesh Shinde’s return in defence was a major boost for the side in Satpal’s absence. Bengaluru Bulls, on the other hand, will bank majorly on their skipper, Rohit Kumar to go rampant with his raiding like he did in the last match and finished with 17 points to power his team to a big win. The defence will be manned by Ravinder Pahal alongside the two youngsters, Mahender Singh and Kuldeep Singh.

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Here are Dabang Delhi vs Bengaluru Bulls:

9:05 pm: Match over 35-32.

9:03 pm: Last raid of the match by Sunil for Bulls, he is going to waste time, run down clock. Gets 1 point.

9:02 pm: Meraj makes great raid, gets 1 point. Score: 34-32.

9:01 pm: Last raid by Ajay for Bulls, and the the player is trapped. Score 34-31.

9:00 pm: In last raid by Delhi, Sriram gets point but this is not going to be enough. Score 34-30

8:59 pm: Meraj on raid, gets no point. Score 33-28.

8:58 pm: Ajay Kumar on raid, gets 1 point, and with this he gets his Super 10.

8:57 pm: Rohit Baliyan on gets 1 point via toe touch.

8:56 pm: Rohit Kumar on raid, gets crucial 2 points. With 3 minutes to go, Bulls All out as they lead 32-27

8:55 pm: Bulls also ALL OUT. Score 30-27.

8:55 pm: Meraj on raid, Super tackle on and successful tackle by Bulls, Score 28-24. Bulls also ALL OUT.  Score

8:50 pm: Finally Dabang defence managed to muscle out in form Rohit Kumar.

8:49 pm: Super 10 for Rohit Kumar. Score moves to 28-21

8:45 pm: Sriram on raid, fails to get any point. Massive blow to Bulls. 4 defenders out for Bulls. Gets 4 point as 4 defenders went into lobby. Score 27-21

8:42 pm: Rohit Baliyan on raid, earns an easy 1 point. Baliyan with this gets his SUPER 10. Score 24-17 for Bulls

8:40 pm: Do or Die raid for Sriram, gets 1 point. Rohit Kumar also in Do or Die raid, gets 1 point, Score: 24-15

8:38 pm: Dabang has 14 raid points and 1 tackle point so far.

8:37 pm: Rohit Kumar on raid, gets bonus point. Rohit Baliyan on raid, he has 9 raid points to his name, but gets none. Score 22-15

8:36 pm: Meraj on raid, gets 1 point. Score 21-15.

8:35 pm: Rohit back on raid, but goes back without any point. Rohit Kumar on Do or Die raid for Bulls, a massive blow for Dabang, Baliyan falls prey to Rohit. Score moves 21-14

8:34 pm: With 15 minutes to go, Super Raid by Rohit Baliyan, Bulls lead 20-14

8:32 pm: Rohit Baliyan on raid, SUPER RAID. Super 10 beckons for him. Score 20-14.

8:32 pm: Ajay Kumar on raid, great attack, gets 2 point. Score 20-11.

8:30 pm: Rohit gets 1 more point via bonus. Review. Referee decision contested, no bonus claims Dabang. Review successful. Rohit’s bonus point cancelled.

8:29 pm: Rohit Kumar on raid, earns 1 more point. Score 18-10

8:25 pm: Swapnil Shinde opens for Bulls in second half, gets no point. Score stays the same.

8:20 pm: That is HALF TIME.

8:19 pm: Man of the Match so far, Rohit on raid, is playing it safe, looks for bonus point. Gets bonus point. Score 17-9.

8:19 pm: Next Dabang player on raid, comes back without any point.

8:18 pm: Ajay on raid, he is not taking any chances, gets 1 bonus point.

8″17 pm: Rohit on raid, gets Meraj out.DELHI ALL OUT.  Score 15-9. Just 1 minute to go till half time.

8:16 pm: Sriram makes big mistake for Dabang on Do or Die raid, looks to get bonus point but is denied. He is OUT.

8:16 pm: Rohit on another raid with 3 Dabang players left in play, and dabang makes another big mistake. Look to tackle him near centre line but fail to stop him. Score 11-9 for Bull.

8:15 pm: Rohit on Do or Die raid, he is faced by 4 players,  great raid, gets a point as Dabang players fail to trap him. big Mistake. Score 10-9 for Bulls.

8:14 pm: In next raid by Rohit Baliyan, he gets a bonus point but is muscled over the side line by Bulls players. Both teams earn 1 point, Score 9-9

8:13 pm: With 6 minutes to got to half time, Score 8-8

8:12 pm: Ajay on raid, he has 4 points from 5 raids, gets 5th point from 6 raids now as he touches out rival Bulls player.

8:11 pm: Rohit Kumar on attack, he has not really impressed till now but manages to get 1 point after virtually forcing Dabang players over the side line. Score 8-7

8:10 pm: Rohit Baliyan with a magnifcient back kick, gets another point for Dabang, Score 8-6.

8:09 pm: Dabang pull back a point with a foot touch, get back lead at 7-6

8:08 PM: Do or Die raid for Bulls, Ajay on raid, easy touch for Ajay as 2 Dabang players caught flat footed near centre line. They are out, Score 6-6

8:06 pm: Delhi gets 1 more point with toe touch, Score moves to 5-3 for Delhi.

8:05 pm: Rohit gets another bonus point for Delhi. Rohit on Do or Die raid for Bulls, fails, Delhi lead 4-3

8:03 pm: Meraj doesn’t get anything from his rid. And Ajay Kumar from the opposition gets another raid point.

8:03 pm: Delhi also gets 1 more point to their name. Score 3-2.

8:02 pm: Ajay on raid for Bulls, gets 1 more point for the team, Score 3-1.

8:01 pm: Do or Die raid for Delhi, earns 1 bonus point. Score 1-1. Rohit Kumar also gets 1 bonus point for Bulls. Score 2-1 for Bulls.

7:59 pm: Rohit Baliyan on raid for Delhi, earns no point. In the very next raid by Ajay Kumar for Bulls gets 1 point. Score 1-0.

7:56 pm:Rohit Kumar wins toss, chooses court.

7:52 pm: The teams have entered the arena.

6:02 pm: Hello and welcome to live commentary and updates of Dabang Delhi vs Bengaluru Bulls. It is an Inter-Zone Wildcard fixture at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur.

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