Karnataka Floor Test highlights: House adjourned till Tuesday, speaker sets 6 pm deadline for vote

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Updated:Jul 23, 2019 1:00:57 am

Karnataka Assembly Floor Test highlights: The coalition government plunged into crisis after 16 MLAs (13 from Congress and three from JD-S) submitted their resignations to the Speaker. However, the Speaker is yet to accept the resignations. The Congress has filed an application seeking the rebel MLAs' disqualifications.

Karnataka minister D K Shivakumar during the assembly session at Vidhana Soudha in Bengaluru. (PTI)

Karnataka Trust Vote highlights: The Congress has denied the reports that Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy will resign ahead of the floor test. Earlier, it was reported that JD(S) chief may submit his resignation as he does not have the required number to prove his majority in the House. The coalition government slipped into a crisis after 16 MLAs (13 from Congress and three from JD-S) submitted their resignation on ground of no work in their constituencies.

Following the resignations of rebel legislators, the strength of the Congress-JDS government came down from 117 to 101 in 224-member House. The BJP has 107 members in the Assembly. The Congress and Kumaraswamy made all efforts to persuade the legislators to come back to their fold. But the rebel MLAs refused to go back on their decision.

The rebel MLAs have also refused to participate in the current proceedings. However, Congress today shot another warning to rebel legislators and said: “INC-JDS legislators who vote against the govt are entitled to disqualification.” If the rebel MLAs do not attend the trust vote, the Kumaraswamy government will fall short of the majority mark 113. The Speaker has been insisting the members to finish the discussion to that confidence motion can be taken up today.

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    23:50 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    House adjourned till Tuesday

    Speaker adjourns House till Tuesday, sets 6 pm deadline.

    23:17 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Congress says not ready for trust vote

    Urban Development minister UT Khader says, "Whatever it is, we are not ready for a vote of confidence today. It is humanly and practically not possible." In reply BJP MLAs say, "We are ready." Opposition MLAs requests deputy speaker to count votes. Ruckus continues in Assembly

    23:10 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Debate on whether to coninue session after dinner

    Karnataka Assembly is still on. Ruckus in the Assembly as MLAs discuss whether to continue the session after dinner or resume tomorrow morning. "We can even start tomorrow , some members are diabetic patients, say Congress MLAs.

    22:12 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    You can't be made a minister once you're disqualified: DK Shivakumar to rebel MLAs

    Congress leader DK Shivakumar: Speaker has served notice to rebel MLAs, giving them time till 11 AM tomorrow. BJP is trying to convince them that they won't be disqualified and they will be made ministers. As per the constitution of India, you can't be made a member once you're disqualified. 

    22:06 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    My signature on a resignation letter is forged: Kumaraswamy

    A resignation letter bearing Kumawaswamy signature appears on social media. However, Karnataka CM says someone forged my signature and spread the same on social media. "I got information that I have tendered my resignation to the Governor. I don't know who is waiting to become CM. Someone has forged my signature & spread the same on social media. I'm shocked at the cheap level of publicity," he says.

    21:46 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Consequences will be disastrous, warns Speaker after Congress MLA seeks more time

    Congress MLA HK Patil says that it will be right to speak and debate on this issue on trust vote after the Supreme Court takes a decision tomorrow. After this, Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar says don't push me to a point where I will have to take a decision without asking you. The consequences will be disastrous.

    20:56 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    We will be in the House till 12 am: Yeddyurappa

    Karnataka Crisis | Chief Minister (Kumaraswamy) had promised that he will finish it (trust vote) today and prove the majority today. Now I have spoken to Sunil, the chief Whip, over finishing it today.  We will be in the house till 12 am. We didn't protest when they (Congress-JDS) were speaking. Siddaramaiah, CM and you (Speaker) promised floor test on Monday. When our chief Whip was called, we stated we will be here till late night till all debates conclude. Please allow us to go ahead with the confidence motion: Yeddyurappa 

    20:07 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Karnataka crisis: HD Kumaraswamy meets Speaker

    Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy and former chief minister Siddaramaiah meet the Speaker. However, there is no confirmation yet on the confidence motion proceedings. Earlier in the day, the Speaker insisted the MLAs to conclude the discussion so that trust vote could be taken up. But MLAs from ruling parties demanded more time to complete the discussion.  

