Kerala elections 2021: After Judas-Christ remark, PM Modi lists the ‘seven deadly sins’ of LDF-UDF

UDF and LDF have committed their own seven deadly sins in Kerala, said PM Narendra Modi in Pathanamthitta.

Kerala elections 2021: After Judas-Christ remark, PM Modi lists the ‘seven deadly sins’ of LDF-UDF
PM Narendra Modi said that for decades, the Left cabal has done everything to portray Indian culture in poor light and their lies won’t go on any more.

Taking another leaf out of the beliefs of Christianity, PM Narendra Modi today hit out at the Congress-led UDF and CPI(M)-led Left saying that they have committed their seven deadly sins. Earlier PM Modi had said that the LDF has betrayed Kerala for gold just like “Judas betrayed Christ for silver”.

Addressing a rally from Pathanamthitta in Kerala today, PM Modi said, “You all have heard of the seven deadly sins. UDF and LDF have committed their own seven deadly sins in Kerala.” He went on to explain them one by one.

“The first sin is false pride and arrogance. UDF and LDF feel they can never be defeated. This has made their leader very arrogant. They become disconnected from the roots. The second sin is greed for money. Solar scam, dollar scam, gold scam, land scam, bar bribery scam, excise scam…the list is endless. Both alliances have looted from every sector. The third sin is wrath towards people. I fail to understand which government will shower Lathis on innocent devotees? Which Government will repeatedly attack its own citizens?” said PM Modi.

He added, “The Fourth sin is envy or jealousy. UDF and LDF are jealous of each other. They want to beat the other in committing all wrongs. They also suffer from competitive corruption. They are jealous if the other alliance even makes a paisa more than the other. The fifth sin is lust for power. This makes them form alliances with communal, criminal and regressive elements of society. What was the stand of the Muslim League on Triple Talaq? What are the social policies of the SDPI and PFI?”

The Prime Minister said that their sixth sin is promoting dynastic politics. In both alliances, there is a craze to further dynasty rule. Everything else is a side issue. We have also seen how children of big leaders are behaving. The case of the son of a top LDF leader is well known. I do not need to elaborate more on it because his antics are common knowledge,” he said.

PM Modi said that their seventh sin is laziness in working. “When making money, promoting dynasties and doing vote bank politics is the priority, governance naturally takes a back-seat. UDF and LDF have brought a governance paralysis in Kerala,” he claimed.

The PM claimed that the people of Kerala are seeing the development agenda of the BJP and NDA and they relate with the party’ programmes and policies.

Referring to E. Sreedharan, PM Modi said people are seeing that BJP stands for bringing educated people into politics and the active presence of ‘Metroman’ E. Sreedharan speaks of that.

PM Modi also reiterated his commitment to giving FAST development to Kerala. “We in NDA are coming to you with a forward looking development agenda that puts Kerala on the FAST route to progress. My vision for FAST includes – F for Fisheries & Fertilisers, A for Agriculture & Ayurveda, S for Skill development & social empowerment, T for Tourism & technology,” he said.

PM Modi said that NDA’s vision is inclusive and its work is extensive. He claimed that the BJP will further Kerala’s progress and protect Kerala’s culture. PM Modi urged people to vote for NDA in large numbers in April 6 polls.

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First published on: 02-04-2021 at 15:30 IST