1. Tamil Nadu crisis live update: Attorney General requests Tamil Nadu Guv to convene Assembly within a week for floor test

Tamil Nadu crisis live update: Attorney General requests Tamil Nadu Guv to convene Assembly within a week for floor test

Will conduct election soon to elect new party General secretary, says AIADMK's Madhusudanan.

By: | New Delhi | Updated: February 13, 2017 10:40 PM
I will prove my strength in the assembly, says O Panneerselvam. I will prove my strength in the assembly, says O Panneerselvam.

The political slugfest within AIADMK saw more developments, where though Sasikala appeared to be smoothly moving forward to become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, it was halted by O. Pannerslevam’s revolt. The confusion over who will become the next CM continues. Meanwhile, some ministers still looked to be joining the OPS camp, and Sasikala writing a letter to governor Vidyasagar Rao to ask for time to prove majority. Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu agriculture minister R Duraikannu has gone missing, and according to a complaint filed, the allegations are on Sasikala family for hiding him. Will Sasikala manage to become the CM, or will OPS be able to make a successful revolt? Read all the developments here, LIVE:

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February 13

10.30 PM: Actor and Choreographer Raghava Lawrence extends support to O Panneerselvam

10:10 PM: Paranthaman of DMK said, There was a security breach at Mr. Karunanidhi’s house, a masked man entered house and pointed gun at his wife

9:50 PM: MK Stalin says, Many of the development works have stagnated, most important issues are drinking water, farmer suicides, drought situation

9:30 PM: AIADMK’s South Madurai MLA Saravanan and MP from Madurai R Gopalakrishnan extend support to Paneerselvam

9:15 PM: MK Stalin says, We will only comment on the DA case once it is out, can’t comment right now

9:00 PM: MK Stalin says, whoever has majority, should be invited by Governor to form the Govt. We have been stressing on this from Day 1
8:45 PM: Verdict in V KSasikala DA case to be out tomorrow at 10.30 am in Supreme Court

8:30 PM: AIADMK’s South Madurai MLA Saravanan and MP from Madurai R Gopalakrishnan extend support to Paneerselvam

8:10 PM: V KSasikala says “will stay with MLAs tonight” at Golden Bay resort in Kuvathur Tamil Nadu

7:50 PM: Sasikala says, when I was coming here (resort),people called me to a hut & I went there;I saw Amma’s photo there. Thats where she lives, in their hearts
7:30 PM: Amma still alive in our hearts: V K Sasikala at Golden Bay resort in Kuvathur.

6: 55 PM: Verdict in VK Sasikala DA case to be out tomorrow at 10.30 am in Supreme Court.

6: 43 PM: Whoever has majority, should be invited by Governor to form the Govt. We have been stressing on this from Day 1: MK Stalin


6: 28 PM: We are not supporting any faction, AIADMK is our opponent and we oppose them as a whole: MK Stalin

6: 15 PM: Governor should immediately take steps to establish a stable Govt in the state: MK Stalin

6:00 PM: VK Sasikala reaches resort in Kovathur where AIADMK MLAs are lodged Tamil Nadu


5: 35 PM: Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi suggests to Tamil Nadu Guv to convene Assembly within a week for floor test

5: 30 PM: DMK strategy meeting at party headquarter in Chennai


5: 15 PM: No, I don’t think so: Sasikala on being asked if the delay in forming Government is because of pending DA case verdict


5: 00 PM: DMK treasurer MK Stalin reaches party HQ in Chennai for strategy meeting


4: 28 PM: Sasikala heads to Golden Bay resort to meet AIADMK MLAs. This is the third time that she will be visiting the resort.


4: 15 PM: Sasikala says she will be the next Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

4: 00 PM: I don’t know what O. Panneerselvam plans: M. K. Stalin

3: 40 PM: Sasikala hits out at Opposition and says that its the BJP and DMK who is behind the delay to form the government.

3: 30 PM: We will continue our peaceful protest for formation of Government: AIADMK

3: 05 PM: The central government will not interfere in the political developments in Tamil Nadu as it is an internal matter of the state, Union minister Kiren Rijiju said today.

2: 55 PM: “I have been Amma’s shadow,” VK Sasikala claims Jayalalithaa’s legacy.

2: 50 PM: Betrayer OPS’s true colours can be seen now: VK Sasikala addressing supporters gathered outside Poes Garden residence in Chennai

2: 46 PM: Sasikala attacks on OPS and says that she is confident about her victory.

2: 45 PM: Sasikala addressing supporters gathered outside Pose Garden, says attempts to divide AIADMK will not succeed.


2: 40 PM: ‘The way Amma was to MGR, I was to her’ : Sasikala

2: 30 PM: Sasikala lashes out at Panneerselvam and calls him a ‘traitor’.

2: 25 PM: Sasikala on Monday said, “We have seen 1000 such ‘Panneerselvams’. For the past 33 years, we both have seen everything. So I am not scared.”

