In letter to PM Narendra Modi, orphans plead for help after finding Rs 96,500 in old notes at mother’s locked house

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New Delhi | Updated: March 27, 2017 1:43:59 PM

In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, orphans aged 17 and 12 years plead for help after discovering Rs 96,500 in old notes at their mother's house that was locked for the last three years.

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In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, orphans aged 17 and 12 years plead for help after discovering Rs 96,500 in old notes at their mother’s house that was locked for the last three years. The money was found by the orphans, a boy and a girl visited their mother’s house that was locked ever since her death in 2013. Their father, who was a truck driver had left them in 2007 while their mother was run over to death by a man who they called their “uncle.” For the last three years, they have been living in a Kota child care home, according to an Indian Express report.

The letter to PM Modi, written by the kids in Hindi says-

“Please listen to our Mann ki Baat, Modiji. Humare aage peeche koi nahin (We don’t have any relatives)… our father left us when we were young and our mother was murdered. We want to deposit the money back with the government. please help us at the earliest.”

Hardcopy of the letter will be mailed to the Prime Minister on Monday.

On March 7, the boy who was accompanied by policemen visited their mother’s house in Sarawada village. The outsides of the house covered with mud, once inside the house a number of things came out. Things like an iron box, a cooler, one cot, two speakers, 2 DVDs, a sewing machine, a plastic drum, a clothes iron and a small trunk; several utensils like 25 steel glasses, 19 steel plates and 20 steel bowls; some gold and silver jewellery; an ATM card; and other small things. The most shocking discovery by the boy was finding Rs 96, 500, stuffed inside a pillow that was found in the trunk. But his happiness soon tuned down when he realised that the money was in the form of old notes, 22 notes of Rs 1,000 and 149 notes of Rs 500.

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“I opened the trunk that day. It was never locked. I remembered mother used to keep the money in a pillow and then hide the pillow in the trunk. She used to work as a nurse and we lived on rent in Kota. But she saved for us, for our home. She had got two rooms constructed in Sarawada while a third was half complete when she was killed,” the boy said, according to an Indian Express report.

Harish Gurubaxani who took charge as the chairman of the Kota Child Welfare Committee on January 13 said, “…but for these siblings, the social investigation, which should have been mandatorily completed within the first four months, was never undertaken.” He further added, “Police could not reach their father when their mother was murdered. A woman claiming to be their grandmother has turned up at the orphanage, saying that her son, their father, has passed away. We are verifying her claims. We spoke to Minister of State for Finance Arjun Ram Meghwal, the MP from Bikaner, and he has assured that he would see to it that our concerns are addressed.”

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On hearing about the new, Kota MP Om Birla on Sunday visited the child care home and said, “Their mother worked hard and saved some money, so we will request the government to address this. If it isn’t possible due to legal issues, we hope to raise Rs 50,000 for them with the help of the public. We will take care of their education and the residents of Kota will pool in money for the girl’s marriage when the time comes. We are ready to take care of them.”

The future of the orphans depends on PM Narendra Modi’s reply, while the boy, a class 9 student, is still indecisive as to what he wants to do with his future, the girl who is a class 3 students wishes to become a teacher.

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