G20 Summit Live Updates: There should be no safe spaces for terrorist financing, says joint statement

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New Delhi | Updated: July 8, 2017 12:59:49 AM

After completing a historic visit to Israel, Prime Minister Narendra Modi landed in Hamburg on Thursday to meet the world leaders during the summit.

G20 Summit, PM Narendra Modi, BRICS, South Africa, BRICS Summit, Germany, HamburgG20 leaders pose for a group photograph in Hamburg, Germany. (ANI)

The stage is set for the 12 edition of the G20 Summit 2017 which will take place in German city of Hamburg this year. It will be held on July 7-8. After completing a historic visit to Israel, Prime Minister Narendra Modi landed in Hamburg on Thursday to meet the world leaders during the summit. During the event PM Modi is expected to hold talks with leaders of BRICS, and South Africa on June 7 along with other key leaders of the world. However, looking at the ongoing strain with neighbouring China over the Sikkim standoff issue, there will likely be no bilateral meeting between PM Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping. While no meeting was scheduled according to India, Chinese officials yesterday said that a meet between both cannot happen due to the prevailing ‘atmosphere’. The leaders, nonetheless, will be in the same room as part of a smaller session. The BRICS summit this year might also witnesses massive protests as it is being claimed that the G20 has failed to solve many of the issues threatening world peace.

Here are the LIVE UPDATES from the G20 Summit 2017:

1245 am: 

(Source: Reuters)

12:10 am: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday called for a concerted global crackdown on nations supporting terrorism for their political goals and named Pakistan-based groups LeT and JeM among major terror outfits alongside the Al-Qaeda and ISIS at the G20 Summit, reported PTI.

11:58 pm: Leaders of the G20 countries have gathered at Hamburg’s spectacular new Elbphilharmonie concert hall. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump are sitting next to French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte.

11:56 pm: The informal discussion had come a day after a top Chinese foreign ministry official said the “atmosphere” is “not right”for a formal bilateral meeting between Modi and Xi in Hamburg, PTI said.

11:54 pm: The US and Russian presidents had contradicting views on how to deal with North Korea’s weapons programmes  in talks on Friday in Germany, but Washington will continue to press Moscow to do more to control activities of Pyongyang, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said, as per Reuters.

11:50 pm: In a tweet, MEA spokesperson Gopal Baglay said Modi and Xi discussed a number of issues at the BRICS leaders’ informal gathering hosted by China.

11:48 pm: Even as continuing standoff between their armies, India said Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping shook hands and had a conversation on a “range of issues”, PTI report said.

11:43 pm: German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble had cancelled an appearance in downtown Hamburg earlier in the day due to security concerns.

11:40 pm: Due to violence, the Hamburg’s police had to call reinforcements to help the 15,000 officers deployed for the G20 summit, Reuters says.

11:37 pm: Protesters injured about 160 police officers, torched cars, broke into a metro station, seeking to take control of the streets of Hamburg as leaders from the world’s biggest economies met nearby, reports Reuters.

11:20 pm: US President Donald Trump annd his Russian counterpart Donald Trump agreed on a ceasefire in Sryia during talks at the G20 summit, said Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

11:10 pm: US President Donald Trump began his meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin by raising the concerns of US people about Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016  presidential election, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said, as per Reuters.

10: 55 pm: We will address in close coordination the evolving threats and potential vulnerabilities in aviation security systems: G20.

10:45 pm: Will address threat of returning foreign terrorists from Iraq, Syria; prevent them from establishing foothold in other countries: G20 countries

10:40 pm: Appropriate filtering of content that incites terrorist acts is crucial; rule of law applies both online and offline: G20 leaders.

10:35 pm: G20 leaders pledge joint crackdown on terrorism and its financing; vow to destoy safe havens in every part of the world, says PTI.

10:24 pm: Terrorism is a global scourge that must be fought and terrorist safe havens eliminated in every part of the world: G20 Leaders statement

10: 21 pm: There should be no “safe spaces” for terrorist financing anywhere in the world: G20 Leaders’ statement

10: 19 pm: We will share knowledge on concrete measures to address threats from returning foreign terrorist fighters& home-grown radicalised individuals, says statement.