    19:18 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Karnataka Speaker holds meeting with BJP MLAs

    Karnataka crisis: Karnataka Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar holds a meeting with BJP leaders Sunil Kumar, Basavaraj Bommai, CT Ravi  and JDS leaders Sa Ra Mahesh, HD Revanna, Bandeppa Kashempur in his chamber at Vidhana Soudha, Bengaluru. 

    18:30 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Karnataka LIVE: House adjourned for 10 minutes

    The Assembly has been adjourned for 10 minutes following a protest by ruling party MLAs. The legislators demanding that they all be given time to speak before the confidence motion is taken up. However, the BJP wants the process be completed today. Karnataka: MLAs continue to stay inside the Vidhana Soudha in Bengaluru even as the session has been adjourned for 10 minutes. 

    17:57 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    MLAs who vote against govt are entitled to disqualification: Congress

    The Congress welcomes the decision of the Speaker to recognize that the Leader of the Legislature party has the right to impose a Whip on party's MLAs. "The same is said by Constitution & the defection law. INC-JDS legislators who vote against the govt are entitled to disqualification," Congress says in a tweet.

    17:50 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    JD(S) MLA Ramaswamy walks out of Vidhana Soudha

    JD(S) MLA AT Ramaswamy walks out of the Vidhana Soudha following state home minister MB Patil's statement that zero traffic was not provided to the rebel MLAs. "If the Home Minister is lying blatantly in front of the House, how can I stay here? the JDS MLA says while walking out the Assembly.  

    Earlier, Ramaswamy had aksed whether zero traffic facility was provided to rebel MLAs. To this, Home Minister MB Patil said the Governor had written to the State government directing it to provide security to the rebel MLAs. The Speaker took objection to this and said zero traffic and protection has to be separated. To this, Patil said the rebel MLAs were not given zero traffic facility from HAL airport to Vidhana Soudha.


    17:25 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Will Kumaraswamy quit ahead of trust vote?

    Karnataka crisis: Reports suggest that CM HD Kumaraswamy may resign ahead of the trust vote as he does not have the number to prove majority in the House. After the resignation of 16 rebel MLAs, the coalition government lost the majority in the Assembly. Presently, Congress and JDS have 101 members, while the BJP has 107.   

    16:47 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Congress-JD(S) violating constitutional rights: P Muralidhar Rao of BJP

    Karnataka crisis | Congress-JD(S) is violating constitutional rights. Democracy is being murdered. Court has allowed the 15 MLAs (rebel MLAs) that they may or may not be present there. They (Congress-JDS) don't have the numbers, they are in minority. Until MLAs return, they get the majority the assembly will go on. This being done by Speaker is unacceptable. Today a full stop should be put to all this, Governor should take a decision and save democracy: P Muralidhar Rao

    16:02 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Speaker will take a call on confidence motion: Siddaramaiah

    Karnataka crisis| The Speaker will take a call on the confidence motion. We have already told that we will prove the confidence in Vidhana Soudha. The Case is pending in the Supreme Court. We have also filed the petition, most probably the Supreme Court will hear our plea tomorrow (Tuesday). If the rebel MLAs come back then they will be with us. Rebels have told that they are not living comfortably, they could have stayed back here itself: Siddaramaiah

    15:42 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Congress raises Karnataka crisis in Rajya Sabha

    Karnataka crisis: The Rajya Sabha witnessed repeated disruptions as the Congress members created an uproar over Karnataka. The opposition members trooped into the well and started raising slogans highlighting various issues such as the political crisis in Karnataka. Deputy Chairman Harivansh told the legislators that the Chairman has already issued a statement on the political crisis in Karnataka and that the issue cannot be discussed in the Upper House as the matter is sub-judice. 

    14:40 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Decide on disqualification before holding floor test: Karnataka minister to Speaker

    Karnataka Congress MLA Krishna Byre Gowda asked the Speaker to first make a decision on the MLAs who had submitted their resignations before holding the floor test.

