1. Dileep arrest LIVE Updates: Actor Dileep to appear before court via Skype, after cops voice increased threat perception

Dileep arrest LIVE Updates: Actor Dileep to appear before court via Skype, after cops voice increased threat perception

Kerala Actor Dileep Arrested Live Updates: Popular actor Dileep had been arrested on Monday in connection with driving the conspiracy related to the abduction and molestation of a leading actress in February this year.

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Dileep Arrested, Kerala Actor, Dileep Arrested Live Updates, live updates, actress molestation case, bail after 3 days, bail, arrest, india news, financial express Kerala Actor Dileep Arrested Live Updates: Popular actor Dileep had been arrested on Monday in connection with driving the conspiracy related to the abduction and molestation of a leading actress in February this year. (PTI)

Kerala Actor Dileep Arrested Live Updates: Popular actor Dileep had been arrested on Monday in connection with driving the conspiracy related to the abduction and molestation of a leading actress in February this year. Right from the start, there had been considerable speculation in local media channels about the same actor being involved. Following this, the actor had lashed out at the media, saying they have vested interests in tarnishing his image in front of his fans. A sobered Dileep, later on, spoke persuasively about how he has nothing to do with the attack on the actress and that he wants the accused to be brought to light so that he can be spared from the cloud of suspicion around him. While admitting that he had strained relations with the concerned actress, he also made it clear that he has never intended any harm and he has no link with the prime accused in this case, Pulsar Suni.

Check out live updates of Dileep’s arrest and the complete sequence of events to the latest breaking news:


10:30 AM: Amidst security concerns, it has been decided that actor Dileep will now make his court appearances via Skype, as per Manorama’s report. This new decision comes in the wake of the denial of bail by the Kerala High Court yesterday, following which cops expressed concern over increased threat to the actor’s safety. Manorama has reported that the police made a submission after HC’s dismissal of the actor’s bail plea.

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1:24 pm: Manorama Online has reported today that a young actress, who is known to be Dileep’s friend and has acted in two movies with him, is now under police radar. According to Manorama’s report, ”huge amounts of money” have been deposited in her bank account after February 17. The report says that the actress is likely to be questioned soon.

11:23 am: The Kerala High Court has accepted the prosecution’s argument in court along with the five volumes of the case diary that were submitted before the court, which establishes the actor as the ”’kingpin” behind the attack against the Malayalam film actress. The motive of the actor behind the attack has been established by the prosecution, as per Kerala High Court verdict.

10.58 AM: The Kerala High Court today rejected the bail plea of the actor, after the prosecution stepped up its argument by highlighting the gravity of this case. Actor Dileep had been arrested on July 10 and has been in jail for more than ten days now. The actor has been charged under various sections of IPC, which include hatching criminal conspiracy for the abduction and sexual assault of a Malayalam actress.


03:20 PM: The Kerala High Court reserved the verdict in the actor’s bail plea after both the parties presented their arguments. Dileep’s counsel pointed out that there is no evidence to link the actor with the case. However, the prosecution relied on Pulsar Suni’s statements that directly linked the actor to the grave offences that he has been charged with.

12:06 PM: The Kerala High Court will consider Dileep’s bail plea today. The court will first hear the prosecution counsel’s argument against the actor’s bail application. Pleading innocence earlier, the actor’s lawyer had stated that the actor is being framed without any evidence except the flip-flop statements that were reportedly made by Pulsar Suni while in police custody.


2:11 PM: Even as the Rural SP AV George categorically stated that there is strong evidence to support Dileep’s arrest, Pulsar Suni today delivered yet another cryptic statement that has sent media persons into a tizzy. While being taken to a court in Kakkanand, Pulsar Suni reportedly shouted out, ”Actual shark is still out there, those in custody are not the real sharks.” This has been first reported by Manorama News.

Yesterday, he had told media persons, ”The story is not yet complete…..let the VIP from Aluva talk.”

1:15 PM: Manorama News reported that actor Dileep ‘sits’ over real estate assets worth Rs 600 crore, as per an estimate by the Enforcement Directorate.  Following the actor’s arrest, the Enforcement Directorate had brought under its scanner all transactions pertaining to Malayalam movies that were produced during the last five years. The actor’s stage shows and benami transactions pertaining to the Chalakudy-based multiplex is already under ED’s radar.