2: 13 PM: Panneerselvam asked me to take charge then, but I said I can’t at this juncture. So he was given responsibility: Sasikala

2: 10 PM: When I was in so pain, for the party’s future I stood firm on my stand. All of you must know what is the truth: Sasikala

2: 08 PM: Sasikala: When Amma passed away, I came to know about conspiracy being hatched to divide the party


2: 06 PM: ”People are trying to divide the organisation, I won’t let this happen,” says VK Sasikala at Poes Garden

1: 55 PM: G S Mani, lawyer for Satta Panchayat Iyakkam, files a caveat in the Supreme court on Sasikala matter. He says that the apex court should hear his side before passing any order in Sasikala matter.

1: 25 PM: PIL filed in Supreme Court asking the Tamil Nadu Governor to invite VK Sasikala to form the government within 24 hours

1: 00 PM: O Panneerselvam to meet Chief Secretariate and State DGP. This is his first visit after his resignation as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

12: 05 PM: DMK working president MK Stalin reaches Tamil Nadu secretariat.


12: 01 PM: O Panneerselvam offers prayers and meets supporters at his residence before leaving for Tamil Nadu secretariat.


10:00 AM: Sasikala breaks down, asks MLAs to keep Amma’s government alive

Watch this video

Watch this video

February 12:

10:43 PM: Reports suggest that Tamil Nadu’s agriculture minister R Duraikannu has gone missing.

10:32 PM: O Panneerselvam to visit secretariat tomorrow.

10:28 PM: VK Sasikala reaches Poes Garden residence in Chennai after meeting MLAs in Kuvathur.

9:17 PM: AIADMK MP Parthiban extends support to O Panneerselvam.

8:59 PM: Shedding crocodile tears, passing new remarks every day is not going to help. Will prove everything in assembly: O Panneerselvam to Sasikala.

8:57 PM: Jayalalithaa’s niece Deepa was not allowed to even see Amma’s body. Why?, asks Panneerselvam.

8:54 PM: Only Amma stood by me all these years. I was subjected to harassment & torture all these years: O Panneerselvam.

8:53 PM: Have a question. Yesterday Sasikala went to resort to meet MLAs. Why did she go? O Panneerselvam.

8:50 PM: Many party cadres not even in Chennai, are voicing their opinion against Sasikala assuming charge as Tamil Nadu CM, he says.

8:48 PM: Even today many party MLAs are contacting me and telling, for each MLA there are four ‘gundas’ sitting: O Pannerselvam.

8:44 PM: That day I took a pledge, that I will safeguard the organisation she has left behind, till my last breath: VKSasikala says while breaking down.

8:38 PM: After becoming general secretary,I went to Amma’s memorial but couldn’t get out of there,magnetic power didn’t let me go away: VKSasikala breaks down.

8:33 PM: We must pledge for our victory, after which we will visit Amma’s memorial and dedicate it to her: Sasikala

8:28 PM: I will achieve everything if you all stand firmly behind me, I wont move away, I will be firm as I have been with ‘Amma’: Sasikala

8:24 PM: We will form the Govt, will then visit Amma’s memorial & take a photograph, ill show it to the world then. This is our pledge: Sasikala

8:23 PM: O Panneerselvam , who was a minister for so long, is today all out to destroy. It is same as hitting your eye with your own finger, she tells MLAs.

8:18 PM: O Panneerselvam , who was a minister for so long, is today all out to destroy. It is same as hitting your eye with your own finger, she tells MLAs.

8:15 PM: I think there is a person called #Panneerselvam who you’ve forgotten till now: Sasikala.

8:10 PM: You all are aware as to what extent our opponents have gone against us, we must stay together and foil their evil attempts: Sasikala

7:50 PM: Opposition parties are spreading rumours. Party MLAs are not locked up: Sasikala.

7:45 PM: We are working on it: Sasikala on being asked if she would protest if not invited to form government in the state.

7:43 PM: Party workers, and forces now opposing us will not succeed in their attempts, wont let it happen: Sasikala

7:40 PM: Please wait and see our next move: V K Sasikala.

7:35 PM: Let it come, I will see: VK Sasikala when asked about the pending verdict in DA Case.

7:30: You can see truth that non of our MLAs have been forcibly kept here, we are living here as a family: Sasikala

7:00 PM: Sasikala could lead a hunger strike by MLAs at Former Chief Minister J Jayalalaithaa’s memorial in Chennai today if the Governor doesn’t invite her to form the government, NDTV reported.

6:35 PM: Meeting between Sasikala and MLAs begin at Golden Bay resort.

6:15 PM: “O. Panneerselvam, Amma’s only political heir” – posters put up outside Panneerselvam’s residence in Chennai.

6:00 PM: Supporters performed ‘Aarti’ in front of VK Sasikala when she was en route to Kuvathur’s Golden Bay resort.

5:40 PM: Police force deployed at Raj Bhavan in Chennai.

5:15 PM: Panneerselvam meets supporters at his residence in Chennai.

5:00 PM: Supporters chant slogans for Panneerselvam as he meets and greets the crowd gathered at his residence in Chennai.

