1. AAP infighting live updates: “I am ready to take the accountability of whatever I have said,” says Kapil Mishra

AAP infighting live updates: “I am ready to take the accountability of whatever I have said,” says Kapil Mishra

AAP infighting live updates: Things are far from being settled within Aam Aadmi Party as former Delhi Water Minister Kapil Mishra, who was axed from the cabinet on Saturday, made grave allegation charges against party chief Arvind Kejriwal today.

By: | New Delhi | Updated: May 7, 2017 10:14 PM
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AAP infighting live updates: Things are far from being settled within Aam Aadmi Party as Delhi Water Minister Kapil Mishra who was axed from the cabinet on Saturday after he sided with senior AAP leader Kumar Vishwas who has been at loggerheads with the party leadership. His sacking pointed out towards the tension between leadership and Vishwas even though they reached an agreement in the PAC meet earlier this week. In a stunning revelation on Sunday morning, Kapil Mishra told the reporters that he saw Satyendar Jain pay Rs 2 crores to Arvind Kejriwal in front of his eyes.

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Here are the live updates:

10.11 pm:  I am going to give two person’s names to ACB in connection with tanker scam, Ashish Talwar and Vibhav Patel: Kapil Mishra

9.40 pm: “It’s not a hit and run case, I am ready to take the accountabilty of whatever I have said,” says Kapil Mishra.

09.02 pm: “It seems the whole of Delhi has become like a circus. The people are feeling cheated by the chief minister. These allegations have come from an ex-minister and therefore, it is a very serious issue,” Amrish Ranjan Pandey, national spokesperson, Indian Youth Congress, said in a statement.

8.26 pm: APP supremo Sucha Singh Chhottepur sought immediate resignation of Kejriwal in the wake of allegations of corruption. “He (Kejriwal) has done a lot of damage to the country,” he said, adding that he had deceived people.

7:25 PM: “It seems the whole of Delhi has become like a circus. The people are feeling cheated by the chief minister. These allegations have come from an ex-minister and therefore, it is a very serious issue,” Amrish Ranjan Pandey, national spokesperson, Indian Youth Congress, said in a statement as per a PTI report.

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6:55 PM: “Now, we have a person who was a cabinet minister in the Delhi government till a few hours back claiming that he has witnessed the Delhi CM accepting Rs two crore from a tainted colleague with his own eyes,” said SAD general secretary Bikram Singh Majithia to PTI.

6:05 PM: “CBI should register cases regarding Mishra’s allegation that he saw Kejriwal receiving Rs 2 crore from his Health Minister Satyendar Jain, and also with regard to the findings of Shungulu Committee report,” Ajay Maken was quoted saying by PTI.

5:32 PM: “There were many allegations on Arvind Kejriwal earlier as well. Now, it’s the high time. Arvind Kejriwal must resign. There is a need to make a proper committee, which will investigate the matter in a transparent way. He is taking Sheila Dikhshit’s name to balance the matter. All this is the internal conflict of his own party. We demand for a proper investigation and Arvind Kejriwal must resign from his post,” Congress leader Shakeel Ahmad told ANI.

4:53 PM: Here’s how BJP leaders reacted to Kapil Mishra’s allegations:

4:40 PM: “In case Kejriwal doesn’t resign, the Lt Governor should examine the possibility of recommending ‘dismissal’ of the AAP-led Delhi government to the President,” Tiwari said in a press conference earlier in the day.

4:15 PM: Anna Hazare while talking to reporters said its saddening to hear allegations against Arvind Kejriwal. However, he added that he won’t jump to conclusions and will wait till the investigation is done.

3:50 PM: Here’s what Kumar Vishwas said about Kapil Mishra’s allegations:

3:38 PM: Here’s Mishra’s response to Kumar Vishwas:

3:37 PM: Kapil Mishra while talking to Republic Tv said he was shocked to see Delhi CM taking money. “I always believed Arvind Kejriwal was incapable of corruption. Was shocked to see it with my own eyes,” he said.

3:33 PM: You may also want to watch:

3:04 PM: “These are very serious allegations and as of now, we don’t back them,” said Yogendra Yadav while talking to reporters. He added that these type of allegations have to be backed by evidence.

