Barack Obama in India highlights: Former US President addresses young leaders in Delhi, praises India

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Updated: December 1, 2017 5:58:50 PM

Barack Obama in India highlights: Former US President in New Delhi praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi by saying that he understands the importance of Indian unity.

Former US president visits India again, to address townhall in DelhiFormer US president visits India again, addresses townhall in Delhi

Barack Obama Townhall Highlights: Former US president Barack Obama addressed a townhall meeting in New Delhi. The former US president interacted with 300 young leaders from various parts of the country. The conversation focused on what it means to be an active citizen and how the Obama Foundation can support emerging leaders in this effort. Earlier, in the day, Obama addressed a Leadership Summit, where he praised PM Narendra Modi by saying that he understands the importance of India’s unity. The former US president also said that if India and the US work together, they can achieve anything. This is Barack Obama’s first visit to India after demitting office and handing over power to current US president Donald Trump earlier in the year.

Here are all the highlights on Barack Obama’s Townhall meet:

5.45 PM: “Do not feel limited by one way of bringing change,” said Barack Obama during Townhall.

5.30 PM: “Automation, globalisation will be global challenges to employment,” expects Barack Obama.

5.22 PM: “I was taking to PM and the opposition leader and both of them are concerned about jobs, jobs about young Indians,” said Barack Obama at the Townhall.

5.20 PM: “Jobs still a big and a global challenge!” said Barack Obama.

5.15 PM: I love Modi’s vision for India, Obama said earlier today.

5.00 PM: “There is no magic formula, you have overcome on your own with new innovation,” said Barack Obama.

4.52 PM: Barack Obama to a senior TV reporter, “You don’t get a chance to question, you’re a journalist. Let the young ask the questions today.”

4.50 PM: “If they don’t perform, explaining why and how they can do better,” Barack Obama while answering on how to handle inexperienced young people.

4.45 PM: “We won the 2008 campaign, because of technology and young people,” Barack Obama.

4.44 PM: “You cannot have a complete power in your organisation, you have to give it young people to bring a change,” Barack Obama while speaking to a group of 300 young leaders.

4.42 PM: “If you’re a leader for too long you lose touch with the ground,” said Barack Obama.

4.40 PM: “Most of the political parties across the world is full of old people,” said Barack Obama.

4.37 PM: Obama said, “My students have taught me so much.”

4.35 PM: “Change is hard, don’t get discouraged,” said Barack Obama.

4.33 PM: “Take some measure of hope by looking at other countries,” said Barack Obama.

4.32 PM: Watch the video highlights here:

4.29 PM: “Victims of hatred need to be brave,” said Obama while reacting to a question about Racism and Prejudice.

4.26 PM: Obama said, “Youth must work hard and have fun.”

4.23 PM: Obama said, “Dont let Naysayers kill you zeal.”

4.21 PM: Obama at the Townhall said, “Youth should never be discouraged.”

4.20 PM: “Equal societies are achieved slowly,” said Barack Obama.

4.18 PM: “We must persist to achieve change,” said Barack Obama.

4.17 PM: At the start of the Townhall, Barack Obama said that youth is India’s biggest power.

4.15 PM: Obama – Technology is not a quick fix.

4.14 PM: “Technology can never replace teachers,” said Barack Obama

4.13 PM: “Social Media key for my campaign,” Obama

4.11 PM: “Youth pioneering change via technology,” said Barack Obama.

4.10 PM: Barack Obama interacts with Youth leader, says Technology is a key to good governance.

4.08 PM: Obama said, “Nations must invest in healthcare.”

4.07 PM: “Basic amenities key to nation’s health,” Obama while attending the Townhall.

4.05 PM: Healthcare is a key to nation’s economy said Obama in Townhall.

4.03 PM: There has never been a better time to be a young person. We wish to train the next generation of leaders: Former US President Barack Obama.

4.00 PM: Want to train next gen leaders, says Obama.

3.55 PM: World oldest democracy and world’s largest democracy should be a defining partnership of 21st century says, Barak Obama

3.50 PM: Obama at Townhall, “India and US have much in common. We are the defining partnership of the 21st Century.”

3.40 pm: Obama said, “What is true, and an understandable source of frustration is the view, that sometimes there are connections between explicit terrorist organisations based in Pakistan and elements that are connected to various more official entities inside Pakistan.”

3.20 pm: Earlier today, the former US President Barack Obama stressed on the fact that India should not divide the country on religious line. He said, “For a country like India where there is a Muslim population that is successful, integrated and considers itself as Indian – which is not the case in some other countries, this should be nourished and cultivated.”