11:01 AM: Kerala Police have begun to probe the incident reported by Kaumudi Online, pertaining to video footage of the attacked Malayalam actress being shown to the second-year medical students in Kochi, as part of their forensic studies. The videos were shown at a medical college in Kochi and following the report by Kerala Kaumudi, DGP Loknath Behera ordered Assistant Commissioner Lalji to probe the issue. College authorities have been questioned and the students’ statements will be recorded soon. What makes this a very startling development is that it has come at a time when the police are struggling to find the memory card on which these visuals of the attacked actress were recorded. The search is also on to identify the teacher and how he procured such confidential, highly secret evidence. Meanwhile, the college management says that such a thing has not happened, but many students of the same college have confirmed that they have watched the clippings.

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1:43 PM:  Today, the Angamaly magistrate court extended Pulsar Suni’s remand period. While he was being taken from court back to jail, he reportedly told media persons who had asked him if there are more culprits in the case, “Let the VIP from Aluva talk.”

Pulsar Suni’s lawyer B.A. Aloor said the same thing to media persons and stated there would be ‘more criminals.’ This has been reported by Manorama and Mathrubhumi news.

12:09 PM:  According to Manorama and Mathrubhumi News reports online , the actor Dileep had asked Pulsar Suni for nude photos of the attacked actress. According to these news reports, the police claim that the actor has given answers to certain questions which indicate that he had demanded nude images of the actress. However, the actor has continued being non-cooperative in the ongoing investigation.

His close friend and director Nadir Shah is likely to be questioned again by the cops in this case.

10: 26 AM: Producer Johny Sagarika filed a fresh complaint which stated that Pulsar Suni had attempted to kidnap another actress way back in 2011. At the time, Suni had been his driver. The producer stated that despite having informed the police, a case was not registered on account of lack of a written complaint. Now the Kerala police has decided to probe this and to investigate the same, as per a report by Mathrubhumi Online. The producer Johny Sagarika gave a detailed statement regarding this at Ernakulam Central Station, following which the police have registered a fresh complaint against Suni.

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03:40 PM: Kerala High Court postponed the hearing of actor Dileep’s bail plea to Thursday. His lawyer Advocate Ramkumar categorically stated that the actor has been framed and that there is no evidence against him. Dileep’s bail plea also states that there is no evidence against the actor and that the lower court’s observation that the actor may influence witnesses are baseless.

12:50 PM: On Saturday evening, the Angamaly court had rejected the actor’s bail application, the details of which are now emerging on local news channels. According to Manorama Online, the Angamaly court stated that the charges against the actor are very grave and it cannot be treated lightly and that if given bail, there is a possibility that the evidence may be destroyed.

Dileep did not destroy my career, says director Rajasenan

Director Rajasenan stated that the actor had not destroyed his career, as per Mathrubhumi’s report. As quoted by Mathrubhumi, the director stated, “Dileep did not destroy my career. No one can destroy my career and I am not a person who chooses to be destroyed by someone. Some actors do not value directors and they intervene in everything related to a film including the casting of heroines, cinematographer, music director and so on.”

11:08 AM: The much-searched crucial memory card has reportedly been found by Kerala Police, as per Manorama News. The report by Manorama states that the memory card was found from the junior advocate of the absconding lawyer Pratheesh Chacko.


12:15 AM: The case is at a crucial stage but the police will issue a statement only at an appropriate time, says DGP Loknath Behera.

11:45 AM: BJP MP Suresh Gopi, who was addressing a gathering yesterday, said that he supports and stands with the attacked actress but there has to be restraint in hounding the accused. As per Manorama News report, the BJP MP cautioned people from speculating on the accused until court verdict.

11:00 AM: According to the latest report on Manorama news, two eyewitnesses have given their statements to the police today in relation to the Malayalam actress abduction and molestation case. Local channels are citing this as an important development that may be a turning point in this case.


