Hilarious Pak media report claims India sending its smog to choke Pakistan

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Updated: November 7, 2016 4:18:32 PM

A hilarious report in Pakistani media has claimed that India is sending its smog to Pakistan.

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A hilarious report in Pakistani media has claimed that India is sending its smog to Pakistan. The report even quotes Nasa to substantiate its claim. Though the report doesn’t categorically say that India is sending smog to choke Pakistan, one can infer only this from the headline of the report: “It’s official: India is sending its smog to Pakistan according to NASA”.

Northern India, especially Delhi, is trying hard to counter the effect of the deadly smog that has enveloped it since a day after the Diwali. Some parts of Pakistan has also been covered by the smog.

However, the report by Daily Pakistan says that toxic smog over Lahore and other parts of Pakistani Punjab “is not essentially a by-product of pollution produced within Pakistani boundaries but is largely contributed by a perpetual rival – India, NASA observed in its forecast.”

A screenshot of the report on Daily Pakistan website. A screenshot of the report on Daily Pakistan website.

The report further says that the “smog that heretofore was thought to be an offshoot of vehicular and industrial emissions in Pakistan has its origins in Indian soil, a fact that many experts had already speculated.”

The report quotes Dr Qamar uz Zaman Chaudhry, former director general, Pakistan Meteorological Department, as saying that the main source of pollution in Eastern Punjab (in India) when all coal-based industries are centred.

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Like Delhi and many parts of northern India, thick layers of smog has also covered Lahore and central Punjab in Pakistan. The report also quoted Dr Sajid Rashid, principal, Environment College, University of Punjab as saying that the stubble burning in Indian Punjab is the main reason of smog in Pakistan.

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