3:02 PM: “Why make allegations to media? Why not raise it at AAP PAC?,” asked Kumar Vishwas.

2:55 PM: “I know Arvind Kejriwal from 12 years but can’t imagine that he can take money. So many times he has told us that if Manish takes money, throw him out and if I take money throw me out as well,” said Kumar Vishwas while talking to reporters.

2:52 PM: “The Arvind Kejriwal Government, which lasted only 49 days, is far different from the present one. The Government which came in mid-February 2014 had a message that corrupt will not be spared. But now after Kapil Mishra’s revelation it has been proved that this party has completely compromised with corruption,” Former Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA Devinder Singh Sherawat told ANI.

2:41 PM: When Satyendar Jain’s daughter Saumya was given a post in the party, I clearly said that either she will have to resign or I will, said Kapil Mishra while talking to Times Now.

2:31 PM: “Arvind Kejriwal bhrastachaar karenge ye main kabhi bhi nahi soch sakta, ye unke shatru bhi manenge (I can never think that Arvind Kejriwal will be involved in corruption, even his enemies won’t believe it,” Kumar Vishwas is quoted saying by ANI.

2:30 PM: While speaking to the channel Kapil Mishra said that if Satyendar Jain will go to jail, he will be proved right.

2:25 PM: Kapil Mishra reacted to the news by telling Republic TV that he is still a part of the Aam Aadmi Party and no one can remove him. He said people of India should decide on who will remain in the party.

2:22 PM: According to Republic TV, AAP’s Political Affairs Committee will be removing Kapil Mishra from the party. Meanwhile, Kumar Vishwas will be addressing a press conference in a while.

2:14 PM: Meanwhile, BJP Delhi chief Manoj Tiwari is addressing a press conference. “Whole of Delhi is absolutely shocked by today’s remarks of Kapil Mishra. Its not an allegation but statement of a witness,” he was quoted as saying by ANI.

2:12 PM: Kiran Bedi while talking to Times Now said it is a serious allegation and needs to investigated. She added that it is a matter of serious concern and has to be investigated.

1:54 PM: Here is what former Jammu and Kashmir has to say about the incident:

1:48 PM: Here’s what Dr Harsh Vardhan has to say:

1:33 PM: If Kapil Mishra’s family belongs to BJP, why did Arvind Kejriwal include him in AAP? Why is Arvind Kejriwal hiding behind Manish Sisodia? asked Sambit Patra while speaking to Times Now.

1:30 PM: CBI must be taking a note of whatever has happened today, said BJP leader Sambit Patra.

1:24 PM: Mishra also alleged that Jain told him that he “settled land deals worth Rs 50 crore for Kejriwal’s relative,” reported PTI. The AAP MLA said he was sacked after he confronted Kejriwal over the issue.

1:20 PM: Kapil Mishra while talking to Times Now said he will go ahead and will raise more corruption cases within the party. However, he added that party is not going for a split.

1:16 PM: Senior party leader Kumar Vishwas has asked the party workers to be patient:

1:15 PM: Former AAP leader Yogendra Yadav said ‘charges of taking bribe need solid evidence’:

1:14 PM: He said Kapil Mishra not just made allegations against Arvind Kejriwal but has actually come out as a witness.

1:12 PM: Congress Delhi chief Ajay Maken while talking to media said the fight against corruption was Aam Aadmi’s biggest promise but in less than 5 years, six out of seven ministers who took oath have a case against them.

1:05 PM: I’ll go to CBI on Monday and have all the proofs. ‘The faith in Arvind Kejriwal has been shaken’, says Arvind Kejriwal.

1:04 PM: Kapil Mishra is talking to the reporters again. He said, “I went to meet Arvind Kejriwal two days ago where I saw him taking the money. I have given all the letters to CBI.”

12:56 PM: Here’s the full statement from Kapil Mishra:

12:53 PM: Times Now reports that all top Aam Aadmi Party leaders have gone into a huddle and are discussing a strategy to deal with this crisis.

12:42 PM: “His allegations are not even worth responding to, they are so absurd and without any facts,” said Sisodia according to ANI:

12:33 PM: Kapil Mishra posted a couple of tweets saying he saw the incident day before yesterday and reacted on it very next day. He added that the day Satyendar Jain will be jailed his allegations will be proved right.

