Tripura Election 2018: Narendra Modi wants voters to dump ‘Manik’, adopt BJP for’HIRA’, ‘3Ts’

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New Delhi | Updated: February 8, 2018 4:46:04 PM

Tripura election 2018: 'Cholo Paltai' (let's change) was Prime Minister Narendra Modi's clarion call to voters as he took on the Manik Sarkar-led Left Front government of Tripura today.

modi tripuraTripura election: PM Narendra Modi addresses rally in Somnapura of Tripura. (ANI)

Tripura election 2018: ‘Cholo Paltai’ (let’s change) was Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s clarion call to voters as he took on the Manik Sarkar-led Left Front government of Tripura today. Addressing his first election rally ahead of Tripura assembly poll 2018 at Sonamura, Modi directetly targetted chief minister Manik Sarkar, who has been ruling the state for the last 25 years. Modi’s remided voters of their popular slogan ‘Chalo Paltai’ (Lets change).

“Tripura wants to attain new heights of glory. People here aspire for better employment opportunities. Tripura is aspiring for development. People of Tripura are fighting these elections for their rights. Aap logon ne hi hume sikhaya hai ‘Cholo Paltai'(Lets Change) (You have taught us ‘cholo paltai’),” Modi said in Sonamura.

PM Modi is on a one-day visit to the state. After Sonamura, he will address another rally in Kailashahar.

At Sonamura, Modi accused the Manik Sarkar government of hiding the real truth of the state from the rest of the country. “The scams and corruption that leadership of this state hides behind the ‘white kurta’ and ‘bank account’ must come in public domain,” Modi said in an apparent attack on Manik Sarkar, who is usually considered one of the poorest and honest chief ministers of the country. Modi said that a “Jaadugar Sarkar” is ruling the state and their people living in Delhi never let the truth of the state go out.

Modi promised that 7th pay commission recommendations will become a reality for the state if the BJP comes to power. He also asked as to why the CPI(M) government has not implemented the 7th pay commission recommendations in the state.

In an apparent attack on the CM, the prime minister said Tripura wore a wrong “manik” 25 years ago and is paying the price for that. It is time to replace the “manik” with “HIRA” Modi said, explaining the acronym as “Highway, I-ways, Roadways and Airways (HIRA).

“People wear different stones for their progress and peace. But people in Tripura do not deserve any ‘Manik’ but a ‘HIRA’ – Highways, i-ways, Roadways and Airways,” he said.

Watch Narendra Modi speech in Somnapura

Modi said the BJP government will not just bring “HIRA” to the state but also focus on 3T (trade, tourism and training for the youth).

The Prime Minister asked voters if they get the minimum wages at par with workers in other parts of the country. “Why is it that people here do not get the minimum wages? The Communist government here has ruled the state for 25 years and ruined it,” said.

Modi accused Manik Sarkar government of creating an atmosphere of fear among the people. “The present government in Tripura has established an atmosphere of fear among the people who speak against them.”

Accusing the Manik Sarkar government of being involved in scams like ‘Rose Valley that ruined the lives poor, Modi said, “Those who looted the poor must be held accountable and punished.”

Modi also talked about several initiatives of his government at the Centre: “Through the UDAN scheme, we are promoting air connectivity in the North East and Tripura will immensely benefit from the move.”

“Bamboo was categorized as a tree for so many years. This hampered the tribals who grow bamboo here. We changed it through the ‘National Bamboo Mission’ and categorized it as grass so that it can be utilized,” he added, while appealing people to vote for the BJP.

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