Jharkhand Election Results 2019 Updates: JMM-led alliance set to form govt, Hemant Soren to be Chief Minister

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Updated: December 23, 2019 10:50:33 pm

Jharkhand Assembly Election Results, Vote Counting Live Updates: The grand alliance comprising JMM-Congress-RJD is set to form the next government in Jharkhand.

Jharkhand assembly elections results, Jharkhand results, Hemant Soren, JMM, BJPJMM working president Hemant Soren has won election from Barhait seat. (Photo/ANI)

The grand alliance comprising JVM-Congress-RJD is all set form the next government in the state of Jharkhand. The alliance has already won 44 of the 81 seats for which polling was held in five-phase between November 30 and December 20. The BJP had won 22 seats while the AJSU Party claimed 2 seats. Addressing reporters at his residence in Ranchi, JMM working president and  Mahagathbandhan’s CM candidates, Hemant Soren said he is thankful to people of Jharkhand for giving a clear mandate to the alliance headed by his party. Congress leader RPN Singh said that the alliance will form the government under Hemant Soren’s leadership. “There is no doubt about it. Hemant Soren will be the CM. We have assured him (Soren) even before we forged the alliance with the JMM. PM Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and UP’s CM Yogi tried to raise the temperature by taking their campaign at a new low,” he said. Meanwhile, Hemant Soren has won both the Barhait seat and Dumka seat. BJP leader and Chief Minister Raghubar Das lost from Jamshedpur East. Saryu Roy, who quit the BJP ahead if the polls, defeated Das by a significant margin. In the previous Assembly elections held in 2014, the BJP-led alliance had won a comfortable majority and formed the government under the leadership of Raghubar Das.

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Jharkhand Election Results Live: Jharkhand Vidhan Sabha Election Result Live Coverage


    20:17 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Jharkhand CM Raghubar Das resigns

    Jharkhand CM Raghubar Das resigns, Governor Droupadi Murmu asks him to continue till next government is formed.

    18:55 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    PM Modi congratulates JMM-led alliance

    PM Narendra Modi congratulated the JMM-Congress alliance for victory in the Jharkhand assembly elections. In a tweet, the PM said,"Congratulations to Hemant Soren Ji and the JMM-led alliance for the victory in the Jharkhand polls. Best wishes to them in serving the state."

    18:35 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    BJP respects Jharkhand mandate: Amit Shah

    BJP president Amit Shah said on Monday his party respects the mandate of Jharkhand voters, as it lost to the rival JMM-Congress alliance in the assembly elections.

    In a tweet, Shah also expressed his gratitude to the people of Jharkhand for giving the BJP a chance to govern the state for five years and asserted that his party remains committed to its development.

    17:58 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    It is my defeat, not of BJP: Raghubar Das

    "It is my defeat, not of BJP," Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das said on assembly poll trends. The allinace of JMM, Congress and RJD seem all set to form the government in Jharkhand.

    17:17 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    People have rejected BJP: Sharad Pawar

    The result of Jharkhand Assembly polls that has come today clearly states that people are with non-BJP parties. After Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, people have decided to keep BJP away from power in Jharkhand also, says Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar.

    16:55 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Thank voters of Jharkhand for a clear mandate :Hemant Soren

    I thank voters of Jharkhand for a clear mandate. For me,  today is a day to take pledge to serve people of Jharkhand. Thank Guruji (Shibu Soren), Laluji, Soniaji, Rahulji  and Priyankaji for showing faith in me, says Hemant Soren  


    16:08 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Jamshedpur East Election Result: Saryu Roy takes big lead

    Former Jharkhand minister Saryu Roy has taken big lead over CM Raghubar Das from Jamshedpur East seat. Roy is now ahead by 7484 votes.

    15:47 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Jharkhand Vidhan Sabha Election Results Live: ECI trends

    As per official Election Commission trends, BJP is currently leading on 24 seats and Congress-JMM-RJD alliance on 46 seats (JMM 29, Congress 14 and RJD 3).

    15:31 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Hemant Soren leading from both Dumka and Barhait

    JMM's Hemant Soren is leading from Barhait assembly constituency by margin of 11,668 votes and from Dumka seat by 2,750 votes.

    15:24 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Dhanwar: Babulal Marandi leads

    Former CM and JVM(P) chief, Babulal Marandi leading on Dhanwar seat by 18,645 votes.

