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Bettering mental well-being by helping change unconscious mental patterns

While awareness and insights are good, mental health breakthroughs must produce changes at an autonomous level, in the unconscious thoughts and mindset.

Bettering mental well-being by helping change unconscious mental patterns
The first step of changing unconscious mental patterns is to discern and handpick the unconscious patterning. (File)

By Antano Solar John

With 2,628,288 seconds in a month, there are about a million thoughts running amok in a human mind. It’s never idle. Every second, it is continuously processing something. Imagine, about a million thoughts, continuously going on in your mind, again and again and again! And the output of your learning, your performance, your happiness, the way you feel, are all a summation of these millions of thoughts that play in your mind.

Have you ever paused and wondered, what if you can get a sneak peek into how these thoughts are formed and how we utilize that to choose and design thoughts that your mind may then play automatically? If we are able to replace anxiety-inducing thoughts with the aspirational outcomes that we want in the future, it becomes an internal propulsion engine, forever driving us to dust it off and push towards the bigger vision that we hold in life.

And perhaps that’s what India needs in its next phase of growth and development. As per WHO, mental health problems have resulted in a burden of 2443 disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) per 10,000 population. Furthermore, the age-adjusted suicide rate per 100,000 population is 21.1. Altogether, mental health conditions are expected to cause economic losses up to USD 1.03 trillion, from 2012-2030. Thus, it becomes more imperative than ever to have reliable, innate, and permanent shifts in unconscious mental patterns, conducive for overall mental wellbeing.

Breakthroughs: Autonomous Changes in Unconscious Mental Patterns

How do you feel about the things that have happened in the past, how you feel about the things that are happening in the present, and how you feel about the things that are going to happen in the future? What if you can design the feeling and the thought in a way that it utilizes the wealth of your conscious and unconscious resources to help you produce the outcomes that you desire in life?

We call these things that happened in the mind, untamed & uncontrolled, as unconscious patterning. By changing unconscious thoughts, you can change your feelings and emotions. And if you change your feelings and emotions, your body is more likely to produce endorphins, or happy hormones, thus naturally leading to better mental health.

Essentially, a mental breakthrough changes unconscious mental patterns by bringing about changes at the level of human biochemistry and neurology!

How do you change these unconscious mental patterns?

The first step of changing unconscious mental patterns is to discern and handpick the unconscious patterning.  This requires superior Predictive Intelligence, to cut to the chase, silence the noise and, with precision, identify the most challenging mindset or pattern. After that, it’s the matter of utilizing the most advanced and nuanced techniques for innate breakthroughs.

The reason people do thought controlling methods or affirmations is because it’s a training for them to have control over their thoughts. But when they are not meditating, the thoughts that come, happen automatically. This means the mind needs better conditioning and reprogramming.

Through cutting-edge breakthroughs in the world of personal evolution, such as Excellence Installation Technology (EIT), we can teach the involuntary system to replace disempowering or anxiety-inducing thoughts with aspirational outcomes in life, thus propelling you in the direction of your dreams.

Mental Wellbeing Meets Predictive Intelligence!

Predictive Intelligence of EIT packs in the wisdom and intuition of shifting life-trajectories of thousands of driven individuals. It allows us to discern what unconscious mental patterns to go after, ones that preserve what makes an individual rare and unique and yet help them build the missing arcs. Instead of simply fixing limitations, this approach looks at completing the rarity of individuals, helping them take their unique impact to the world.

In fact, Predictive Intelligence is a superior capability, possessed by some of the greatest world leaders and game-changers. Somehow, they had an edge, a brief window of time that led them to act ahead of time and correct the course of their own life trajectories and that of the people around them.

Built on the tenets of Predictive Intelligence & Integrated Life Outcomes, EIT is one such latest and effective technology that helps change unconscious patterns, interrupts unresourceful patterns and installs useful patterns that have a positive long-term effect.

(The author is a Co-Founder of Antano & Harini Legacy Accelerators. Views expressed are personal and do not reflect the official position or policy of the

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