Himachal Pradesh Exit Poll Result 2022 Highlights: Close contest for BJP, Congress – Will it end with a cliffhanger?

HP Election 2022 Exit Polls Result Highlights: Himachal Pradesh Exit Poll Results 2022 predicted a close fight between the BJP and Congress.

Himachal Pradesh Exit Poll Result 2022 Highlights: Close contest for BJP, Congress – Will it end with a cliffhanger?
Himachal Pradesh Election Exit Poll Result 2022 Highlights: HP Exit Poll Results project a tight fight between the BJP and Congress. Image source: Election Commission/Twitter

Himachal Pradesh Election 2022 Exit Poll Results: Exit poll predictions for Himachal Pradesh were announced on Monday evening. Most of the polls predicted a win for BJP but quite a few showed a tight fight with the Congress. According to the India Today-Axis My India poll, BJP could end up between 24-34 seats in Himachal Pradesh while the Congress could finish higher in the range of 30-40 seats. The poll also predicted 4-8 seats for others. The prediction suggests that an extremely close contest is on the cards where the final verdict could swing either way. The first projections by Republic and Times Now, on the other hand, have predicted that BJP will retain power in Himachal Pradesh.

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The Himachal Pradesh Exit Poll result 2022 becomes all the more important in view of the many twists and turns that the political landscape has seen in the state in the last five years. A look at the political history of the state shows that a ruling government has never been voted back to power since its formation in 1971, barring one occasion. That exception was in 1985 when the late Virbhadra Singh of the Congress called for mid-term polls, about two years ahead of the schedule, to encash the pro-Congress wave after the assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984.

The Exit Poll Results for the Himachal Pradesh Elections are set to be declared post-5.30 PM when the Election Commission’s deadline for a ban on their telecast ends.

At FE Online India News Desk, we will bring you all the latest numbers, predictions, vote margins, big victories and losses in this hill state. Will Jairam Thakur buck tradition and help BJP’s return to power or will the Congress form the government? Stay tuned for further updates.

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Live Updates
19:35 (IST) 5 Dec 2022
Times Now Navbharat ETG Exit Poll

The poll showed that the BJP will retain majority in Himachal Pradesh with 38 seats. The majority mark for the state Assembly is 35. Congress is expected to get 28 seats while the Aam Aadmi Party will possibly gather no seats. Others are likely to get 2 seats.

19:31 (IST) 5 Dec 2022
BARC exit poll shows BJP winning in Himachal

The exit poll held by BARC has also predicted BJP's win in Himachal Pradesh. Here is a breakdown of the results:

BJP: 35-40INC: 20-25AAP: 0-3Oth: 1-5

19:28 (IST) 5 Dec 2022
NewsX exit poll shows BJP’s expected win with 32-40 seats

The NewsX exit poll too has predicted BJP's win in Himachal Pradesh. It showed the BJP winning 32-40 seats, while the Congress may get 27-34. This poll, too, showed AAP at 0 seats.

19:13 (IST) 5 Dec 2022
India Today predicts neck-to-neck race in Himachal

India Today-Axis My India has showed a neck-to-neck race between the Congress and the BJP in its exit poll survey, with the BJP likely to win 24 to 34 seats while the Congress winning 30 to 40 assembly seats. The poll has also predicted 40% vote share for the saffron party.

19:04 (IST) 5 Dec 2022
India Today-Axis My India poll predicts a close fight

According to India Today-Axis My India poll. BJP could end up between 24-34 in Himachal Pradesh, and Congress could end up between 30-40 seats. The poll also predicted 4-8 seats for others.

18:59 (IST) 5 Dec 2022
What are the P-Marq projections for Himachal?

The P-Marq prediction for Himachal shows the following result:

BJP: 37

Congress: 30

AAP: 1

18:57 (IST) 5 Dec 2022
TV9 Gujarati poll projects BJP’s victory in Gujarat

According to TV9 Gujarati exit poll, the BJP is likely to win 125 to 130 seats, while Congress may win 40 to 50 seats. AAP, on the other hand, is likely to win three to five seats.

18:55 (IST) 5 Dec 2022
NewsX-Jan Ki Baat poll projections out

According to the survey by NewsX-Jan Ki Baat, BJP again takes the lead with 32 out of 40 and Congress takes 27 out of 34.

18:49 (IST) 5 Dec 2022
Republic Exit Poll first projections

According to Republic exit poll, it looks like the BJP will retain its rule in Himachal Pradesh. The first projections show that BJP will likely win on 34 to 39 seats in the state assembly election while the Congress may claim victory on 28 to 33 assembly seats.

