Khambhalia, Bhuj, Sabarmati, Anand Election Results Highlights: BJP demolishes Congress citadel in Anand, wins Bhuj again – details

Gujarat Election Results for Khambalia, Bhuj, Sabarmati, Anand Today: BJP wave in Congress bastion as ruling party wins Anand

Khambhalia, Bhuj, Sabarmati, Anand Election Results Highlights: BJP demolishes Congress citadel in Anand, wins Bhuj again – details
Gujarat Assembly Election Results 2022 Live: Khambalia, Bhuj, Sabarmati, Anand

Gujarat Assembly Election Results For Khambalia, Bhuj, Sabarmati, Anand Highlights: The verdict of the closely watched Gujarat Assembly Elections will be declared by the EC today. Many are seeing it as a big test for the ruling BJP both in the state as well as at the Centre for the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections. So can the double-engine sarkar beat the anti-incumbency factor? We will know as the counting of the votes commences at 8 am today. While there are several key battles, here, we will look at the results of these four legislative constituencies.

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Let’s start with Khambalia seat. This seat, which falls in Jamnagar district, was won by the Congress in 2017. Next up we have the Sabarmati seat. This legislative constituency falls under Ahmedabad district. Back in 2017, the BJP had won this seat with a staggering margin of nearly 70,000 votes. Moving on to Anand, which went to poll in the second phase of December 5. Again, Anand was among those seats that were bagged by the Indian National Congress in the last Assembly polls. And finally, we have Bhuj Assembly seat. This constituency that comes under Saurashtra district voted the BJP to power in 2017.

Stay with us as we bring you early trends, accurate picture of the latest developments from Gujarat results 2022:

Live Updates
19:19 (IST) 8 Dec 2022
Sabarmati Results Live: BJP’s Harshad Patel wins

Sabarmati, which the BJP has been winning since 1995, came back in the incumbent's fold. BJP's Harshad Patel won the seat by a margin of 98,684 votes. Patel easiy defeated INC's Dineshsinh Gantapsinh.

17:19 (IST) 8 Dec 2022
Anand Results LIVE: BJP demolishes last of Congress citadels, wins Anand by huge margin

BJP's Yogesh R Patel (Bapji) has won the Anand assembly seat by a massive margin of 41,623 votes. He defeated Congress' Kantibhai Sodha Parmar (Bhagat). Anand, the milk hub of India, has been a bastion of teh Congress party.

17:14 (IST) 8 Dec 2022
Bhuj Results LIVE: BJP wins from Bhuj, again!

Senior BJP leader and former CM Keshubhai Patel has won from Bhuj. He defeated his closest rival Arjun Bhudia of the Indian National Congress by a massive margin of 59, 814 votes.

17:09 (IST) 8 Dec 2022
Khambhalia results LIVE: Huge embarrassment for AAP

Aam Aadmi Party's Chief Ministerial candidate Isudan Gadhvi has lost out to BJP's Ayar Murubhai Hardasbhai Bera by a staggering margin of over 18,000 votes.

12:04 (IST) 8 Dec 2022
Bhuj Elections LIVE: Keshubhai Patel maintains lead in Bhuj

Latest reports say that Keshubhai Patel is leading in Bhuj by nearly 3,000 votes. In Khambalia, AAP's Isudan Gadhavi is still trailing by over 6,000 votes. The BJP supporters say that the party will break Madhavsinh Solanki's 1985 record.

11:09 (IST) 8 Dec 2022
Anand Election Results LIVE: Saffron wave in Congress bastion?

The resurgent saffron wave 2.0 seem to breach the last of the Congress citadel in Gujarat. Current trends show that the BJP has taken a lead in Anand. The milk hub of India has traditionally always voted for the Congress. Should the trends convert into results, this would be a major victory for the BJP, which is on its way to post best-ever tally in Gujarat.

10:12 (IST) 8 Dec 2022
Khambalia, Bhuj, Sabarmati, Anand Election Results LIVE: Will ‘parivartan clock’ show something for Congress

The Congress is staring at a worst-show in Gujarat. In fact, AAP has also nothing to cheer about in Khambalia. AAP's CM candidate Isudan Gadhvi is trailing from Khambalia, latest trend shows.

From Bhuj to Anand, people of these constituencies have voted for the BJP in an overwhelming majority. The Congress, which is suffering the worst-case scenario in Gujarat, needs some concrete introspection.  Meanwhile, when asked about the Gujarat debacle, Congress Chief Mallikarjun Kharge said that the party will fix the shortcomings. 

First published on: 08-12-2022 at 06:42 IST