Enemy Property Bill: Saif Ali Khan set to lose Bhopal ancestral properties?

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New Delhi | Updated: March 16, 2017 8:44:11 PM

The enemy property law was brought in India in 1968 had vested interests of the British.

Saif Ali Khan (PTI)

Lok Sabha has passed a long-pending Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Bill, 2016, which amends the Enemy Property Act (it prevents the successors of those who migrated to Pakistan and China during Partition from claiming properties left behind in India) and this has likely ensured the end of Saif Ali Khan (son of the famous cricketer Nawab of Pataudi Mansur Ali Khan) and the rest of his family’s claim over the ancestral property of Nawab Hamidullah Khan.

What is this bill about?

Hamidullah Khan was the last Nawab of Bhopal. He had two daughters – Abida Sultan and Sajida Sultan. According to the law that was followed by the Nawabs, the eldest child was the right heir of the property and so Abida Sultan became the rightful owner of the entire property of Hamidullah Khan. But, Abida Khan went to Pakistan in 1950 and setteled there. However, Nawab and the rest of his family remained in India. After Nawab’s death, since Abida had gone to Pakistan and Sajida was still in India, she became the owner of Nawab’s property, according to a report in naidunia.jagran

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The case in Madhya Pradesh

Sajida Sultan and Nawab Hamidullah Khan had sold the property to several people because of which the ownership of Nawab’s property has been changed many a times. If the property belonging to the Nawab is titled enemy property by the court, it will affect anyone who has ever bought property from the Nawab and has has been living in it since decades. The includes personal property, commercial property, hotel and even property owned by Municipal Corporation.

Where does Saif Ali Khan fit?

Sajida Sultan was Saif Ali Khan’s grandmother, whose sister Abida Khan had gone to Pakistan in 1961. The enemy property law was brought in India in 1968 had vested interests of the British. The debate had started last year when the Custodian of Enemy Property for India had announced Nawab’s property – enemy property.

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