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Letters to the editor

Can’t compare India and China

Published: June 25, 2015 12:19 AM

Can’t compare India and China

Apropos of the column “Modi’s 5 hits, and one big miss!” (FE, May 25) by Ashok Gulati in which it is stated that “China produced more than 600 million tonnes of foodgrains compared to India’s 251 MT, in FY15…” In this connection, it must be mentioned that the foodgrain production of India and China is not comparable.

One, India includes rice to its foodgrain production whereas China includes paddy. As paddy contains about 33% husk and 67% rice, the conversion of 102.54 MT of rice in 2014-15 in India will be equivalent to 153.81 MT of paddy. Thus, there will be an increase of over 51.27 MT in India’s foodgrain production on this count alone. Making adjustment for this, India’s foodgrain production will increase from 265.57 MT to 318.90 MT in 2013-14, and from 251.12 MT to 302.39 MT in 2014-15. And two, the domain of commodities under foodgrains in India is significantly different from that of China. For instance, China includes legumes and tubers in its foodgrains whereas India does not. However, if China also follows the same definition of foodgrains as India, the difference between China’s production of foodgrains will be much less than 600 MT reported in Gulati’s column.

Dr Ashok Vishandass

Chairman, Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP)

Ban politicians, save cricket

Surjit S Bhalla’s column “Time for neta-cricket divorce” (FE, June 23) truly unravels the predicament of the Modi government after the alleged role of Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara Raje in extending help to the former IPL head Lalit Modi. This issue has assumed serious political overtones and the fire is not getting doused despite efforts made by top BJP leaders, except PM Modi who is maintaining a stoic silence. The Congress has even gone to the extent of threatening with not allowing the functioning of the forthcoming monsoon session of Parliament if these two ministers do not resign. However, as suggested by the author, a mere act of resignation by BJP politicians from the BCCI and any of its affiliated bodies would not serve the purpose as other political parties may not necessarily follow suit. One wonders as to why this advice was not given to Sharad Pawar who remains the head of the Mumbai Cricket Association using his political clout? There are many more, such as Rajeev Shukla of the Congress party who continue to be the office bearer of the BCCI. The list goes on. Why can’t a blanket ban be imposed on politicians joining cricket bodies?

S Kumar


The promise was growth

The observation made by the most senior BJP leader LK Advani when he said that Emergency in the country cannot be ruled out is, apparently, a direct attack on the Narendra Modi government. The government, on its part, is also behaving in an authoritative style. Many do feel that the government is also indirectly implementing the agenda of Hindutva with the support from the RSS. While there have been some signs of growth, the benefits are not passing on to the common man. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why the BJP got such a drubbing in the Delhi assembly elections. Prime Minister Modi not only should have a single-minded focus on growth, he also should try and contain anti-growth elements. As far as the Advani comment is concerned, people of India must take his statement very seriously, since he knows whatever is going on within the party and leadership. It is high time the NDA government work for the welfare of the people and the nation.

Bhagwan Thadani

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