Christian school attack fallout: ‘Terror attack rumour’ triggers panic in Jammu inst

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Jammu | Updated: February 13, 2015 9:34:47 PM

Several panic stricken schools in Jammu called it a holiday while parents rushed to collect their children after a rumour spread that militants had attacked a prestigious school along the India-Pakistan border today.

The rumours spread after the news that a Christian school had been vandalised in Delhi was flashed in the media.

“There was panic after the rumours spread and several schools in the area had to call it a holiday today. First there was a rumour that a school in Miran Sahab was attacked, then in Bishnah and then R S Pura,” a police officer said.

He said that police also reached there, but there was no threat to any school.

“As a precautionary measure police teams reached the spots, but found that there was nothing to worry about,” he said.

“The rumour spread soon after some parents saw the news that a school was attacked. Actually it was a school in Delhi that was vandalised, but the rumour spread that our school was under attack,” said a member of a school management.

He said that several parents rushed to the school and took away their children and the school had to close down for the day.

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