    13:56 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Resign and go home, BJP tells Kumaraswamy

    On Monday, the BJP asked chief minister HD Kumaraswamy 'to resign and go' if he has faith in the people of Karnataka. On its Facebook page, the BJP said, "If at all you have faith and respect for the Constitution and the people of the state, you resign and go home."

    13:32 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    BJP insists trust vote be completed today itself

    After proceedings began in the Karnataka assembly, the Bharatiya Janata Party insisted that the trust vote be completed on Monday itself.

    13:05 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Keep dignity of Assembly alive in speeches today: Karnataka Speaker

    The Assembly speaker, while addressing the house said "In your speeches, today, make sure that the dignity of Assembly is kept alive. These are time stalling tactics being used. It harms the image of Assembly, Speaker and also the image of you as MLAs."

    12:42 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Karnataka trust vote: What happens if voting isn't held today?

    If the voting is not held on Monday, the focus will shift to Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala. Vala has been keeping the Centre posted about the ongoing political crisis in the state.

    12:23 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Proceedings begin in Karnataka Assembly

    Karnataka assembly speaker KR Ramesh began the proceedings saying that he got delayed as he was checking the Supreme Court order.

    11:55 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Karnataka speaker sets 6pm deadline for trust vote

    Karnataka assembly speaker KR Ramesh Kumar told news channel News18 that the floor test would be conducted before 6pm today. On the issue of rebel MLAs nor attending the session, Kumar said that they would be marked absent if they don't show up.

    11:51 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Karnataka floor test: How the numbers are currently stacked up

    In the 225-member Karnataka assembly, the ruling coalition government has 117 members, while the BJP has 105. The coalition strength is as follows - Congress 78, JD(S) 37, BSP 1, and nominated 1, besides the Speaker. The Kumaraswamy government would fall short of the majority mark 113, if the trust vote concludes today.

    11:43 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Kumaraswamy says not unwell, rumours being spread

    Ahead of the floor test, Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy denied that he was unwell and said that these rumours were being spread by people who wanted the Congress-JDS government to collapse.

    “The news of Kumaraswamy being unwell and getting admitted in a city hospital is fake and based on rumours, which is being spread by those trying to topple the coalition government,” said the Chief Minister’s office in a statement in Kannada.

    11:31 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Rajya Sabha adjourned till 12 pm after uproar over Karnataka political crisis

    Rajya Sabha has been adjourned till 12 noon after Congress created an uproar in the house over the ongoing political crisis in Karnataka.

    11:10 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Karnataka floor test: SC turns down plea to conclude floor test today

    The Supreme Court refused to list the petition by two Independent Karnataka MLAs seeking that the floor test be concluded today itself. The bench headed by CJI Ranjan Gogoi said that hearing this please was 'impossible'.

    11:03 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Karnataka speaker summons rebel MLAs tomorrow

    Karnataka Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar has summoned the Congress-JDS rebel MLAs at 11am tomorrow, news agency ANI reported. The notice has been issued over disqualification (of rebel MLAs) petition by coalition leaders.

    10:41 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    BJP leaders arrive for Karnataka trust vote

    Ahead of the floor test, BJP leaders and former CM B S Yeddyurappa have arrived at Karnataka Assembly. The debate could be a long affair with the coalition MLAs delivering long speeches to ensure that the trust vote isn't completed by the end of the day.

    10:20 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Karnataka trust vote: BJP confident of a result

    BJP asserted confidence on Sunday that the trust vote would produce a result today. BJP state chief Yeddyurappa said, "As Siddaramaiah, Speaker and Kumaraswamy have said that they will seek majority on Monday, I am 100 per cent confident that things will reach a conclusion."

    09:42 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    BSP MLA to vote for Kumaraswamy

    Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati on Sunday said that N Mahesh, the lone BSP lawmaker in the Karnataka assembly, had been directed to vote in favour of the Kumaraswamy government during the trust vote.

    However, these resignations have not been accepted by the Speaker yet. The coalition strength stands at 117 — Congress 78, JD(S) 37, BSP 1, and nominated 1, besides the Speaker. The opposition BJP has 107 MLAs in the 225-member House including two independents. It is certain that of the voting takes places today, the Kumaraswamy government will fall short of the majority majority mark 113.
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