Despite record subscriptions, Reliance Jio’s 100 million customer target seems a distant dream

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Published: October 12, 2016 6:51:47 PM

The Reliance Jio 4G services that started with so much hype has earned 16 million customers within a month.

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To the eyes of a layman, it may seem that Mukesh Ambani’s dream of reaching a 100 million subscribers is well on track. However, if the general reaction of people across the social media is to be believed, Reliance Jio is losing the advantage it had gained by providing the service for free. Furthermore, the number of subscribers is bound to go down by a notch, once the Reliance Jio gets officially launched in December.

People have been complaining about the slowing internet speed on their smartphones for a while now. The voice calls have been a major pain for the Ambanis ever since Jio was announced, and it seems that the company hasn’t bothered to take steps to improve it. The network coverage has also been reported to be poor. People have also been complaining about the activation of the SIM and the troubles that come with it.

The following are a few such tweets showing the agony of slow internet and the trolling that follows:

Mukesh Ambani and Co. have invested quite some crores into the project and considering that the product is being made available at such a low price, it is essential that the Reliance Jio reaches the target of 100 million customers. The recovery of profit otherwise would only be the first of the problems, the multi-billion company will face, irrespective of whoever appears to endorse it.

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