4:33 PM: When I worked in 2001 as nurse,hundreds of times Amma used to call Sasikala. They were true companions, loved each other: R Piramila Visagan

4:26 PM: 34 years she was with her. How is it possible?Blind allegation that Sasikala was behind death of Jayalalithaa: Jayalalithaa’s nurse in 2001

4:20 PM: Sasikala still holds majority of MLAs,we’re sure that she only will carry forward legacy of periamma:Piramila (Jayalalithaa’s nurse in 2001)

4:16 PM: Chinamma always used to see to it that political pressure and tensions do not even touch Jayalalithaa, took everything on her : R Piramila

4:13 PM: Reports floating that Chinamma has done something to Periamma?Totally unacceptable,nothing of this sort can happen between them: R Piramila

4:10 PM: Chinamma was a close companion of Periamma(Jayalalithaa),both shared a healthy relationship:R Piramila Visagan(Jayalalithaa’s nurse in 2001)

4:00 PM: We believe in democracy, all MLAs are with me, will interact with them. You all know why all MPs are going to the other side: Sasikala

3: 45 PM: Sasikala en route to Golden Bay resort in Kuvathur to meet MLAs. Similar such meeting was held yesterday as well.

3:35 PM: Sasikala says, “A letter has been circulated as if I have written it. It shows there are ppl who cannot tolerate a lady getting into politics.”

3:30 PM: Sasikala says, “Things which are happening now are not new to us. There were attempts in past also to divide the party.”

3:00 PM: Staying by choice, no compulsion. Heard that OPS will come here and seek support but he has no right, said T Tamilselvan MLA lodged at Koovathur resort.

2:34 PM: Whether it (next course of action after waiting for Guv’s response) wil be protest or legal remedy to be decided by VKSasikala, says R.Vaithiligam

2:05 PM: Total of 10 MPs, 8 from Lok Sabha & 2 from Rajya Sabha have joined O Panneerselvam’s faction. 6 MLAs already on his side.

1:45 PM: Party general secretary Sasikala waiting for Governor’s response and will announce upcoming step if nothing comes by today: AIADMK MP R Vaithiligam

1:30 PM: AIADMK MPs R Lakshmanan & S Rajendran meet O Panneerselvam, extend their support.

12:50 PM: AIADMK MP R Lakshmanan expelled from Vizhupuram North district secretary post after reports that he is joining OPS. CV Shanmugham to replace him.

12:30 PM: TN Governer must decide CM issue by tomorrow otherwise a WP under Art 32 of Constitution can be filed charging abetment of horse trading: S Swamy

12:15 PM: In DA case K’taka Govt filed an Application seeking deletion of Jayalalithaa’s name.That is a legal issue that SC may use to review-S Swamy

12:01 PM: Supporters of Sasikala shout anti-OPanneerselvam slogans, outside Poes Garden.

11:45 AM: AIADMK Perambalur MP RP Marutharaja also present at O Panneerselvam’s residence.

11:30 AM: Party members and supporters felicitate O Panneerselvam at his residence in Chennai.

11:25 AM:  O Panneerselvam is our leader now, he is following path of M G Ramachandran: Former AIADMK MP and actor Ramarajan

11:15 AM: 

10:50 AM: AIADMK MPs B. Senguttuvan and J. Jeyasingh extend support to O Panneerselvam; reach his residence to meet him.

10:40 AM: Jayalalithaa’s classmate Srimathi Iyengar said if she was to pick between Panneerselvam and Sasikala, she would choose OPS.

10:30 AM: Police complaint filed accusing Sasikala’s family of hiding minister Duraikannu.

10:15 AM: Tamil Nadu’s Agriculture Minister R Duraikannu has reportedly gone missing, some TV News channels reported.

February 11

9:30 PM: Sasikala returns to her Poes Garden residence in Chennai.

8:56 PM: From tomorrow onwards, we would begin a new kind of protest. Delaying tactics is an attempt to create divisions in party: Sasikala.

8:52 PM: All party MLAs are fine & happy.Were waiting patiently till this moment for a reply from the Governor.Needed measures will be taken: Sasikala

8:47 PM: The created time lag looks like it was intended to create a split in the party, the AIADMK tweets, quoting her.

8:45 PM: After meeting the party MLAs, I feel happy says VK Sasikala.

8:15 PM: I extend my support to our leader  O Paneerselvam,who continues to walk on the path of our beloved leader Amma: Sathyabama

7:56 PM: BJP MP Subramanian Swamy meets Governor Vidyasagar Rao, discusses current political scenario in Tamil Nadu.

7:25 PM: AIADMK MP V Sathyabama meets OPaneerselvam to offer support.

6:32 PM: It will be proper if she takes responsibility, will help in achieving party’s goal: Tamil Nadu MLA Rengasamy after meeting with Sasikala.

6:20 PM: O Panneerselvam is the only person who can lead the party, no one else can, he says

6:15 PM: In present situation person who has been with the party for so many years & assumed duty of CM for 2 times is only Pannerselvam, says C. Ponnaiyan of AIADMK.

5:25 PM: Another party senior leader C Ponnaiyan joins OPS camp.

5:10 PM: Sasikala may change CM candidate, says India Today report.

4:40 PM: Our number will be more than what it is today. It will land at 135: Tamil Nadu Education Minister K Pandiarajan.

