70 transformative issues Indians want PM Narendra Modi to speak about on 71st Independence Day

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Updated: August 14, 2017 7:43:41 PM

Independence Day 2017: PM Narendra Modi will hoist the National Flag from the ramparts of Red Fort for the fourth time since taking oath in 2014.

independence day 2017, 71st independence day, india, narendra modi, narendra modi speech, narendra modi speech on independence day, red fort, independence dayPrime Minister Narendra Modi. (PTI)

71st Independence Day: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to address the nation on the occasion of 71st Independence Day of India on Tuesday. PM Modi will hoist the National Flag from the ramparts of Red Fort for the fourth time since taking oath in 2014. In a a bid to make his address to the nation as special and interactive as possible on the occasion, PM Modi had invited suggestions from the public on issues he should talk about in his speech. Earlier, he had also said he would try and reduce the total time of his speech too. Thousands of people have come up with interesting suggestions for the Prime Minister to talk about. On mygov.in website, over 12,000 people have responded to PM Modi’s request. Here we take a look at 70 interesting suggestions shared by the citizens:

1. Vidhya Peddireddy: We are working in IT industry and we do not have any other income other than Salary. It will be great if we get an option of including expenses of the family instead of individual tax filing.

2. Paresh Desai: The amount of benefits and facilities given to Ministers should be stopped. They don’t deserve it.

3. Aezun Ram Bose: Girls don’t need reservation, give us safety, freedom.

4. Sanjeev Krishnan: We can have a student parliament in Bharath. As said by our beloved former President Abdul Kalam ji, students and youngsters are the only force who have the potential to make Bharath a developed nation by 2020.

5. Dr. V. S. Mishra: I would like you to clarify your comments on “Gau Rakshaks”. After your comment, corrupt police personnel are using your comments to harass and book false cases against genuine animal lovers and AWBI officers who inform/complain to them about illegal trafficking and slaughter of cattle.

6. Rahul Mehra: Make CCTV cameras mandatory in every residential area. The cameras should be placed at regular distances. GPS tracking units should also be made mandatory across all public & private vehicles.Installing GPS trackers

7. Eeshankur Saikia: I am a teacher at Gauhati University.I would like you to invite all my colleagues across the nation to own at least 10 underprivileged school students from a nearby school every year, and guide/teach on a subject, make him/her clear it with flying colours.

8. Sandeep Shrivastava S: In India crores of people doesn’t have family and house. Even in Delhi many people sleep in footpaths. My suggestion is as that like births in AC Two Tyre in train, the government should make same births in 10000 square foot area in every city for these persons.

9. G P Hari: Establishment of ‘National Mobility Fund’, through an appropriate Act of the parliament, to aggregate fund to fast track the Basic Mobility Infrastructure.

10. Dr Ajay Gambhir: Politicians should declare his & his constituency health along with his wealth

11. Sanjeev Kumar Ojha: Ask IT companies to make it mandatory for their employees to use either public transport or company transport. Not allow heavy vehicles to commute during peak hours. Strictly no parking on the roadside.

12. Bhupendra Singh: As long as we are recognized by our religion, caste, backward, forward etc, we can never become an Indian. Every citizen of India should only be an Indian. I am suggesting a surname for every citizen of India as “Bhartiya” or “Hindustani”

13. Priyanka Singh: There are many issues but being Science Student, I actually want that government should try to start making all of its national institution eco-friendly.

14. Ramu: Request to Honourable PM is to consider Government Jobs only for those students who have studied in Government schools up to 12th std or even up to Degree.

15. A Tripathy: The Gorakhpur children death incident should be our eye opener related to the way our Govt. system runs. It is high time to review the functioning of our Govt. machinery.

16. Abhiram Babu Kandoor: I would request you to make National Service by all the citizens a must for 2 years before Graduation.

17. Parduman Singh: Entrepreneurs be given favourable terms as in SEZ’s (call it Rural SEZ scheme),with 0 bureaucracy. Give Workers low tariff electricity. Entrepreneurs and consumer both benefit from lower cost.

