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Published: November 9, 2015 12:17:32 AM

BJP must get it right

BJP must get it right
Apropos of the column “Delhi & Bihar polls: Spot the difference (FE, November 5), despite wresting an unprecedented single-party majority for the BJP, the prime ministers would appear to be operating on a limited power of attorney ever since. The internal rifts of the party that brought him to the national fore in the first place, for some reason, have fettered his hand from pursuing policies that he strongly believes in. Thus the massive mandate of 282 seats seems to be of no great avail in all these 18 months in office. In this context, the Bihar results have greater import for the BJP than others. Modi may well feel that a decent win can upgrade him from an empowered administrator of the party to holding clear ownership. But Modi’s precept—“Either you are with us, or against us”—only follows the deep under-current that has been running through the parivar all along. Delhi being in a suzerain statehood, BJP’s miserable loss only enhanced the disdain that the BJP has always had for Opposition. But Bihar is a far different catch of fish. There is a distant hope that a loss in Bihar could lead to a sober mindset in the party that would enable the party to develop greater respect for democratic dissent and hence the pursuit of consensual policies. A win, on the other hand, may well entail taking the nation through long periods of stasis and divisiveness, given the rigid and dated mindset of a party that remains unchanged from the days when it had just 2 MPs.
R Narayanan

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