5:31 PM: The bail plea of Dileep has been rejected by the Angamaly court and he has been sent to custody till 25th July.

01:35 PM: Kavya Madhavan and several other actors to be questioned in the case by cops.

01:25 PM: Just like every Malayali, I too stand with the attacked actress. However,  the media is reporting the case as though Dileep has already been proven guilty and this is a highly disturbing issue.  A person is innocent until proved guilty in court, says author Paul Zacharia in his Facebook post.

01:15 PM: Actor Sreenath’s wife has told the police that there were many wounds and bruises on her husband’s body and there is no clarity on how these were inflicted. This has been reported by Manorama News.

01:00 PM: According to the police report challenging the bail application of actor Dileep, they say that the actor has the mobile phone with visuals of the actress who had been attacked. As per Manorama’s report, the police suspect that Pratheesh Chacko handed over the mobile phone to the actor after Pulsar Suni delivered it to the former.


01:55 PM: “Not easy to face Dileep considering that the ongoing investigation is underway; I really wished that he would not be involved in this case – the actress is also my friend,” Actor Asif Ali to Manorama News.

01:45 PM: Actress Thesni Khan comes out in support of Dileep, asks people to let Truth prevail and not pass judgments on the actor before court verdict. ”I have known Dileep for many years as a colleague and a friend, please stop crucifying Dileep,” she stated.

01:30 PM: Court asked the actor if the police tortured him. The actor informed the court that he has no complaints against the cops.

01: 15 PM: Advocate Pratheesh Chacko may be questioned by the police, as per local reports

01:00 PM: Actor’s manager Appunni is absconding. The police were trying to reach out to Appunni on five phone numbers but these have been switched off. They reached his residence at Eloor but he was nowhere to be found.

Seen earlier: Actor Dileep being produced in court

12: 50 PM: Confident about the case, says Special Public Prosecutor

12:40 PM: Confident about the case, says Special Public Prosecutor

12:20 PM: Enforcement Directorate officials have collected FIR documents and details regarding the land transactions of Dileep.

11:45 AM: Prosecution tells the court that the offenses the actor has been charged with are very very grave.

11:30 AM: Giving no relief to actor Dileep, Angamaly court extended his custody by a day.

10:53 AM: Dileep’s advocate Ramkumar to emphasise that the prosecution has failed to produce any credible evidence against the actor.

10:50 AM: Prosecution expected to press court strongly for keeping actor in custody to collect more evidenece

10:45 AM: Special Public Prosecutor reaches court; so does Dileep’s lawyer – Advocate Ramkumar

10:40 AM: Actor Dileep produced in Angamaly court.

10:20 AM: Actor Dileep en route to court amidst high security.

10:15 AM: Dileep’s bail application to be heard today.

10:30 PM: It is very clear that my brother is being framed and that there is a strong conspiracy being hatched to frame him. He will overcome this and come back in a strong way because Truth will prevail: Dileep’s brother Anoop

Dileep and Nadirshah were very close to my brother; but after his death, we as the family didn’t get the support that close friends give and we were not aware of any real estate deals till it came up on Mathrubhumi news but we always believed that there was something not quite right in the way my brother had died – it was neither an accident nor a natural death : Kalabhavan Mani’s brother Ramakrishnan to local TV news channels.

3:33 PM: Had a personal issue with the actor but not had any land related deals with him. We were family friends but no longer so and everyone knows why. I am ready to co-operate with the investigation in every way. I have not mentioned the names of those who attacked me anywhere. If the persons who have been arrested are the criminals behind the attack, they should be punished and if innocent, they should be let off – that is my wish. – Media statement by the attacked Malayalam actress

2: 39 PM: It’s a conspiracy, Dileep will make a comeback: brother Anoop

1: 52 PM: Don’t crucify Dileep until court verdict, Sreesanth to media, Janmabhumi quoted.

1: 13 PM:  Actor Dileep taken to two hotels in Thrissur, where he is believed to have met main accused Pulsar Suni

July 13: Fresh allegations against Dileep in Kalabhavan Mani’s death; CBI has recorded director Baiju’s statement. This was reported first by Mathrubhumi News.