4:15 PM: Sasikala holds meeting with MLAs at Golden Bay Resort in Kuvathur.

3:55 PM: Sasikala reaches Golden Bay Resort in Kuvathur where MLAs are lodged.

3:15 PM: Sasikala to meet party MLAs at Koovathur resort where they are lodged.

2:50 PM: Have extended my support to Panneerselvam, our only aim is to keep party united: State minister K Pandiarajan

2:45 PM: O Panneerselvam welcomes state minister K Pandiarajan who has extended his support to him.


2:35 PM: Amma’s soul is leading us, truth will win: O Panneerselvam.

2:20 PM: I am confident all leaders who care about Tamil people will come and join us: O Panneerselvam.

2:05 PM: Sasaikala writes letter to Governor Vidyasagar Rao, seeks appointment to prove majority.

February 10

10:40 PM: Please wait and see: OPanneerselvam on reports that Sasikala won’t be invited to form Government as there are many pending court cases.

10:35 PM: In a late night reaction, Raj Bhavan’s PRO has said that no report has been sent still from Governor C Vidyasagar Rao.

9:59 PM: Governor Vidyasagar Rao submits report to Home Ministry, says Sasikala can’t be called to take oath for next next chief minister, a report by India Today has said.

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8:05 PM: Nobody can hijack the party, even if an attempt is made, says O Pannerselvam

8:03 PM: Speaking to media persons, he hoped that the governor will uphold constitution.

7:50 PM: O Pannerselvam addresses media, says he respects peoples mandate.

7:46 PM: Work in bureaucracy has stopped, he says.

7:45 PM: No work is being dine because of the current situation.

7:43 PM: Governor needs to act quickly o that democracy is saved in the state, says MK Stalin.

7:40 PM: MK Stalin addresses media after meeting governor.

7:35 PM: Party under Sasikala’s control;She’s got right to tke action agnst member violating rules. Madhusudanan’s remark incorrect, says AIADMK leader Navaneethakrishnan

7:15 PM: MK Stalin reaches Raj Bhavan to meet the governor.

7:01 PM: DMK’s MK Stalin to meet Tamil Nadu Governor C Vidyasagar Rao at Raj Bhavan in Chennai.

6:32 PM: I myself left Sasikala, even before she did: Madhusudanan, says on his sacking.

6:30 PM: There’s no such position of interim General secretary in party rules, he says.

6:25 PM: Will conduct election soon to elect new party General secretary, says AIADMK’s Madhusudanan.

6:20 PM: AIADMK General Secretary SasikalaNatarajan holding a meeting with MPs at Poes Garden in Chennai.

05: 23 PM: “If you (Panneerselvam) provoke or hit me, I will do the same. Amma taught us to do namaskar with hands, but they can be used in other way too,” said Sasikala camp’s AIADMK leader VP Kalairajan. Further clarifying his statement Kalairajan said, “I have not threatened Panneerselvam, but if he touches us, will reply.” He also said that AIADMK HQ and Poes Garden comes under my district area, so we have rights.

05:15 PM: Speaking to ANI, AIDMK leader Srinivasan said, “For past 1 week, AIADMK MLAs are missing from their constituencies. It’s creating hindrance in developmental activites.” Now, people-friendly work has stopped reaching the locals, hence we have submitted petition to find out where are these MLAs, he added further.


05:11 PM: As per a report by India Today, 5 of Sasikala’s MPs have step out of the Golden bay resort lately.

04:45 PM: O Panneerselvam gets more support as AIADM leader E Ponnusamy joins his camp. The leader has also urged other MLAs to back OPS, reported PTI.

02: 56 PM: Governor can call us anytime that is why we all have assembled at one place: C Ratnaswami, Ex AIADMK MLA lodged at resort.

02: 32 PM: Wait and see: E.Madusudhanan after being removed as presidium chairman and from primary membership of AIADMK.

02:19 PM: KA Sengottayan appointed as Presidium Chairman of the party: AIADMK

02:16 PM: E.Madusudhanan removed from his post as presidium chairman and from primary membership of party: AIADMK.

02:10 PM: The Governor C Vidyasagar Rao is likely to issue the statement anytime now, reported ANI.

01:15 PM:  EC should not allow Sasikala to continue as AIADMK General Secretary: E Madhusudan,AIADMK Presidium chairman.

01: 10 PM: “We are not children to be detained or abducted”, PTI quoted a Tamil Nadu MLA, denying reports of the legislators’ detention by Sasikala camp.

12:01 PM: Meet between DGP T K Rajendran and Tamil Nadu Governor C Vidyasagar Rao underway in Chennai.

11: 50 AM: “We told Rahul Gandhi about what is happening in Tamil Nadu. Governor has to act according to constitutional obligations”, said S Thirunavukkarasar, TN Cong President.

11: 30 AM: High Court asks Police to file an affidavit on the MLAs who are lodged at the Golden Bay resort.

11: 28 AM: All MLAs lodged in the resort have willingly switched off their mobile phones as they are getting threatening calls: B. Valarmathi, AIADMK told ANI.

