Assam Election Exit Poll Results 2021: Big setback for Congress, exit polls predict win for BJP

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Updated: April 29, 2021 10:11:47 pm

Assam Assembly Election Exit Poll 2021 Results, Assam Exit Poll 2021: The BJP-led NDA is predicted to return to power for the second term. If numbers hold, this would be a big setback for the Congress, which allied with AIUDF thinking it would prevent division of votes in Assam.

Assam Exit Poll Results 2021, Assam Election Exit Poll 2021Assam Exit Polls at 7 pm on April 29

Assam Assembly Election 2021 Exit Poll: Exit poll numbers have starting coming out and the first number gives thumbs up for the BJP-led NDA. Here, the BJP is predicted to get 75-85 seats while Congress 45-50. In Assam, the ruling BJP is up against a grand alliance of eight parties including Congress and Badruddin Ajmal’s AIUDF. The BJP is confident of returning to power but the grand alliance too is equally confident of defeating the present dispensation.

The alliance is banking on its combined power of vote share that works out as larger than the BJP if one takes the last election as the benchmark. The grand alliance has eight parties, namely the Congress, AIUDF, Bodoland People’s Front, CPI, CPI-M, Communist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist) Liberation, Anchalik Gana Morcha, and RJD. The BJP has two alliance partners – Asom Gana Parishad and United People’s Party Liberal.

In 2016, the BJP had got 41.9 per cent vote share and 86 of 126 seats. But in that election, the Congress had gone sole and other parties too had contested alone, leading to division of votes. This time, however, all other parties came together in an attempt to prevent the division of votes against the BJP. If this calculation works as planned, the saffron party might be in trouble as its vote share might not cross 50 per cent. For BJP to win, there has to be a counter consolidation in favour of the ruling party and that may happen to some extent due to Congress’ alliance with Ajmal.

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Assam Election Exit Polls 2021: Assam Exit Poll Results 2021 News Updates, Assam Assembly Election 2021 Exit Poll


    20:29 (IST)29 Apr 2021
    Assam Exit Polls: BJP set to return to power

    Assam Exit Polls 2021: Times Now-C Voter has predicted return of the BJP for the second term. The Congress-led alliance will improve its tally but won't cross majority marks.  

    Times Now - C Voter 

    NDA: 65 (-9)UPA: 59 (20)Others: 2 (-11)  

    20:24 (IST)29 Apr 2021
    Exit Polls 2021: Vote percentage prediction in Assam

    Exit Polls 2021: Vote percentage prediction in Assam

    Republic CNX

    BJP- 44.25 per centCongress- 39.65 per cent Others- 16.10 per cent 

    19:10 (IST)29 Apr 2021
    Assam Exit polls: BJP predicted to return to power for the second term

    India Today exit poll predicts 75-85 of 126 seats 

    Congress: 40-50  

    19:07 (IST)29 Apr 2021
    Who is contesting on what in Assam

    Assam Election 2021: Assam is currently being ruled by the BJP. In the last polls, the BJP had won 86 of 126 seats. This time, the saffron party is taking on the Congress-led grand alliance of eight parties including Badruddin Ajmal's AIUDF. From NDA, the BJP is contesting on 92 seats, Asom Gana Parishad 26 and United People's Party Liberal on 8. The Congress is contesting on 94 seats, AIUDF 14, Bodoland People's Front 12, and CPIM 2. CPI-ML, Anchalik Gana Morcha, and RJD is contesting on one seat each, 

    18:43 (IST)29 Apr 2021
    Assam Election 2021: What opinion polls predicted for BJP and Congress

    Assam Assembly Election 2021: Majority of opinion polls have predicted edge for the BJP-led NDA over Congress-led UPA. 

    TV9 Bharatvarsh: 73 (NDA) 50 (UPA) 3 (others)Times Now - C Voter: 65-73 (NDA) 52-60 (UPA)ABP News - C Voter:  65-73 (NDA) 52-60 (UPA)India News - Jan Ki Baat:  68-78 (NDA) 48-58 (UPA)

    Four opinion polls have predicted an edge to the ruling party with projections ranging from 64 to 78 seats. This is less than what the NDA had got in the last election in 2016. The grand alliance is projected to get 48 to 60 seats.
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