    15:24 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Silli: Sudesh Mahto leads by 17,125 votes

    AJSU party's Sudesh Mahto leading on Silli by 17,125 votes, JMM's Seema Devi trailing.

    15:21 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Saryu Roy rules out support to BJP

    Saryu Roy, independent candidate from Jamshedpur East, is leading against CM Raghubar Das. He said, "I will remain as an independent candidate and support or oppose the policies of government on its merit."

    15:20 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Hemant Soren meets his father Shibu Soren in Ranchi

    Jharkhand Mukti Morcha's (JMM) Hemant Soren at former Jharkhand CM Shibu Soren's residence in Ranchi.


    14:33 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Jamshedpur East: Sarju Roy leading by over 4,500 votes

    Former minister Saryu Roy has extended his lead against CM Raghubar Das on Jamshedpur East seat. Roy is now ahead by 4643 votes.

    14:31 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Babulal Marandi takes massive lead in Dhanwar

    CM and JVM(P) chief Babulal Marandi is now leading on Dhanwar seat by over 18000 votes. His nearest rival and sitting legislator Rajkumar Yadav has secured just 11538 votes while Marandi has got over 30000 votes.

    14:27 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Raghubar Das still trailing in Jamshedpur

    Jharkhand CM and BJP candidate from Jamshedpur East, Raghubar Das, is still trailing. Independent candidate Saryu Rai is leading by 4643 votes. The BJP has, however, has bounced back with lead on 32 seats.

    14:26 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Hemant Soren is trailing in Dumka

    JMM leader Hemant Soren is trailing on Dumka seat by 461 votes and leading on Barhait by 9948 votes. As per the latest updates, the Congress-led alliance is leading on 39 seats while the BJP is ahead on 32 seats. 

    14:17 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Jharkhand Election Results: This was expected, Shiv Sena attacks BJP

    Shiv Sena leader attacked the BJP and said that it was expected. The BJP is currently leading on 33 seats while the Congress alliance is leading on 38 seats and appears to be on course to form the government. 

    14:11 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Babulal Marandi takes huge lead in Dhanwar

    Former CM Babulal Marandi has now taken a huge lead in Dhanwar. He has got 25417 votes whereas his nearest rival Raj Kumar Yadav has got 10745. Raj Kumar Yadav is a sitting legislator from Dhanwar. 

    14:08 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    CM Raghubar Das trailing from Jamshedpur East

    Jharkhand CM Raghubar Das is trailing from Jamshedpur. He has got 18874 votes while independent candidate Saryu Roy has secured 23517 votes. Counting is underway. 

    13:59 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Jharkhand Assembly Polls results LIVE: BJP is now leading on 31 seats

    As per official Election Commission trends, BJP is currently leading on 31 seats and Congress-JMM-RJD alliance on 40 seats (JMM 23, Congress 13 and RJD 4). The counting of votes is underway.

    13:56 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Jharkhand Election Results LIVE: BJP catching up with Congress in Bokaro

    BJP leader and sitting MLA from Bokaro, Biranchi Narayan, is currently trailing but the gap has narrowed in the last few rounds. He has got 43079 votes while Congress leader Shweta Singh has secured 47184 votes. Earlier, Singh was leading by over 9000 votes but the margin has now come down.  

    13:48 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Jharkhand Election Results LIVE: Latest update from Election Commission

    The trends are out for all 81 seats. The Congress-JMM alliance is leading on 38 seats while the BJP is leading on 29 seats. The majority mark is 41, which the Congress-led alliance appears to be crossing.  

    13:43 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Jharkhand Election Results: Saryu Rai leading against CM Raghubar Das

    Independent candidate from Jamshedpur East, Saryu Rai, is leading against Jharkhand CM Raghubar Das. Speaking on the latest numbers, Rai says, "Lead of about 1500-2000 will continue in the coming rounds of counting. I could win by a margin of 30,000 votes".

    13:36 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Silli: Sudesh Mahto leads

    AJSU chief Sudesh Mahto is leading by 10400 votes against JMM candidate Seema Devi on Silli Assembly constituency. Mahto had lost 2014 election from Silli.

    12:50 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Babulal Marandi leading in Dhanwar

    Former Jharkhand CM and JVM(P) chief Babulal Marandi leading from Dhanwar seat by 5,980 votes.