11: 24 AM: Speaking upon the entire Tamil Nadu crisis, Home Minister Rajnath Singh today said, “Governor is the constitutional head of the state and it is his prerogative to take decisions.”

10:40 AM: Supreme Court declines urgent hearing of PIL seeking to restrain V K Sasikala from taking oath as the chief minister of Tamil Nadu.

10: 22 AM: Meeting of Tamil Nadu Congress leaders with party Vice President Rahul Gandhi underway at his residence.

9:34 AM: Sasikala gave list of MLAs, Paneerselvam did not. She has majority. What is the Governor waiting for?: BJP MP Subramanian Swamy.

February 9

9:05 PM: O Pannerselvam meets his supporters at his residence in Chennai.

8:55 PM:  Governor Vidyasagar Rao sends report to President and Centre on Tamil Nadu crisis, says India Today.

8:45 PM: Sasikala reaches her Poes Garden residence. Governor yet to decide on state chief minister.

8:25 PM: O Pannerselvam loyalist V Maitreyan tells India Today: Signatures can be forged. The only way is to prove majority in the Assembly.

8:23 PM: It is a tough situation as legislatures do not seem to be free in taking their decision, senior journalist N Ram tells India Today.

8:21 PM: O Pannerselvam camp claims support of 22 MLAs.

8:17 PM: Sasikala’s supporter tells Times Now that there is no question of floor test in assembly, as the faction enjoys majority to form government.

8:15 PM: Sasikala had strained meeting with governor, she may present MLAs before president, claims Times Now report. Report also suggest that governor may also meet MLAs.

8:10 PM: Sasikala leaves Raj Bhavan after meeting Governor Vidyasagar Rao.

8:04 PM: DMK says it is against president’s rule in Tamil Nadu.

7:45 PM: During his meeting with governor earlier in the day, O Pannerselvam had said he was forced to resign as chief minister.

7:43 PM: Sasikala stakes claim to form state government in her meeting with governor.

7:42 PM: Reports have emerged that DMK has indicated it may well provide support to O Panneerselvam to ensure he gets a majority in Tamil Nadu Assembly.

7:41 PM: O Pannerselvam to address media shortly. It will be his second press conference in the day since meeting the governor.


7:40 PM: 5 Senior AIADMK leaders accompany Sasikala to Raj Bhavan to meet Tamil Nadu Governor.

7:36 PM: Tight security outside Raj Bhawan as meeting between Sasikala and Governor Vidyasagar Rao underway.

7:28 PM: Sasikala carrying letter of support by MLAs for her meeting with the governor.

7:23  PM: Sasikala reaches Raj Bhawan to meet governor Vidyasagar Rao.

7:20 PM: Poes Garden to be converted into memorial, says CM O Panneerselvam.

7:18 PM: Sasikala backs senior party Om Sakti Sagar, who has backed O Panneerselvam.

6:57 PM: On her way to meet governor, Sasikala pays tributes at Jayalalithaa’s memorial at Marina Beach in Chennai.


6:45 PM: Sasikala Natarajan leaves Poes Garden residence to meet governor.

6:30 PM: M Thambidurai, Sasikala’s loyalist meets PM Narendra Modi, claims support of 130 legoslatures, NDTV report says.

05: 32 PM: After a 15 minute meeting with Governor C Vidyasagar Rao, O Panneerselvam returned back home. Addressing the media here, he said, “Good will happen soon.” I briefed Governor about the political developments in the state, want to stress that dharma will win, he added further. The Governor is next to meet Sasikala at 7:30 pm today.

04:50 PM: O Panneerselvam reaches Raj Bhavan to meet Governor Vidyasagar Rao, reported ANI.

04:40 PM: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently met Sasikala’s loyalist and Deputy Speaker M Thambidurai to seek developments on the entire AIADMK row. Thambidurai met PM Modi post the Lok Sabha adjournment.

03:55 PM: Governor Vidyasagar Rao refuses to speak upon the on ongoing political crisis in Tamil Nadu. Watch video:

03: 22 PM: Speaking to ANI, Tamil Nadu Education Minister said that, “We have letter of support for VK Sasikala from 135 MLAs including O Panneerselvam.” He also said that the MLAs have been staying at their convenience at hotels etc. and they have not been forced or compelled to do anything.

03: 10 PM: Commenting upon the ongoing chaos in Tamil Nadu politics, Home Minister Rajnath Singh told ANI, “Current political scenario in Tamil Nadu is AIADMK’s internal matter. Government has nothing to do with it.”

02:45 PM: Meeting between Sasikala Natarajan and senior AIADMK leaders underway at Poes Garden to decide next course of action, reports ANI.

01:50 PM: “It is Sasikala who is doing dirty tricks to acquire the chair of CM, if she succeeds it will be a big blot on democracy,” ANI quoted O Panneerselvam saying. He also said that Sasikala is lying when she says she never betrayed Amma (Jayalalithaa).

01:40 PM: “Our senior leader Madhusudan was threatened and pressurised, but even after that he stood alone to safeguard party. We welcome him,” said O Panneerselvam in a media interaction lately. Sometime back the senior AIADMK leader came to offer his support to Panneerselvam.