18. RAJKUMAR SHARMA: I request to make One Nation One Tax for Automobiles as well. Every time we get migrate from one State to another, we are paying the Road Taxes to the State Govt where we Indians are migrating despite of the fact we have paid tax in the State of Purchasing the Automobile.

19. MANISH KUMAR M U: Hope this year, your kind attention will fall on a highly partialized community, the real minorities still suffers: the ‘Transgenders’. you have to uplift their social status by ensuring reservation, job opportunities, more gender rights. A

20. Runav Sarmah: 1)Please implement incentives like Income tax exemption for maintenance of Senior Citizens, Differently Abled persons, Below Proverty Line persons etc.

21. Piyush Dixit: Legalize prostitution in India.

22. A Tripathy: Sir, Kindly give a strong message to take stringent actions against those involved in food pollution.

23. SUMANTA KUMAR SAMANTARAY: Many of us are going through the phase of joblessness. This is mere impossible to live life without jobs. Please address this issue tomorrow.

24. Rohit Bamane: I request you to give boost on research tech. not on buying it. We need new research based institutes which will make technology not mass engg. degree holders.

25. Ayaz Manjee: I propose removing of Income Tax and getting Bank Transaction Tax on each commercial transaction. This will boost the economy.

26. G Supraja: Make use of students in tourism sector or preserving ancient stuff as present youth have more inclination towards this era and unemployment also can be eradicated.

27. Michael Rodrigues: Please make water conservation compulsory with every house /every office and some verification mechanism to ensure the same is done. The awareness on this is poor and so please take this programme in priority.

28. Nilanjana Ghosh: Please make NCC training compulsory in every government as well as private schools,colleges and universities.

29. G Supraja: Involve the youth (students in degree and engineering and others)in government schemes as heads(like in swachh Bharat) and make them employable.

30. Paresh Desai: The amount of benefits and facilities given to Ministers should be stopped. They don’t deserve it.

31. G P HARI: 1) Commence Certified Courses in various agriculture domains, those who intend to become a “Certified Professional Farmer”. The minimum eligibility criteria could be 8th class pass and age not less than 17.5 years.

32. RAMSUNDHAR MADHAVAN: Why don’t we choose a new national anthem and amend our constitutions. So it doesn’t affect religious sentiments.

33. Sanadiip Biswas: Suggest you to put the Contactor’s name and number on the roads that they have built. Potholed roads might become less.

34. NIRBHAY BHATNAGAR: As a citizen of India, I would like to request you to take the lead in the matter concern, because 1.5 Lakh people are dying every year and with the growing automobile industry we can see the growth in fatal accidents if we fail to take necessary steps.

35. Dhrumil Savla: I have a suggestion to eradicate unemployment to some extent. The way it is a government rule that certain percentage of seats should be reserved for under privilleged students in the private schools likewise we can have certain no.of jobs secured for the unemployed in all the private firms from the government’s side.

36. Vikesh Kharva: There should be cleaning frequency for the removal of plastic material & procedure to discard it properly.

37. UMAKANTA BHATTA: An amendment may be created that every person must plant 1% trees only of their total landed property.

38. Madhu Parlapalli: There should be as many as public toilets available for everyone at all the public gathering places, especially, at the hospitals, schools, bus stations, railway stations.

39. Sanadiip Bbiswas: For the last couple of years we have concentrated on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Request you to kindly think about Stop Littering Mission

40. Nirmal Chhabra: I would like to draw your attention towards a great social problem i.e. alcoholism.

41. Narein Sun: I would request you that please support Subhash Palekar’s Zero Budget Natural Farming and save the nation. There are lot of advantages of ZBNF.

42. Venkatesh Raghavan: Just like GST stands for one nation one tax, we can have one nation, one market for our farming community across India with an e-portal to facilitate this in a big way.

