How tiny Estonia can be the perfect paradigm for Narendra Modi’s digital India dream

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New Delhi | Published: July 18, 2017 1:23:14 PM

Estonia, a fully digitised country where a new company can be registered within 20 minutes.

digital india, estonia, estonia digital india, digital india and estonian people, digital indian estonia, estonia internet access, internaet access in estoniaIndia has leapfrogged three years of digitisation in just 7 months,? according to an SBI report, ?Ecoflash?. (Reuters)

We all know how Prime Minister Narendra Modi is serious about digitising the system of governance in India and ensuring it reaches each and every citizen. However, even with so much done by the government to digitise the system in so less time, a person has to go through a number of formalities to register their firms. Modi’s vision is based on government’s ambition to turn the entire model of governance into e-governance. However, there are several countries which have mastered this field. One such country is Estonia, a fully digitised country where a new company can be registered within 20 minutes. However, what India can learn from this country is its successful iimplementation of the e-governance model after a very slow start. As per World Bank’s World Development Report 2016,  the country is considered one of the leading e-governments in the world. Things were not easy for Estonia in the beginning as Internet here was much slower to take off compared to other European countries.

In 2001, only 32% of Estonian’s were online.  As per a report, most of the Estonians file their tax returns online, because it takes less than 5 minutes and does not require the aid of an accountant. In this country, people can even exercise their democratic right to vote on the web. The Estonian president Toomas Hendrik writes: “That did not happen overnight, and the main reason it did happen was obvious: we felt that without taking on an ambitious digital strategy, we risked building yesterday’s institutions, instead of grasping the technological opportunities of tomorrow.”

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