01: 08 PM: Meanwhile Madras High Court has declined the urgent hearing of Habeas Corpus petitions on alleged detention of AIADMK MLAs. Government tells court all that MLAs are in MLAs’ hostel and free to move around.

12: 20 PM: Recently, the Sasikala-led AIADMK camp has made some serious allegations on O Panneerselvam and his supporters. They have said that Panneerselvam’s MLAs are using money to lure AIADMK legislators. Sasikala camp has also claimed that only 8 MLAs are in support of Panneerselvam.

11: 50 AM: Slogans against O Panneerselvam being raised outside Poes Garden by AIADMK MLAs. It is reported that MLAs will accompany Sasikala in her meeting with Governor C Vidyasagar Rao, who will arrive Chennai this evening.

11:15 AM: Tamil Nadu Director General of Police (DGP) TK Rajendran has recently met O Paneerselvam at his residence, reported ANI.

10: 50 AM: As per ANI, Sasikala Natarajan has sacked Puducherry Former MLA Om Sakthi Sekar from AIADMK.

10:12 AM: Tamil Nadu governor C Vidyasagar Rao is likely to reach Raj Bhavan in Chennai by 3.30 pm.  He is going to meet Sasikala and other AIADMK MLAs immediately after arriving.

10: 05 AM: Taking a jibe at Governor C Vidyasagar Rao, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy told ANI, “He ran away to Delhi, then went to Mumbai. Yes he is also Governor of Maharashtra, but crisis was in Tamil Nadu.” His behaviour is deplorable, Congress is not attacking him, maybe he is influenced by them, he added further.

10:03 am: Tamil Nadu Govt revokes suspension of Former TN Chief Secretary Ganadesikan and Adul Anand IAS.

9:23 am: O Panneerselvam is likely to meet Tamil Nadu Governor.

BJP talks tough on AIADMK crisis

9:23 am: BJP on Thursday said that the power tussle going on in the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhaga (AIADMK) party is costing the people of Tamil Nadu, adding that even late chief minister J. Jayalalithaa would not have wanted this to happen.

9:21 am: “Clearly this is an internal matter for the AIADMK and this kind feud causes lots of inconvenience to the people of Tamil Nadu and surely Jayalalithaa Ji would not have wanted that and she always wanted the stable government as that was always in her vision plan,” BJP leader Shaina N.C. told ANI.

7:27 am: Tamil Nadu Governor CH. Vidyasagar Rao to reach Chennai today.

February 8 Updates

11:01 pm: He has already resigned, so why do you want to talk about him? asks M Thambidurai.

11:00 pm: AIADMK leader and Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker M Thambidurai, along with 9 AIADMK Member of Parliament (MP)s left for Delhi amid political turmoil in the state. The MPs declined to comment on the ongoing feud at the airport as they left for Delhi where the first phase of budget session will end tomorrow.

10:05 pm: Governor may meet Sasikala and her supporters tomorrow.

8:30 pm: Governor Vidyasagar Rao say, he is happy being in Mumbai. He is likely to reach Chennai tomorrow.

6:25 pm: AIADMK General Secretary VK Sasikala appeared to be having majority of MLAs with her, a day after the revolt by Chief Minister O Panneerselvam who claimed that they will back him in the trial of strength in Tamil Nadu Assembly.

5:30 pm: The Congress has come down heavily on BJP for trying to fish in “troubled waters” and meddling in the state’s internal affairs. Accusing the BJP of trying to influence the Governor to put a stay on his visit to Chennai, the Congress has asserted that the ruling dispensation was behaving in a downright “unconstitutional and illegal” manner.

5:07 pm: Tamil Nadu governor Vidyasagar Rao ducks India Today’s question on Sasikala’s swearing-in. Subramanian Swamy says the constitution must be upheld and the governor must go to Chennai or else removed.

5:05 pm: DMK welcomes Panneerselvam’s announcement to recommend inquiry commission to probe ‘doubts’ regarding Jayalalithaa’s health.

4:59 pm: Sasikala likely to reach Delhi tomorrow along with MLAs.

4:45 pm: Nobody knows where the governor is, what MLAs can do, they have to come and meet President, says BJP leader Subramanian Swamy.


4:30 pm: Refuting AIADMK’s allegation that it was aiding Chief Minister O Panneerselvam in his revolt against his party’s leadership, DMK today said its support to him was issue-based. “We had never extended our support to Chief Minister Panneerselvam. We supported the Panneerselvam-led government on certain people’s issues, on certain policies and Bills,” DMK working president M K Stalin said.

4:10 pm: 130 AIADMK MLAs (Sasikala supporters) were taken in a bus to a Hotel, according to an ANI report.

Congress flays PM Narendra Modi over AIADMK crisis

3:55 pm: Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government has become a ‘habitual offender’ when it comes to destabilise elected government.

3:50 pm: “They did so in Uttarakhand and lost badly when Supreme Court passed strictures. They again did it in Arunachal Pradesh and again strictures were passed. AIAMDK is the rival of the Congress but the truth is that the majority lies with AIAMDK. You cannot misuse the office of governor by using him like a puppet to destabilize the elected governor of Tamil Nadu,” Surjewala said.

