Kolkata Municipal Corporation Elections 2021: Full list of TMC councillor candidates

TMC Councillor List 2021: The TMC has dropped as many as 39 sitting ward councillors out of the total 126 ward coordinators (Councillors) who won last time.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation Elections 2021: Full list of TMC councillor candidates
The TMC in the last KMC polls in 2015 had won 126 seats, and 87 sitting councillors have been renominated.

TMC Councillor List 2021: The Trinamool Congress (TMC) has released its list of candidates for the 144-ward Kolkata Municipal Corporation election slated on December 19. The TMC has dropped as many as 39 sitting ward councillors out of the total 126 ward coordinators (Councillors) who won last time. The party has also given tickets to relatives of several party leaders. The ruling party in West Bengal has come out with a list of 144 candidates.

The TMC list came out late in the evening after a three-hour-long brainstorming session at Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s residence where political strategist Prashant Kishor and TMC general secretary Abhishek Banerjee were present. Of the 144 TMC candidates, 64 are women, 19 are from scheduled caste and 23 are from minority communities including two Christians.

The TMC has deviated from its ‘one-man-one-post’ policy and now sitting MLAs are also given tickets. TMC chief Mamata Banerjee’s sister-in-law Kajori Banerjee has also been given a ticket. Senior state minister Chandrima Bhattacharya’s son and late TMC leader and former cabinet minister Subrata Mukherjee’s sister have also been fielded as candidates. TMC secretary-general Partha Chatterjee said six sitting MLAs, including chairman of the board of administrators of KMC Firhad Hakim, has been given tickets this time. Firhad Hakim and TMC MP Mala Roy will contest from their wards. MLAs Atin Ghosh, Debashish Kumar and Debabrata Majumder have been fielded too. Two other MLAs Paresh Pal and Ratna Chatterjee will also contest the elections.

Full list of TMC candidates for Kolkata Municipal Corporation Elections 2021:

Candidate                                Assembly of ward
1. Kartik Chandra Manna              Kashipur Belgachiya
2. Dr Kakoli Sen                             Kashipur Belgachiya
3. Debika Chakraborty                  Kashipur Belgachiya
4. Gautam Haldar                          Kashipur Belgachiya
5. Tarun Saha                                 Kashipur Belgachiya
6. Suman Singh                             Kashipur Belgachiya
7. Bapi Ghosh                                Shyampukur
8. Puja Panja                                  Shyampukur
9. Mitali Saha                                Shyampukur
10. Subhrata Banerjee                   Shyampukur
11. Atin Ghosh                                Maniktala
12. Dr Minakshi Ganguly                Maniktala
13. Anindya Kishore Routh             Maniktala
14. Amal Chakrabarty                     Maniktala
15. Shukla Bhore                            Maniktala
16. Swapan Das                              Maniktala
17. Mohan Kumar Gupta               Shyampukur
18. Sunanda Sarkar                        Shyampukur
19. Shikha Saha                             Shyampukur
20. Vijay Upadhyay                        Shyampukur
21. Mira Hazra                               Shyampukur
22. Shyam Prakash Purohit            Jorasanko
23. Sanwarmal Agarwal                 Jorasanko
24. Ellora Saha                               Jorasanko
25. Rajesh Sinha                            Jorasanko
26. Tarak Nath Chattopadhyay      Shyampukur
27. Minakshi Gupta                       Jorasanko
28. Ayan Chakraborty                   Beleghata
29.Iqbal Ahmed                           Beleghata
30. Papia Ghosh Biswas                Beleghata
31. Paresh Pal                                Maniktala
32. Shanti Ranjan Kundu              Maniktala
33. Cheenu Biswas                       Beleghata
34. Aloknanda Das                       Beleghata
35. Ashutosh Das                         Beleghata
36. To be announce later
37. Soma Choudhuri                    Jorasanko
38. Sadhna Bose                          Jorasanko
39. Md Jasimuddin                      Jorasanko
40. Suparana Dutta                      Jorasanko
41. Rita Chaudhuri                       Jorasanko
42. Mahesh Sharma                     Jorasanko
43. Shagufta Parveen                   Jorasanko
44. Rehana Khatoon                    Chowranghee
45. Shakti Pratap Singh               Chowranghee
46. Priyanka Saha                        Chowranghee
47. Bimal Singh                           Chowranghee
48. Biswarup Dey                         Chowranghee
49. Monalisa Banerjee                 Chowranghee
50. Mousami Dey                        Chowranghee
51. Indranil Kumar                      Chowranghee
52. Sohini Mukherjee                  Chowranghee
53. Indrani Shah Banerjee           Chowranghee
54. Amiruddin Bobby                  Entally
55. Sabita Rani Das                     Entally
56. Swapan Sammadar               Entally
57. Jiban Saha                             Beleghata
58. Sandipan Saha                      Entally
59. Jolly Bose                              Entally
60. Md Yeajujar Rahman            Ballygunge
61. Manzar Iqbal                        Ballygunge
62. Sana Ahmed                         Chowranghee
63. Susmita Bhattacharya           Bhabanipur
64. Sammi Jahan                        Ballygunge
65. Nivedita Sharma                   Ballygunge
66. Faiz Ahmed Khan                  Kasba
67. Bijan Lal Mukherjee              Kasba
68. Tanima Chatterjee                 Ballygunge
69. Dilip Kr Bose                         Ballygunge
70. Asim Bose                             Bhabanipur
71. Papia Singh                          Bhabanipur
72. Sandip Ranjan Bakshi          Bhabanipur
73. Kajari Banerjee                    Bhabanipur
74. Deblina Biswas                    Bhabanipur
75. Nijamuddin Shams              Kolkata Port
76. Sasthi Das                            Kolkata Port
77. Shamima Rehan Khan         Bhabanipur
78. Soma Das                           Kolkata Port
79. Ram Pyare Ram                  Kolkata Port
80. Anwar Khan                        Kolkata Port
81. Jui Biswas                           Rashbehari
82. Firhad Hakim                      Bhabanipur
83. Prabir Mukherjee                Rashbehari
84. Paramita Chatterjee            Rashbehari
85. Debashish Kumar               Ballygunge
86. Sourav Basu                       Rashbehari
87. Manisha Bose Shaw           Rashbehari
88. Mala Roy                            Rashbehari
89. Mamata Majumdar            Rashbehari
90. Chaitali Chatterjee             Rashbehari
91. Baishwanor Chatterjee       Kasba
92. Abhishek Mukherjee          Kasba
93. Mousumi Das                     Rashbehari
94. Sandip Nandi Majumdar    Tollygunge
95. Tapan Dasgupta                 Tollygunge
96. Vasundhara Goswamy       Jadavpur
97. Debabrata Majumdar        Tollygunge
98. Arup Chakraborty              Tollygunge
99. Mitali Banerjee                   Jadavpur
100. Prosenjit Das                    Tollygunge
101. Bappaditya Dasgupta           Jadavpur
102. Seena Ghosh                        Jadavpur
103. Dr Sukumar Das                   Jadavpur
104. Tarakeshwar Chakraborty     Jadavpur
105. Sushila Mondal                    Jadavpur
106. Arijit Das Thakur                  Jadavpur
107. Lipika Manna                       Kasba
108. Sushanti Kumar Ghosh        Kasba
109. Ananya Banerjee                 Jadavpur
110. Swaraja Kumar Mandal       Jadavpur
111. Sandip Das                          Tollygunge
112. Gopal Ch Roy                      Tollygunge
113. Anita Kar Majumdar            Tollygunge
114. Biswajit Mondal                  Tollygunge
115. Ratna Sur                            Behala Purba
116. Krishna Singh                      Behala Purba
117. Amit Singh                          Behala Purba
118. Tarak Singh                         Behala Paschim
119. To be announced later
120. Sushanata Ghosh                Behala Purba
121. Rupak Ganguly                   Behala Purba
122. Soma Chakraborty              Behala Purba
123. Sudip Polley                        Behala Purba
124. Rajib Kumar Das                 Behala Purba
125. Ratna Sarkar                       Behala Paschim
126. Ghanashree Bag                 Behala Paschim
127. Malobika Baidya                 Behala Paschim
128. Partha Sarkar                      Behala Paschim
129. Sanhita Das                        Behala Paschim
130. Avijit Mukherjee                 Behala Paschim
131. Ratna Chatterjee                Behala Paschim
132. Sanchita Mitra                    Behala Paschim
133. Ranajit Shil                         Kolkata Port
134. Shams Iqbal                       Kolkata Port
135. Akhtari N. Shahzada          Kolkata Port
136. Shamsuzzamann Ansari     Metiabruz
137. Rahmat Alam Ansari          Metiabruz
138. Farida Parveen                   Metiabruz
139. Sk Mustaque Ahmad         Metiabruz
140. Abu Md Tarik                     Metiabruz
141. Dr Shinath Gayen              Metiabruz
142. Raghunath Patra               Behala Purba
143. Chirstina Biswas                Behala Purba
144. Shefali Paramanick Patra  Behala Purba

The party has left two seats vacant for which the candidates will be announced later. The elections to KMC, along with 112 other municipalities and municipal corporations, were due in April-May 2020. But the polls were postponed due to the raging COVID pandemic. These civic bodies are now being run by state-appointed boards of administrators. The TMC in the last KMC polls in 2015 had won 126 seats, and 87 sitting councillors have been re-nominated.

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First published on: 27-11-2021 at 09:44 IST