AAP USA worker makes surprise claims against Kumar Vishwas, blogs about his ‘double face’!

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New Delhi | Updated: January 11, 2018 6:07:43 PM

AAP worker in the US, Sreekanth Kocharalakota, has not just said that Kumar never took his job as AAP leader seriously but even tried to use AAP volunteers to promote his poetry concerts.

kumar vishwas, kumar vishwas aap, sreekanth kocharalakota, kumar vishwas controversyAAP leader Kumar Vishwas.

The rift between Aam Aadmi Party leader Kumar Vishwas and AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal is out in the open. The rift looks like to have reached a point of no return after AAP decided not to send Vishwas to Rajya Sabha, a few days ago. Ever since then, Vishwas has been spitting fire against Kejriwal, while the latter has maintained a stoic silence and let his subordinates do the talking.

In a sort of humiliation for Vishwas, the poet-turned-politician was not invited to annual Rashtriya Kavi Sammelan that started at the Red Fort on Wednesday. The event was inaugurated by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. Interestingly, Vishwas was invited as the chief guest of the event in the last two years, but not this time.

As Vishwas’ alienation from AAP continues, an overseas volunteer of the party has made surprising “revelations” against the poet-turned-politician, who had unsuccessfully contested 2014 Lok Sabha Election from Amethi.

In a blog post titled “Kumar bhau, Bahubali never shrugged off his responsibility,” AAP worker in the US, Sreekanth Kocharalakota, has not just said that Kumar never took his job as AAP leader seriously but even tried to use AAP volunteers to promote his poetry concerts. “It was depressing to see the behavior and attitude of a senior leader in the party who presents a completely different picture outside,” he writes.

Sreekanth Kocharalakota has also shared the blog on Facebook. Sreekanth writes that he became AAP USA secretary in February 2016 and he was “excited” about working with AAP overseas in-charge Kumar Vishwas. But the latter used to just give one-way speeches via Google Hangout and “never took any question from volunteers.”

The AAP USA secretary says there was “pressure” on workers in the US to promote Vishwas. “More than organizing events in US with specific objectives, the pressure was to promote KV. The frenzy peaked when KV released the “Kick Nasha” album,” he writes.

Sreekanth further says Vishwas “jumped into limelight” by end of December 2016 as AAP started to hope it could win Punjab assembly elections. “Messages from KV in the internal convener and secretary discussion group were mostly about who gets the credit for Punjab if the party wins. A warning message was even posted on the topic of credits in the group.”

Interestingly, the AAP worker writes, rebel AAP leader Kapil Mishra was at the house of Vishwas on the day party lost Punjab elections. Mishra even hurled abuses at Kejriwal and it was “backed” by Vishwas. When Vishwas came up with the video titled “We The Nation”, Sreekanth says, it reminded him of what had “transpired” between Mishra and Vishwas earlier. Later, when Sreekanth again visited Kumar’s house, the latter “chose to abuse Arvind Kejriwal, Satyender Jain and specially Sanjay Singh.”

Sreekanth also claims Vishwas tried to use AAP volunteers for his poetry concerts. “In July 2017, KV planned his poetry concerts in multiple cities in Canada and USA. Efforts were made to subtly apply pressure on AAP volunteers to attend his shows,” he writes.

“..while in Bay Area, California, KV advised me to bring AAP volunteers to his show and that he can think of a AAP volunteer meetup in a phone conversation. I was completely baffled,” writes Sreekanth.

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