10: 17 pm: We will work with the private sector to fight exploitation of the internet and social media for terrorist purposes:  G20 Leaders’ Statement

10:15 pm: Condemn all terrorist attacks worldwide and stand united in fight against terrorism and its financing: said G20 Leaders’ Statement on countering terrorism.

10:10pm: Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged BRICS nations to seek  peaceful solution of regional disputes, amid standoff between India and China in the Sikkim sector, PTI report said.

10:05 pm: G20 nations asks private sectors, including communication firms to join fight against radicalisation by curbing misuse of internet for terror activities, says PTI.

9:49 pm:

9:48 pm: Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives at Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall in Hamburg.

9:47 pm: Hamburg police had earlier said protesting anti-globalisation activists have forced their way into a closed train station by opening iron gates, AP says.

9:43 pm: European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said during G20 summit that the EU will respond if US imposes punitive tariffs on steel.

9:40 pm: The US and Mexico have agreed to start the process to renegotiate the North American Free Trade agreement (NAFTA) on August 16, Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray said, as per Reuters.

9:35 pm: Both presidents spoke through translators with their respective foreign ministers present. Later reporters were allowed into the room for their statements, Reuters report says.

9:33 pm:  US President Donald Trump told his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin during their meeting that that it was an “honour” to meet him  and said he looked forward to “positive things” in ties between both countries.

9:30 pm: Apart from Chinese President Xi Xinping and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, PM Modi also had a brief chat with other top leaders, including US President Donald Trump, British Prime Minister Theresa May, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron.

9:22 pm:

9: 15 pm: PM says Digital India, Skill India, financial inclusion measures are India’s initiatives in consonance with SDGs.

9:09 pm: PM speaks about India’s initiatives for SDG targets through consistent roadmap for implementation and the National Review as per UN guidelines, says MEA

9:07 pm: Narendra Modi stresses on the need to be forthcoming on climate change action. He says developing nations must have enough room to develop.

9:05 pm: Pime Minister Narendra Modi proposes global  coalition that can identify tech,develop systems and build capacities during session 2 , says India is ready to lead.

8:55 pm: German Chancellor Angela Merkel says G20 sumit offers chance for multilateral pact on steel, says Reuters.

8:45 pm:

8:40 pm: US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin held their first face-to-face meeting at G20 summit today. The summit is marred by protests and a rift between America and its Western allies over trade and climate change, says AFP.

8:20 pm: Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets his Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau in Hamburg on sidelines of G20Summit, ANI says.

8:10 pm: The development and growth for all in India is central to government’s pursuit for the economic prosperity, says PM Modi at the session, as per NDTV.

8:04 pm:

7:59 pm: India’s decision on demonetisation resulted in blow to corruption. It boosted digitization and enlarged the formal economy,says PM at the summit.


7:53 pm: Rise in protectionism threatens gains from globalisation. G20 countries must speak in single voice to support and sustain a regime of openness: PM Narendra Modi

7:48 pm:

7:45 pm: The country is ready to carry forward its fight against black money, says PM, NDTV report says further.

7:30 pm: The Goods and Services Tax (GST) will create a common market for 1.3 billion people in India, says PM Narendra Modi at a session on global growth and trade, reports NDTV.

7:21 pm: Protesters created chaos in Hamburg ahead of first face to face neeting between US President Donald Trump and his Russina counterpart Russian leader Vladimir Putin at a G20

7:15 pm: US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin had a first face to face meeting for first time.

President Donald Trump shakes hands with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

7:10 pm: PM Modi today said that the geopolitical situation in the Gulf, West Asia and in the Korean Peninsula is a matter of concern. Asks BRICS nations to be a voice for reform, progress and governance at the global stage, PTI report said.

6:45 pm: Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe in Hamburg.