3.15 pm: We need to understand the challenges of these technologies – it leads to snap judgement, said former US President Barack Obama

3.00 pm: My goal was to give an opportunity to US companies. It wasn’t a job of US President to see the deal through. It was below my pay grade at that time: Barack Obama on Nuclear Liability Issue

2.30 pm: Here is the video, where Barack Obama talks about China’s attitude towards India over the NSG.

2:00 pm:  We worked very hard to make India a part of Nuclear Suppliers Group. But some member nations felt India was not following all the procedures. I’m sure PM Modi is working hard on it. I don’t know if China objected because of trade competition, says Obama

1: 50 pm: Speak about 26/11 terror attack, former US president said, After 26/11 we were equally worried, terrorism is everyone’s problem.

1: 40 pm:  Narendra Modi firmly believes unity is necessary for progress of the nation, says Barack Obama

1: 35 pm: Watch this video, where former US president talks about Osama

1: 28 pm: Speaking about the importance of the middle class, Obama said, Economies don’t work well when the middle class is neglected.

1:20 pm: Both Narendra Modi and Manmohan Singh see US as a key partner, Obama said.

1: 10 pm: Speaking about technology, Obama says, World is less violent than before but remains divided with conflicts. The world is more connected now, communication empowers people.

1:05 pm: Watch the video, where former US president shares his thought on Indian cuisine and the food items he can cook:

1:00 pm: Something in us likes making a distinction based on religion, race and gender. However, humanity can progress only when we remove barriers like these, says ex-US president.

12: 54 pm: Obama praises Narendra Modi, says he has a vision for the country.

12: 51 pm: Speaking about democracy, Obama said, it cannot function without a baseline about what’s true and what’s false.

12: 48 pm: Speaking about Technology, Obama said, technology can create information silos. It’s not just about Twitter, If I watched Fox News I wouldn’t vote for me.

12: 44 pm: Twitter and Facebook are powerful tools and can be misused as well, says Obama.

12: 40 pm: I have 100 million Twitter followers, more than other people who use it more often, says Barack Obama.

12: 35 pm: I try following grammar and use punctuation on Twitter. My daughters laugh at me for this sometimes, but it’s good to think before tweeting the first thought in our mind, says Barack Obama.

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12: 32 pm: If you had to choose a time, the best chance to lead a good life, you will choose this moment – this is just to remind ourselves that we make progress but we make progress only because people of goodwill are willing to work together, learn, says Obama

12: 31 pm: When asked ”America is famous for  Donald Trump and Donald Duck. Which one represents the real America?”, Obama said, One of the joys and frustrations about America is that it can be contradictory.

12: 30 pm: We (Americans) can be very kind, noble and there are times when we can be cruel, shortsighted, India is the same way, says Barack Obama.

12: 29 pm:  There are political trends in the US that I don’t agree with or abide by. But I see them as a part of the political process. This is similar to India in a way, says Barack Obama

12: 28 pm: I do spell-check and punctuation, think before you speak, think before you tweet: Barack Obama

12: 26 pm: Talking about climate change, Barack Obama said, I can sit with someone and have an argument about climate change. But it’s hard to speak to someone who says climate change is a hoax. Then there is no way for us to bridge differences.

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12: 25 pm: Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp are very powerful tools which can be used for both good and bad. We need to understand the challenges of these technologies, says Barack Obama

12: 22 pm: Manmohan Singh during his tenure dealt with the economic meltdown, and PM Narendra Modi during his tenure has unlocked the Paris Accord, says former US president

12: 21 pm:  Both of them took tough decisions, says @BarackObama referring to PM Modi and Dr Manmohan Singh. Both  wanted to lift millions out of poverty.

12: 19 pm: I was also great friends with Dr Manmohan Singh who modernised Indian economy, says BarackObama

12: 18 pm: I like Narendra Modi. He has a vision for the country that he is implementing and modernising India’s democracy, says Barack Obama

12: 17 pm: Speaking about terrorism, the former US president said that  there are connections between explicit terror organisations based in Pakistan and some official elements in Pakistan

12: 16 pm:  We have no evidence that Pakistan government knew of Osama Bin Laden’s presence there. But journalists are free to study and analyse it, says Barack Obama

12: 15 pm: Talking about   26/11  Mumbai terror attack, Barack Obama said that the United States was equally worried about the incident. He added that terrorism is everyone’s problem.

12:05 pm: Individual rights, free speech, free press and human rights are values that are under attack. PM Modi and I met because if India plays a larger role not only in Asia but on the world stage, it will be good for everybody

12: 02 pm: For a country like India where there is a Muslim population that is successful, integrated and considers itself as Indian-which is not the case in some other countries-this should be nourished and cultivated, says ex-US president

12:01 pm: The most important office in a democracy is not of the President, Prime Minister or Mayor – it is of the citizen, says Barack Obama

11: 58 am: If you examine the course of human progress, where we have progressed is where we have reduced barriers of artificial distinctions, says ex-US president.


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