18:43 (IST) 5 Dec 2022
Standby for big Himachal numbers

Will BJP be able to break the Himachal jinx? The exit poll results by India Today- Axis India survey will be out shortly.

18:42 (IST) 5 Dec 2022
All eyes on Himachal exit polls

From a total of 68 seats in Himachal Pradesh, a party would need 35 to form a government in the state. All eyes are now on Himachal as an exit poll by India Today-Axis survey has predicted that BJP may lose the power in Delhi MCD to AAP.

18:37 (IST) 5 Dec 2022
Who are the main contenders from Congress?

The main contenders from the Congress party in Himachal Pradesh include Congress CLP leader Mukesh Agnihotri contests from Haroli, Vikramaditya Singh from Shimla Rural, Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu from Nadaun, and Congress Manifesto Committee chief Dhani Ram Shandil in Solan

18:31 (IST) 5 Dec 2022
High stake situation for Congress

Stakes are high for the Congress as the party has not been elected in the state since last two election cycles. Not to forget, this is the first after 24 years that a non-Gandhian Congress president leading the way.

18:25 (IST) 5 Dec 2022
What did the exit polls project in 2017?

Exit polls in 2017 had rightly predicted that the BJP would comfortably hold the seat in Himachal Pradesh.

18:21 (IST) 5 Dec 2022
Who all are coming out with the exit poll projections?

ABP has conducted the exit poll with C Voter, India Today with Axis My India, Republic TV with P-Marq, Times Now with ETG, and News24 with Today's Chanakya among others.

18:07 (IST) 5 Dec 2022
BJP vs Congress- What will the projections say?

The Bharatiya Janata Party is looking forward to return to power in Himachal and Congress on the other hand is looking for an electoral revival.

17:59 (IST) 5 Dec 2022
Key Candidates to watch out for

Here are some of the key candidates that you need to watch out:

1. BJP's Jairam Thakur from Seraj

2. BJP's Sarveen Chaudhary fro Shahpur

3. BJP's Sukh Ram Chaudhary from Paonta sahib

4. BJP's Bikram Singh from Jaswan-Pragpur

5. BJP's Rajiv Saizal from Kasauli

6. Congress' Mukesh Agnihotri from Haroli

7. Congress' Sukhvihnder Singh Sukhu from Nadaun

8. Congress' Vikramaditya Singh from Shimla Rural

9. Congress' Kaul Singh thakur from Darang

10. CPI-M's Rakesh Singha from Theog

17:48 (IST) 5 Dec 2022
Which constituencies saw improved voter turnout?

According to the state election department, voter turnout improved in 9 out of 11 of these constituencies: Dharampur, Jaisinghpur, Shimla, Baijnath, Bhoranj, Solan, Kasumpati, Sarkaghat, Jaswan Pragpur, Hamirpur and Badsar.

17:43 (IST) 5 Dec 2022
Will BJP come back to power in Himachal Pradesh?

HP has had a history of algternate governments coming to power. Ever since 1982, it has either been Congress or BJP. Showing confidence, Chief minister Jai Ram Thakur had previously predicted that the BJP would rule the state for the next 25 years.

17:36 (IST) 5 Dec 2022
When will poll results be out?

News channels will release the result of their exit polls for the Himachal Pradesh assembly election around 6:00 pm. The Election Commission had banned exit polls from November 11 to December 5.

17:30 (IST) 5 Dec 2022
Voter turnout in Himachal Pradesh Elections 2022

Himachal Pradesh registered a record voter turnout of 75.6 per cent in the Assembly polls that were held on November 12. The EC data showed that Shimla recorded the lowest voter turnout at 62.53 per cent.

17:26 (IST) 5 Dec 2022
Key Seats in Himachal Pradesh Elections 2022

Here are the areas that constitute key seats in Himachal Pradesh: Seraj, Nadaun, Haroli, Dharamshala, Shimla (rural), kasumpti, Darang, Dalhousie, Fatehpur, Una, Dehra, Hamirpur, Nalagarh, Kullu, Barsar, Kinnaur, Karsog, and Mandi among others.

HP Election Exit Poll Result 2022: Himachal Pradesh Exit Poll Result 2022, HP Exit Poll Result 2022, Himachal Exit Poll Result 2022 Live News Updates – Will BJP Retain Power in Himachal Pradesh? Will Congress Win in HP Election? Exit Poll Results Today.

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