Bihar Exit Polls Result 2020 Highlights: Tejashwi Yadav may become new CM, Nitish Kumar to lose

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Updated: November 7, 2020 9:50:23 pm

Bihar Exit Poll Results 2020 Live News Updates: The Bihar exit poll results for the ongoing Assembly elections have been released by pollsters. Most of them predict edge for Mahagathbandhan.

Bihar Election 2020 Exit Polls Live, Bihar Assembly Election Exit Poll Bihar Exit Poll Results 2020 Live News Updates and trends

Bihar Exit Poll Results 2020 Live Updates: The Bihar exit poll results for the assembly elections have been released by pollsters today. Multiple exit polls have shown that Mahagathbandhan led by Tejashwi Yadav has an edge in Bihar, while Nitish Kumar-led NDA is seen losing.

The Bihar exit poll results were announced after the conclusion of polling in the third and last phase of elections in Bihar, as per the Election Commission guidelines. Pollsters are allowed to release their exit poll results after 6.30 pm today. 55.22 per cent voter turnout was registered till 6 pm in phase three of Bihar polls; figure likely to go up, the Election Commission said.

There are total 243 seats in Bihar assembly. An alliance would need 122 seats for forming the government. Nitish Kumar led NDA is fighting hard to return to power in the state for the fourth time. brings to you Live Updates of Exit Poll Results 2020:

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Bihar Election 2020: Live Exit Poll Results 2020 Live Coverage, Bihar Election Exit Poll 2020 Live


    21:50 (IST)07 Nov 2020
    Bihar has voted for change: Congress

    With the exit polls for Bihar out, the Congress on Saturday said Bihar has voted for change. Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said exit polls are interesting as they provided employment to some people who use small samples, but people speak up at the end. "We are confident that Bihar has voted for a change and Bihar will vote for the change," he told reporters. "People have spoken in the first two phases; the third phase polling is going on. We are more than confident that Bihar has voted for change," he had earlier said. Bihar wants a government that gives employment, gives MSP to farmers, ensures new industries come and ensures that education and health, which are on the backburner become the centrepoint of governance and that's why Bihar is voting for change, he said. (PTI)

    21:26 (IST)07 Nov 2020
    Bihar Exit polls project edge for RJD-led alliance over NDA

    Several exit polls on Saturday gave the RJD-led opposition alliance in Bihar an edge over the ruling NDA while at least three of them predicted a clear majority for the 'Mahagathbandhan' which has projected Tejashwi Yadav as its chief ministerial face. Most of the exit polls also predicted RJD to again emerge as the single largest party in the 243-member assembly along with a clear dip in the seat tally of Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar-led JD(U).

    Counting of votes for the three-phase Bihar assembly polls, which ended on Saturday, will be held on November 10. Exit polls are typically based on feedback from a limited number of voters in select areas and none of them have a 100 per cent accuracy record. Today's Chanakya-CNN News18 projected 180 seats for the RJD-led grand alliance, 55 for the NDA and eight for others. The majority mark is 122.

    India Today-Axis My India poll showed the RJD-led block winning 139-161 seats, as against 69-91 for the NDA. It predicted 3-5 seats for LJP and also 3-5 for others. The ABP-CVoter exit poll predicted NDA to get 104-128 seats and 108-131 seats for the opposition grand alliance. It projected Chirag Paswan-led LJP to get 1-3 seats.

    A similar trend was predicted by Times Now-CVoter, which projected 116 seats for the NDA, 120 for the opposition alliance and a single seat for the LJP. It predicted six seats for others. Republic TV-Jan Ki Baat exit poll also gave a clear majority to the RJD-led alliance with 128 seats, while it projected 104 seats for the ruling NDA, seven seats for LJP and four for others.

    TV9 Bharatvarsh projected NDA to win 115 seats, the grand alliance 120 and four each for LJP and others. In terms of vote share, Today's Chanakya projected 44 per cent for the RJD-led opposition alliance and 34 per cent for the NDA. However, ABP-CVoter projected a higher vote share for NDA at 37.7 per cent followed by the grand alliance with 36.3 per cent and 26 per cent for others.