9:30 PM: In order to discuss the entire row, top level AMMA executive meet is likely to be held on Friday morning.

7:34 PM: Reacting to the entire row, producer Suresh Kumar , who is working on various projects with actor Dileep told, “Movies in the pipeline severely impacted now, producers are in a serious dilemma.”

5:15 PM: Speaking on the latestest development in Kerala actor Dileep’s case, veteran actor Kamal Haasan said, “I’m very confident that our justice system will take care of things.”

2: 53 PM: Technology team is working to collect more details on Nadirshah and Appunni – a high-level meeting will be convened by DGP Loknath Behera on Wednesday, as per Manorama News.

1: 38 PM: Probe team is collecting details of Dileep’s real estate transactions

12: 56 PM: Police have placed restrictions on visitors, only close relatives will be allowed to visit the actor in jail.

12: 03 PM: Did not introduce Pulsar Suni to Dileep, says actor-turned-MLA Mukesh

July 12: At 11 AM today, Dileep was produced in the Magistrate’s chamber and the police were granted two days custody of the actor though they had pressed for three days. On his way to court, he was booed by the public, so was his advocate Ramkumar. As per local news, the next time when his bail application is heard, it will be heard in the open courtroom.

July 11: Brought to Aluva sub-jail by 8.15 AM, Dileep’s first day began as ”Prisoner Number 523”. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan told reporters that the guilty will be punished as per the process of law and that the police will continue to do their duty. Meanwhile, Ramesh Chennithala, Leader of Opposition, demanded an apology from the Chief Minister for having ruled out the conspiracy theory at the start of the investigation itself. VS Achuthandan demanded that those who are office bearers of AMMA should be subject to a rigorous scrutiny in terms of their wealth.

Two days custody of actor Dileep granted to police

At superstar Mammootty’s residence, a top level executive meeting was called forth, where local news channels cited Prithiviraj taking a strong stand that if AMMA does not come out with a decisive action that includes his viewpoint, he will independently make his stance clear to all. This statement seemed to have worked. After the meeting, a very subdued Mammootty announced the removal of Dileep from the organisation and he apologised to all on behalf of AMMA for the lack of clarity in the communication earlier. He reiterated that AMMA will always support its ”sisters and daughters” and do everything possible to continue safeguarding their interests. He explained that Dileep’s arrest has now made it necessary for the organisation to take tough action to send out a message that criminality is not acceptable in the Malayalam film industry.

Superstar Mammootty announces removal of Dileep from AMMA

Actor-turned-MP Innocent, who had come under considerable flak for supporting Dileep during AMMA’s meeting, issued a statement expressing his shock over Dileep’s involvement.

Dileep’s second wife, Kavya Madhavan, deletes her Facebook page, following his arrest. The official profile of her online clothing store – Laksyah Boutique – has also been deactivated. Throughout the probe, Kavya Madhavan and her mother’s names have come up, repeatedly. Last week, their residence and the boutique had been raided by police. The buzz was that the cops were looking for the memory card on which the Malayalam actress video, which Dileep reportedly had demanded from Pulsar Suni.

July 10: Kerala police informed that Dileep is in their custody and his arrest was recorded in the evening. He has been named an accused in the conspiracy behind the Malayalam actress abduction and molestation case that had reportedly been hatched some years ago when the two actors had a public spat, following which their friendship soured.

The attack on the actress took place in the late night of February 19th when she was on her way from the airport to dub for her upcoming film, Honeybee 2.

Dileep demanded original video of attacked actress

DGP Loknath Behera stated that the police will continue their investigation and more arrests are likely to happen, as many important details regarding the dark side of the Malayalam film industry have been shared by Dileep.

Dubbing artist and activist Bhagyalakshmi told local TV news channels, “During my earlier conversations with the actress, I asked her why she is not naming the person that everyone is suspecting. She told me that this is a very serious matter and that she cannot fling names when she herself is not sure who masterminded something as cruel and inhuman as this. She conducted herself with dignity and did not ever mention this actor’s name though he harassed her a lot and made sure that she did not get signed up for movies that were coming her way. AMMA should have been more vocal in extending absolute support to one of their own.”

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