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Published: October 3, 2016 6:23:21 AM

Conduct strikes, but avoid war

Conduct strikes, but avoid war

The versions of what happened conflicted with New Delhi claiming it carried out surgical strikes to smash ‘terror launch pads’ across the border and Pakistan holding them to be regular firings along the LoC “to save face”. Clearly, those who pushed for at least a limited military action prevailed over those who pleaded the case for exhausting all diplomatic routes. This` is` not the moment for us to claim victory or exhibit triumphalism. Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif called the mid-night raid “unprovoked military aggression”. Much now hinges on whether Nawaz Sharif and Pakistani army chief Raheel Sharif take the surgical strikes lying down or counter-attacks to demonstrate that their country is a match for India. There is a particular danger that, in order to showcase their military prowess and superiority and appease the hawks in their respective countries, leaders in New Delhi and Islamabad may be inclined to let things slide into an all-out confrontation. Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif are now facing the moment of truth. Instead of rolling up their sleeves, they should commit themselves to settle disputes peacefully and thaw relations between them. It is to be hoped that the Indian incursion in the aftermath of Uri attack does not trigger off a full-scale war. The perception of war and the reality of war are not the same. The futility of war should prevent TV anchors and party spokespersons from taking a sanguine view of belligerence. Needless to say, a wider battle will exact a terrible cost in death and suffering. This nightmare scenario should persuade New Delhi and Islamabad to defuse the atmosphere of intense tension on the border. Coordinated international diplomatic efforts, led by the UN, have to be made to bring both the sides together and secure the region from being engulfed in warfare.

G David Milton

Maruthancode (Tamil Nadu)

Strike the right response?

Apropos of the edit ‘Strategic strike’ (FE, September 30), the overnight surgical strikes carried out by India, some 3-km deep in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir on the Line of Control sounded more like the government making up for the lost opportunities than what could be genuinely termed a “counter-terror operation”. The brouhaha generated over the strike in which reportedly two Pakistani army personnel were killed, and the an all-party meeting that was called soon fater, and the Union government and prime minister complimenting those engaged in it exposed what we had all along wanted. All and said done, one’s keeping fingers crossed about the likely reaction of the forces on the other side of border.

R Prabhu Raj


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