12:30 PM: Manish Sisodia is talking to the reporters now. He said Kapil Mishra was removed from the cabinet because there were complaints. He called the allegations against Arvind Kejriwal baseless.

12:25 PM: Senior Delhi BJP leader Vijay Goel said that these are very serious charges and Arvind Kejriwal has no authority to continue as the Chief Minister

12:18 PM: Former Congress and now BJP leader Aravinder Singh Lovely said we have always maintained a doubt on Arvind Kejriwal.

12:13 PM: BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli while speaking to Times Now said this revelation by Kapil Mishra is not at all surprising as Arvind Kejriwal has not stood by any of his promises.

12:10 PM: “When I became minister I sent a report against Sheila Dikshit to CM. What happened to that report after that everyone knows,” said Kapil Mishra earlier.

12:08 AM: Shazia Ilmi while speaking to Times Now said she really applauds Kapil Mishra who is one of the first leaders to come ahead and expose the Aam Aadmi Party.

12:03 PM: “I saw Satyendar Jain pay 2 crores to Arvind Kejriwal in front of my eyes” said Kapil Mishra.

12:01 PM: He said AAP workers always believed that Arvind Kejriwal will never do corruption but I saw it from my eyes.

11:56 AM: He said when I asked Arvind Kejriwal about the money, the Delhi CM didn’t give an explanation.

11:55 AM: Kapil Mishra said we thought when money laundering case and luxury buses cases will come in Arvind Kejriwal’s notice he’ll act. But, day before yesterday I saw Satyendra Jain gave Rs 2 cr rupees to Arvind Kejriwal ji at his home.

11:53 AM: I was sacked after raising voice against corruption, said Kapil Mishra.

11:51 AM: Kapil Mishra asked Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia to listen to their statements on water department in last two years. He asked were they lying to the people of Delhi?

11:49 AM: He added that he is the only cabinet minister who has no case against him. He said he is the only Delhi minister who has no corruption charges against him.

11:48 AM: Kapil Mishra says I want to go on record and say this is my party. There is no one who can remove me from the party.

11:45 AM: Kapil Mishra is now addressing the media.

11:41 AM: Kapil Mishra has refused to comment anything at the moment. He said he’ll give all the answers at the press conference.

11:35 AM: Kapil Mishra will seek the blessings of Mahatma Gandhi and after that will talk to the media. Meanwhile, Times Now reported that meeting at Arvind Kejriwal’s residence has ended and Kumar Vishwas has left.

11:33 AM: Kapil Mishra has reached Rajghat as promised. He said he’ll come up with a big expose, reports Times Now.

11:30 AM: “I have also written a letter to the ACB and have sought appointment from them. I will expose everyone involved in the scam and will apprise the ACB,” Mishra told ANI.

11:12 AM: Here’s what Kapil Mishra said before meeting the LG:

11:05 AM: According to Times Now, Kapil Mishra has left for Rajghat where he will do a press conference.

11:00 AM: Another tweet from Kapil Mishra minutes after meeting with LG Anil Baijal:

10:50 AM: “It has nothing to do with the MCD polls, and till now, I have not received any official confirmation so far. But I met Arvind Kejriwal this morning, and I said that it has been a year since the report on the tanker scam was tabled and no action has been taken,” Mishra told ANI on Saturday.

10:25 AM: Times Now reported that many senior AAP leaders have reached Arvind Kejriwal’s residence for a meeting:

10:15 AM: Senior party leader Kumar Vishwas has reached Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s residence, reported ANI.

10:05 AM: “By removing Kapil Mishra from the cabinet, they (AAP) proved that the one who will talk about scams will go out,” told Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari to ANI.

9:57 AM: Kapil Mishra has ruled out the possibility of joining BJP. “I am founder member of AAP and will always remain in the party,” he was quoted saying by ANI.

9:50 AM: “I have not given any benefit to my daughter or any of my relatives. I have exposed Sheila (Dixit’s) corruption,” Mishra tweeted, in an apparent jibe at Sisodia and Health Minister Satyendra Jain.

9:40 AM: Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said Mishra was replaced because there were complaints about inflated water bills of consumers and water was not reaching colonies where new lines had been laid, said news agency PTI.

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