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Published: May 9, 2015 12:20:59 AM

Fast-track judicial processes

Fast-track judicial processes
Apropos of “Unjust Cause”, the Salman Khan verdict is being hailed as a vindication of justice. But that is only one side of the narrative. The larger one is still about our nation’s slow-moving justice-delivery process, as an integrated whole—from the date of the purported crime to the date of first judgment and that of final denouement. It has taken 13 years for the first of the courts to declare the verdict. This case, too, will pass as one that did not spare the socially better-placed and that the scales of justice have rightly tilted the way it should, a great vindication! But it is the same system that has thousands of undertrials in jail far longer than the periods provided by law, if and when proven guilty. Universal jurisprudence is based on the one tenet, that no innocent person forfeits liberty to the misplaced concepts of any due legal process. If we were to release from illegal incarceration even a thousand poor and legally disabled undertrials after each high profile case, we all could hold our heads a little higher.
R Narayanan

States must get wise on GST
It augurs well for the country that Lok Sabha has cleared the bill on GST. As a result, we have the meeting of the states’ finance ministers lined up for sorting out the modalities of implementation. State finance ministers, realising that they are creating history, should take all action to see that the GST rolls out by April 1, 2016, as scheduled. This is possible if they ponder on the following. We have state boundaries, for administrative purposes, which, because of many a historical reasons, have transformed itself as a barrier for various trade activities. State finance ministers should agree with a give-and-take for the common good of the country. If one state is in trouble, then the whole country is in trouble. This opening of the borders would result not only in overall speedy economic activity but also helps in keeping manufacturers in an “innovate or perish” mode. States which feel that they are losing because of GST, should ponder over the increased economic activity and the resulting intangible benefits.
Raghunath Rao

No Big Brother
Good fences, it is said, make good neighbours. With the land exchange agreement with Bangladesh and the rescue efforts in Nepal, India has shown the world, more particularly, our neighbours, that we mean to have a peaceful neighbourhood and work for the development of all. We are not just a Big Brother, out to play a regional power game. Kudos to the government for showing the way to states like West Bengal.
Prahlad Bhasin

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