6:07 pm: Speaking at BRICS summit today, the prime minister said it was important to implement consensus of Paris agreement on climate change and added India will implement the accord in “letter and spirit”.

5:30 pm: PM Modi said, “Very important to understand terrorism before action.”

5:15 pm:  The pope has urged leaders of the Group of 20 countries to make the poor and refugees a priority of the summit.

5:05 pm: During the G20 summit, PM Modi welcomed plan of action on counter terrorism. He also presented 11 point agenda.

4:45 pm:

4:40 pm: World leaders join together for a group photo

4:29 pm:

4:24 pm: “I look forward to all meetings today with world leaders, including my meeting with Vladimir Putin. Much to discuss,” Donald Trump Tweeted today.

04:15 pm: US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin will meet in person for the first time today on the sidelines of the G20 summit, says Reuters.

04:06 pm: PM Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Xinping had a conversation on several issues on sidelines of G20 summit, says MEA.

04:00 pm: In Hamburg, protesters apposing the G20 Summit 2017 link arms to try to prevent police from removing them from a sit-down demonstration, report CNN news. Watch video here.

03:36 pm: Soon after Narendra Modi completed his speech at the opening ceremony of G20 summit, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter saying, “Why is our Prime Minister silent on China?”

03: 10 pm: During his speech at the G20 summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping stated about the rising terrorism and also appreciated India’s strong resolve against terrorism and success on economic growth.

03: 00 pm: In a joint communique, the emerging nations resolved to use all policy tools — fiscal, monetary and structural — to enhance the resilience and potential of emerging markets across the globe. On the same, a reuters report read: “They urged their peers of the G20 to support a rules-based, transparent, non-discriminatory, open and inclusive multilateral trading system. Last, they urged the global community to continue to work towards implementing the Paris Climate Accord.”

02: 49 pm: PM Modi met Chinese President Xi Jinping ahead of the Summit and has reportedly promised full cooperation with China. At the BRICS meeting, PM Modi spoke of the geo-political tensions with regards to Qatar in west Asia and North Korea in northern Asia, Indian Express reported.

02: 10 pm: Germany: German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomes US President Donald J Trump to G-20 summit being held in Hamburg

02: 03 pm: India implemented historic GST tax regime last week. It’s expected to bring ease in business: PM Narendra Modi

02: 00 pm: India’s GDP rate is expected to rise above 7% this year: PM Narendra Modi

01: 55 pm: PM Narendra Modi just shook hands with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

01: 50 pm: The much awaited G20 Summit 2017 event at Hamburg has just started. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived at the venue.

01: 40 pm: Donald Trump along with his wife Melania Trump left for Germany’s Hamburg yesterday. It is said to be a tense two days for the American president as he faces Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin. As per media reports, Trump is scheduled to meet the Russian President for 30 minutes and will reportedly be accompanied only by their top diplomats, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

01: 30 pm: Ahead of the G20 Summit 2017, the South Korean President Moon Jae-in said that his dialogue with North Korea is more pressing than ever, and also stressed on signing of a peace treaty to permanently end the Korean war. He said, “We do not wish for the collapse of North Korea and we will not pursue any form of unification by absorbing the other. We will not pursue unification by force,” he was quoted as saying by Reuters.

01: 20 pm: German federal police say “an operation is under way against violent individuals”, who targeted patrol cars near a police station in Altona district, and set fire to them, reported Indian Express.

01: 15 pm: Hours ahead of the G20 summit which will start today, US Prisident Donald Trump took to Twitter to share take on the event. In his tweet, he wrote, “I look forward to all meetings today with world leaders, including my meeting with Vladimir Putin. Much to discuss.”

01: 10 pm: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told a German newspaper on Friday the leaders of G20 countries meeting in Hamburg would tell U.S. President Donald Trump he should take the lead in addressing climate change. “We’ll tell him it’s important to take a lead role in tackling climate change and creating good jobs,” Trudeau said.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau arrives in Hamberg. (Source: Twitter/@JustinTrudeau)

01:05 pm: Recently the German Police has said that vehicles and other materials have been set on fire, as G20 demonstrators take to streets of Hamburg again. Watch video.