Sasikala sacks AIADMK IT wing secretary

3:49 pm: Amma appointed me. I was sacked because I supported O Panneerselvam. Congratulate new person appointed but will continue to work on Amma’s path, says G Ramachandran.

3:48 pm: Sasikala appoints VVR Raj Sathyan in G Ramachandran place.

3:38 pm: Watch this video

3:35 PM: Watch this video

Sasikala addresses media after meeting with AIADMK MLAs

1:39 pm: Panneerselvam colluded with the party which Amma fought against, says Sasikala.

1:30 pm: Will give a big blow to the act of betrayal and disloyalty, says Sasikala

1:29 pm: Our opponents are after us and spearheading whatever is happening today,but nothing can stop us from following Amma’s path: Sasikala Natarajan

1:27 pm: Wrongdoings which Panneerselvam had done, as General secretary it became my responsibility to put an end to it, she said.

1:26 pm: I could sense the acts of CM who completely connived with the opposition, said Sasikala Natarajan

1:23 pm: After Amma’s demise, the supporters asked me to take the responsibility; I couldn’t as I was very sad, say Sasikala.

DMK hits back at Sasikala

1:21 am: “The DMK has no need to get involved into inner party politics. It is completely chaotic and there is so much of uncertainty clouding the government of Tamil Nadu today,” Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) leader Kanimozhi told ANI.

Watch this video

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1:05 pm: Watch this video

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1:00 pm: Sasikala Natarajan at AIADMK headquarters after meeting with party MLAs


12:52 pm: I’ll continue to discharge my duties in accordance with the wishes of people of Tamil Nadu: O Panneerselvam

12:51 pm: I’ve full majority in the State Assembly, all AIADMK MLAs stand with me: Panneerselvam.

12:50 pm: To be a Tamil Nadu CM is a huge task but at each and every step, humiliation was carried out by the insiders who were close to me: O Panneerselvam.

12:48 pm: I continued with my post only after union govt asked me to do so after resignation: O Panneerselvam told ANI

12:45 pm: After assuming CM position, experiences which I had gone through had pained me a lot; being a CM I was targeted and humiliated, says O Panneerselvam.

12:30 pm: Election Commission of India sent a copy of complaint to #AIADMK on Feb 2 asking for its response; No date fixed by ECI for submission of the response.

12:09 PM: Election Commission questioned Sasikala’s appointment as chief of AIADMK legislature party.

12:01 pm: Watch this video


11:57 am: Tamil Nadu government administration has collapsed in last 8 months. Governor must immediately come to Chennai to safeguard the state’s interests: DMK working president MK Stalin.

11:53 am: There have been times when Jayalalithaa inside assembly greeted me, smiled. Can Sasikala question this act of Jayalalithaa? DMK working president MK Stalin.

11:36 am: Sasikala Natarajan has reached party headquarter in Chennai for meeting with AIADMK MLAs.

11:16 am: I will accept Deepa’s (J Jayalalithaa’s niece) support, if offered, says O Panneerselvam.


11:10 am: Sasikala Natarajan remains interim General secretary of AIADMK, says O Panneerselvam.

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11:02 am: Union government supporting Tamil people. Whoever extends support to Tamil people, we will accept it: O Panneerselvam.

10:58 AM: Will meet Tamil Nadu people, in each and every city to make my point, says O Panneerselvam.

10:57 AM: I will prove my strength in the assembly: O Panneerselvam.

10:56 AM: Amma remained CM for nearly 16 year. I happened to become CM twice. All this was the wish of Amma. Always followed Amma’s path: O Panneerselvam

10:54 am: Health queries regarding Amma raised in recent past,its duty of state Gvt to enquire. Recommended an enquiry commission: O Panneerselvam

10:52 am: If party cadres ask me to withdraw my resignation, I will do that: O Panneerselvam

10:50 AM: There has been no instance where I have betrayed the party, while remaining in power or opposition: O Panneerselvam.

10:48 am: “So far, we have no information on whether the Governor has any travel plans today for Chennai or Delhi,” a Raj Bhavan official told PTI.

10:46 am: O Panneerselvam will address media shortly at his residence in Chennai.

10:44 am: Chinamma will be Tamil Nadu CM undoubtedly, all AIADMK MLAs are behind her: AIADMK MP Navaneethakrishnan.

10:42 am: Numbers 154 or 132 will not be decided on roads but on the floor of the assembly: AIADMK Rajya Sabha MP V. Maitreyan.

10:35 am: AIADMK Rajya Sabha MP V. Maitreyan reaches O Panneerselvam’s residence in Chennai.

10:30 am: Brushing aside the charge that he was backed by opposition DMK, former Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam said on Wednesday an interim General Secretary cannot dismiss him from party post.

10:25 am: “As far as Sasikala elevation is concerned, it has become the matter of controversy. Initially it was declared that the majority of the MLAs from Tamil Nadu assembly who were belong to AIADMK have already chosen her the leader of the house and therefore constitutionally she could be sworn-in as the Chief Minister of the state,” NCP leader Majeed Memon told ANI.