    12:49 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Saryu Roy didn't damage my votes: Raghubar Das

    Jharkhand CM Raghubar Das on Saryu Roy, "Had Saryu Rao caused damage, I would not have received the votes, which I did so far. Let me clearly state that we're not only winning but we'll also form government under the leadership of BJP in the state." Roy is contesting against the CM from Jamshedpur East.

    12:47 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Jharkhand Election Results Live: Raghubar Das on trends

    Jharkhand CM and BJP candidate from Jamshedpur East Raghubar Das said, "These trends are not the final word. There are more rounds of counting to be held. It will not be correct to comment on these trends. I will hold a press conference later in Ranchi."

    12:45 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Hemant Soren will be CM: RPN Singh

    Congress's Jharkhand in-charge, RPN Singh said, "We were confident that Jharkhand will give clear majority to our alliance. Trends are good but I won't make comment until final result. We've clearly said that Hemant Soren will be CM candidate of our alliance."

    12:40 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Hemant Soren leading in both Dumka and Barhait

    JMM's Hemant Soren is leading from Dumka seat by 2,463 votes and Barhait by 8,616 votes.

    12:02 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Jharkhand Election Results Live: Trends at 12 PM

    JMM: - 24Congress:- 13RJD:- 5BJP:- 28AJSU Party:- 3JVM(P):- 4NCP:-1

    11:51 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Hemant Soren trails in Dumka, leading in Barhait

    JMM leader and opposition's CM candidate Hemand Soren is trailing in Dumka by 5,381 votes and leading in Barhait by 5,319  votes.

    11:46 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Jamshedpur East seat: Raghubar Das is ahead by just 137 votes

    Chief Minister Raghubar Das is ahead by just 137 votes on Jamshedpur East seat. Das's former cabinet colleague Saryu Roy is giving him a tough fight on the seat. Raghubar Das has represented the seat five times

    11:38 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Barhet Election Result: Hemant Soren takes massive lead over Simon Malto

    JMM's Hemant Soren has taken a huge lead of 5319 votes over BJP's Simon Malto on Barhet Assembly seat. However, Soren is trailing against Louis Marandi on Dumka seat.

    11:06 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Babulal Marandi accepts people's mandate

    JVM(P)'s candidate from Dhanwar, Babulal Marandi said that the results are not as per expectation. "We will have to accept people's mandate. We will play the role which people's mandate has given us. Let the results come, then we will sit and discuss what to do," he said.

    11:04 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Jharkhand Election Results 2019 Live: Election Commission trends

    According to the Election Commission trends, the JMM is ahead on 26 seats, Congress on 11 and RJD on 5. The BJP is leading in 28 seats.

    11:02 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Jharkhand election result: JMM-Congress-RJD alliance wins

    The Jharkhand Mukti Morcha-led alliance has gone beyond the halfway mark of 41 in the 81-member Jharkhand Legislative Assembly. The grand alliance in Jharkhand comprises JMM, Congress and RJD. JMM working president Hemant Soren is set to become CM again.

    10:35 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Silli: AJSU chief Sudesh Mahto trails

    AJSU chief Sudesh Mahto trailing in Silli. It falls in the Ranchi district and part of the Ranchi Lok Sabha constituency. The seat is being held by JMM's Seema Devi.

    10:29 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Jharia, Chakradharpur, Koderma election results

    Congress' Purnima Niraj Singh leading from Jharia. State BJP chief Laxman Gilua trailing from Chakradharpur. Neera Yadav (BJP) trailing in Koderma.

    10:27 (IST)23 Dec 2019
    Dumka: Hemant Soren trails

    In Dumka, JMM leader and former CM Hemant Soren is trailing behind BJP's Louis Marandi by over 6,000 votes.

    Dumka, Barhait election result 2019 Most exit polls predicted Hemant Soren's JMM winning more seats than BJP.The Jharkhand Legislative Assembly has 81 seats. A political party or an alliance needs the support of 41 MLAs to form the government. In the last assembly election held in 2014, the BJP had won 37 seats and its ally All Jharkhand Students Union (AJSU) five seats. Babulal Marandi's JVM(P) had won eight seats, of which six MLAs had later joined the BJP. The JMM had won 19 seats, Congress six and RJD had failed to open its account. The tenure of the current Assembly expires on January 5 next year. As per the Constitution, a new government needs to take charge before that else the state will be placed under the President's rule.
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