Independence Day 2022: What are the 5 pledges listed by PM Modi for ‘India at 100’?

In his Independence Day address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the time has come for the nation to resolve to become a developed country in 2045.

PM modi independence day speech
The Prime Minister said that it was important for every Indian to rid herself/himself from the vestiges of colonialism and slavery in our actions and from our mindset. (Photo source: ANI)

PM Modi speech on Independence Day 2022: As we applaud ourselves for the strides we have taken as a nation, it is also a time for us to resolve to make India a developed nation when India celebrates its 100th year of Independence in the year 2045, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his address from the ramparts of the Red Fort on Independence Day.

Listing down five pledges for the countrymen as we head into the next 25 years that he termed the ‘Amrit Kaal’, PM Modi said that India’s strengths lie in its diversity and an aspirational society. 

Here are the 5 pledges outlined by PM Modi in his Independence Day speech:

1. Making India a developed nation by 2045: PM Modi said that every Indian must resolve to make India a developed nation in 2045 when India enters its 100th year of Independence. “I urge the youth to dedicate the next 25 years of their lives for the nation’s development; we will work towards the development of entire humanity,” PM Modi said.

2. Removing all traces of colonialism: The Prime Minister said that it was important for every Indian to rid herself/himself from the vestiges of colonialism and slavery in our actions and from our mindset. “We must resolve to work towards a ‘viksit bharat’ (developed India) and rid ourselves from all traces of colonial mindset from all corners of our hearts,” said PM Modi.

3. Taking pride in our roots and heritage: The Prime Minister said that every Indian must take pride in the country’s heritage and remain rooted as we take strides in development. “We need to be proud of our heritage, our roots. Because we can only fly high when we remain connected to our roots. And when we fly high, we will provide solutions to the entire world,” the PM said.

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4. Unity and Integrity: Equality is the cornerstone of India’s progress, the Prime Minister said, adding that we as a nation need to ensure we are united through the mantra of ‘India first’. “We must ensure gender equality to ensure unity in diversity. And to achieve this we need to end inequalities within our homes too. If daughters and sons are not treated equally, there won’t be unity.”

5. Sense of duty among citizens: PM Modi said that every citizen of India, including the Prime Minister and chief ministers, must ensure that they are filled with a sense of duty to work towards the progress of the country. “It is the duty of people to save electricity, water. If we follow this, we can reach desired results ahead of time,” he said. “Any nation that has progressed, has discipline ingrained in its citizens; if all follow our responsibilities, India will rise quickly.”

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PM Modi, delivering his ninth consecutive address to the nation, further said that every Indian must take a pledge to rid themselves of any attitude, speech, or action that disrespects women. “It is important that we do nothing that lowers the dignity of women in our speech and conduct,” the Prime Minister said.

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