10:18 am: Watch this video


10:16 am: Strong police force deployed at Jayalalithaa’s memorial at Chennai’s Marina Beach.

10:14 am: The governor is constitutional authority; He’s examining aspects, will take appropriate decision; There’s no reason to criticise anyone: Venkaiah Naidu

10:12 am: AIADMK legislators have reached party headquarter for the crucial meet.

10:10 am: There is no role of the Narendra Modi government: Venkaiah Naidu

10:07 am: Sasikala Natarajan should be sworn-in as CM; If delayed it’ll be violence against Constitution; President must intervene: BJP MP Subramanian Swamy.

10:05 am: BJP can give moral support, says Rajya Sabha MP V Maitreyan to NDTV

9:54 am: Ahead of AIADMK MLAs meet at party headquarter, Sasikala Natarajan meets leaders including M Thambidurai at Poes Garden.

9:50 am: Watch this video


9:47 am: Watch this video

9:45 am: “How can we support O. Panneerselvam when he is in opposition? We are major party and want to come back to power to expose AIADMK’s wrongdoings,” says TKS Elangovan

9:22 am: Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh blames Tamil Nadu Governor CH. Vidyasagar Rao, Narendra Modi government for political turmoil in the state. Check out Singh’s tweet.

9:21 am: Visuals from jayalalithaa’s memorial at Chennai’s Marina Beach

memo-l-ani ANI image

8:59 am: There is a force behind everything that is happening, says O Pannerselvam

8:55 am: “Can’t say much about her resignation. She was already given an extension,” said Pannerselvam on Sheela Balakrishnan’s resignation as Tamil Nadu Government adviser.

8:54 am: Dubbing, Sasikala a ‘power hungry’, Panneerselvam said he was not given any options.

8:52 am: O Panneerselvam on Wednesday reiterated that he was forced to resign.

8:50 am: Had visited hospital daily to enquire about Jayalalithaa’s health condition, but couldn’t meet her even once: O Pannerselvam

8:35 am: Governor Vidyasagar Rao will send report to the Narendra Modi government, according to NDTV report.

8:13 am: Sasikala has left for Jaya Memorial.

Watch this video

7:52 am: Sasikala Natarajan’s Poes Garden residence in Chennai

poes-garden-ani ANI Image

7:45 am: In the wake of uncertainty over Governor Vidyasagar Rao’s plans, the AIADMK asserted it was the constitutional obligation of the Governor to swear in Sasikala as Chief Minister and that there is no ground for stopping it.

Watch this video

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7:40 am: Rao, who is in Mumbai, has no plans to go to Chennai as of now, Raj Bhavan sources in Mumbai said, indicating that he could take a decision tomorrow. Rao, who is Maharashtra governor, is holding additional charge of Tamil Nadu.

7:32 am: DMK leader TKS Elangovan also criticized Tamil Nadu Governor C Vidyasagar Rao for not turning up on time for the swearing-in ceremony of AIADMK supremo V K Sasikala as the Chief Minister.

7:30 am: “The recent developments show that there is clear divide in the party. Majority of the MLAs are aligning with Sasikala. What can Pannerselvam do if the majority does not support him?” Elangovan told ANI

7:25 am: The recent political drama in the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazakham (AIADMK) has revoked variety of reactions from political parties. The Dravida Munnetra Kazakham (DMK) has attacked the ruling party in the state and remarked that the recent developments show there is clear divide in the party.

7:20 am: Congress on Wednesday blamed BJP-led NDA Government at the Centre for the political chaos going in Tamil Nadu and alleged that the latter is trying to utilize the situation to stamp the presence of the saffron party in the state.

7:15 am: “Modi government is playing dirty game. They want to create problem for the political parties and they want to get some advantage as BJP has no hold in Tamil Nadu and they think this an opportunity to be utilized,” state Congress president S Thirunavukkarasar told ANI.

01:53 am: Looking at opposition leader & smiling at them isn’t a crime. I think smiling is not a crime O Pannerselvam hits back at Sasikala Natarajan.

01:50 am: I am a staunch follower of AIADMK and will remain so, wait and see what will happen tomorrow: O Pannerselvam

01:35 am:  I have carried forward the post of treasurer which was entrusted upon me by Amma & I think no one can take it away from me: O Pannerselvam

01:10 am: DMK is behind O Pannerselvam says Sasikala Natarajan as she waves to supporters outside her Poes Garden residence Chennai.

12:50 am: In recent assembly session opposition leader & O Pannerselvam exchanged warmth, they were smiling at each other: Sasikala Natarajan

12:30am: Sasikala Natarajan didn’t allow CM O Pannerselvam to work freely,this is what DMK has been telling & same has been said by OPS: MK Stalin.

12: 25 pm:  Pannerselvam removed as the treasurer of the party: Sources; Dindigul Sreenivasan appointed in his place.

11:59 pm: Sasikala did a political coup,; with full support with Pannerselvam: Deepa Jayakumar.

11.00 pm: Sasikala Natarajan calls for an emergency minister’s meet.

10.40 pm: I am saying these facts in front of you to make things clear in public I will continue to struggle, I will take back my resignation if MLAs want: Panneerselvam

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