    India Today-Axis My India poll showed 44 per cent of respondents prefer Tejashwi Yadav as the next chief minister, while 35 per cent would like to give another chance to Nitish Kumar. It projected 44 per cent vote share for the RJD-led alliance and 39 per cent for the NDA. (PTI)

    21:03 (IST)07 Nov 2020
    India Today-Axis My India Exit Polls Result: Tejashwi likely to be next CM

    India Today-Axis My India predicts:

    BJP+JDU (NDA): 69-91 seats

    RJD+Congress (Mahagathbandhan): 139-161 seats

    LJP: 3-5 seats

    Others: 3-5 seats

    20:44 (IST)07 Nov 2020
    Patliputra-Magadh Exit Polls (total seats 61)

    India Today-Axis My India predicts:

    BJP JDU (NDA): 26

    RJD Congress (Mahagathbandhan): 33

    LJP: 1

    Others: 0

    20:34 (IST)07 Nov 2020
    Mithilanchal Exit Polls Result (total 60 seats)

    India Today Axis My India Exit Polls predict:

    BJP+JDU (NDA): 23

    RJD+Congress (Mahagathbandhan): 36

    LJP: 1

    Others: 0

    20:31 (IST)07 Nov 2020
    Dainik Bhaskar Exit Polls Result

    Dainik Bhaskar Exit Polls predict:

    BJP+JDU (NDA): 120-127 seats

    RJD+Congress (Mahagathbandhan): 71-81 seats

    LJP: 12-23 seats

    Others: 19-27 seats

    20:27 (IST)07 Nov 2020
    Kosi Exit Polls Result 2020

    India Today-Axis My India Exit Poll predicts:

    BJP+JDU (NDA): 8 with 39 percent vote share

    RJD+Congress (Mahagathbandhan): 23 with 45% vote share

    Others: 0

    20:17 (IST)07 Nov 2020
    Today's Chanakya Exit Poll result

    Today's Chanakya Exit Poll predicts:

    BJP+JDU (NDA): 55 (+/-11)

    RJD+Congress (Mahagathbandhan): 180 (+/-11)

    Others: 8 (+/-4)

    20:08 (IST)07 Nov 2020
    Bhojpur exit polls (49 seats)

    India Today-Axis My India Exit Poll predicts

    BJP+JDU (NDA): 9

    RJD+Congress (Mahagathbandhan): 33 with 45% vote share

    LJP: 2 with 7% share

    Others: 1

    19:55 (IST)07 Nov 2020
    Bihar Exit Poll Result 2020: Setback for Nitish Kumar

    Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is projected to fall behind Tejashwi Yadav in the just-concluded assembly elections in Bihar. Multiple exit poll surveys predict an edge for Tejashwi Yadav of the Mahagathbandhan. ABP C-voter exit poll has given 120 seats to Mahagathbandhan while the NDA is predicted to win just 116. Read Details

    19:26 (IST)07 Nov 2020
    Republic Jan Ki Baat Exit Poll

    BJP+JDU (NDA): 91-117

    RJD+Congress (Mahagathbandhan): 118-138

    LJP: 05-08

    Others: 3-06

    19:18 (IST)07 Nov 2020
    Republic Jan Ki Baat Exit Poll

    BJP+JDU (NDA): 91-117

    RJD+Congress (Mahagathbandhan): 118-138

    LJP: 05-08

    Others: 3-06

    19:17 (IST)07 Nov 2020
    Times Now C-Voter Exit Poll

    BJP+JDU (NDA): 116

    RJD+Congress (Mahagathbandhan): 120

    LJP: 1

    Others: 6

    19:13 (IST)07 Nov 2020
    TV 9 Bharat Varsh Exit Poll Results

    BJP JDU (NDA): 110-120

    RJD Congress (Mahagathbandhan): 115-125

    LJP: 03-05

    Others: 10-15

    18:55 (IST)07 Nov 2020
    ABP C-voter exit poll: Mahagathbandhan has an edge in Bihar

    BJP JDU (NDA): 116 seatsRJD Congress (Mahagathbandhan): 120 seatsOthers: 11

    18:52 (IST)07 Nov 2020
    Bihar exit poll results out

    Bihar exit poll results: Pollsters are releasing exit poll results now. 

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