01: 00 pm: Ahead of the meeting, Vladimir Putin threw his weight behind the Paris accord. “We see the Paris Agreement as a secure basis for long-term climate regulation founded on international law and we want to make a comprehensive contribution to its implementation,” he told German business daily Handelsblatt.

12: 55 pm: “We’re united in our will to strengthen multilateral relations at the G20 summit … We need an open society, especially open trade flows,” Angela Merkel had said in Berlin.

12: 50 pm: Speaking to Reuters, Indonesian finance minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said Merkel must be careful not to allow acrimony to undermine the summit. “There is quite a delicate balance that Angela Merkel will have to navigate in a way, because it is not clear that being confrontational won’t just create even more of a credibility problem for G20 cooperation,” she added.

12:45 pm: It is said that the atmosphere is not right for a bilateral meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Hamburg. Watch this.

12: 40 pm: ‘Welcome to Hell’ was one of the slogans raised by protesters’ as greeting for Donald Trump and other world leaders arriving for the two-day meeting.

12: 35 pm: Protesters damaged cars, set other objects ablaze and threw bottles in roving clashes that lasted until midnight, reported Reuters.

12: 25 pm: Here’s the agenda of the 12 G20 Summit.

The summit, to be hosted by Angela Merkel, will began today with the German Chancellor addressing world leaders. It will be followed by a ‘G20 Leaders’ Retreat’, where leaders will hold discussions on ‘fighting terrorism’. On Friday, the first working session is on ‘global growth and trade’, and the second, on ‘sustainable development, climate and energy’. Later this evening, leaders will be entertained by a musical concert, followed by a dinner.

On Saturday, the second day of the meet, the topic of the third working session is ‘partnership with Africa, migration and health’, and the fourth on ‘digitisation, women’s empowerment and employment’. On Saturday evening, following a closing session, leaders will issue a joint statement, reports PTI.

12: 20 pm: Hours ahead of the G20 summit, Police in Hamburg tried to clear some of the streets of protesters on the eve of the G20 Summit. Watch the video below.

12: 15 pm: Members of the G20 summit include countries like Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, the UK, the US, and the European Union.

12: 06 pm: As per a PTI report, the chances of a wide consensus on various issues are low. For instance, both India and China are yet to ratify an international convention for a strong foreign anti-bribery law.

12:00 pm: Ahead of his much waited meeting with Russian President, Donald Trump has said he wants to find ways to work with Putin, reported NDTV. The roads to Putin Trump talks became more difficult by sharp differences over Russia’s actions in Syria and Ukraine and also the allegation made on Moscow for meddling in the 2016 US presidential election.

11: 55 am: On the sidelines of the G20 summit, PM Narendra Modi will reportedly have bilateral talks with world leaders including Argentina President Mauricio Macri, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, Japan PM Shinzo Abe, Mexico PM Enrique Pena Nieto, South Korean President Moon Jae-in, UK PM Theresa May and Vietnam PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc, External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Gopal Baglay had confirmed.

11: 50 am: To disperse the crowd protesting against the G20 summit, police had to use water cannons and tear gas. Nine people are reportedly injured with activists protesting globalisation.

(Image: Reuters)

11:45 am: As per a report by NDTV, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that the talks on the issue would not be easy with US President Donald Trump.

11: 35 am: Even the US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel met after reaching Hamburg ahead of the summit. The leaders are expected to hold talks on issues ranging from wars to climate change and global trade.

11: 30 am: As many as 13,000 protesters joined the main march in Hamburg against the G20 summit. These included around 1,000 black-clad anarchists, police said. Up to 20,000 police officers from across Germany are on hand, reported Reuters.

11:25 am: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday arrived in Hamburg in Germany to attend the 12th edition of the G20 Summit 2017. Soon after his arrival, PM Modi met Hamburg’s deputy mayor Katharina Fegebank.

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