43. SUBHASH DUA: Any doctor who is employed as a government servant in a GOVT OR GOVT AIDED HOSPITAL ,if found doing private practice at his/her clinic or hospital, should immediately be terminated/removed from services.

44. Pankaj Bajaj: People living in Urban Private colonies have to suffer due to negative associations formed by local politician, builder, colnizer and RWA. I am suffering due to this problem.

45. Lalita Pradeep: Respected PM, plz talk about Basic Education and Best of Basic Medical facilities; plz talk about surface transport,and public transport.

46. Sankara Babu Vemulapalli: Every job in INDIA has entrance tests which assess their knowledge to check if they are suitable in the job. Politicians are the key persons for development of INDIA. Why there are no political knowledge entry tests for politicians.

47. Jaideep Jiloka: One change I would like to have is to curtail the tendency among people to amass wealth for his/her future generation. There must be an upper limit which one can inherit from his/her father/mother.

48. Anshuman Mishra: I want to know about how government is taking steps to bring more employments to india from other countries in a short span of time.

49. Tanveer Satarmaker: In public places during any mishap/accident, it is commonly observed that people are busy in recording video/pics on their mobiles. Kindly speak on this issue.

50. Dhirendra Reja: The project for connecting river across India shall start with definite target and on PAN India basis.

51. Nav Pallav: Sir, We need to start doing a DNA test of all children forced into begging across India and also do a DNA sequencing of all parents who are victim of child abduction. It will then be easy to track and coordinate across India. It will also help in reducing the child abduction cases.

52. Sudhir Singh: Multi level parking in every municipality, wallet system on government website.

53. Soumyajit Roy: People like me, who are working in private sectors find it difficult to get their children admitted to Government schools because of different quotas and recommendation. The private schools are reaping us apart with the education fees. Every school charges differently and there is no Governing body to regulate this. Request you to form a Governing body to regulate school fees.

54. Vinod Kumar Goel: Please use highly qualified retired senior citizen who have worked in a very clean non corrupt institution for Monitoring and taking right decision against corruption.

55. Nikita Mittal: Need to address corruption in enforcement agencies such as police.

56. Rahul Mehra: Instead of impounding stray dogs, they should be trained by a local expert into being neighborhood watch dogs.

57. Mahesh Dhage: I would like to suggest to there should be complete ban on harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in agriculture.

58. Uma A: Why do the Government tenders always prefer companies which have at least 8 years of history? For less critical tenders (non-military) shouldn’t the local youth be encouraged to try?.

59. Madhava Prasad: Age limit for Joining Indian Armed Forces should be increased.

60. Dr Timmanna Bennur: Need some law/at least awareness to control the population

61. Honking on the Traffic signal should be prohibited.

62. Prashant Ugemuge: Tax payers in the country should be given the privileges in various services and there should be a priority lanes for tax payers.

63. Sandeep Varma Bolishetty: In our country 60 – 70% of population depends on Agricultural sector. There is no advanced farming Technics even in today’s time. Motivate the next generation to take Agriculture as a profession.

64. Priya Kotecha: I want to u to do something regarding the mentality and rituals of our society.

65. Yash Bhatia: I would recommend that you create better public transportation systems.

66. Kilaparthi Ambika: School education: Introduce info from Human Kinetics books [example: Steps to success series] as textbook chapters under science or language subjects. These explain postures of human body and mechanisms of science involved in playing various sports. Understanding of these facts will ignite thinking and inspire them to pursue the one that touched their soul the most.

67. Krishna Kumar Pande: There should be 100% online transaction in all academic institutes, universities, NGO and all trusts which are tax exempted.

68. Sandeep Sharma: Swacchata linked incentive as an additional component of salary should be given to the employees.

69. Chandra Shekher Singh: I and lot of people like mine want to teach students as a volunteer to help the needy children, but we don’t have resources. I have seen most of the schools are Off on weekends. Can government motivate those schools to provide their premises for these 2 days for these social cause?

70. Nilesh M: Can we aggressively focus on stop Spitting in Public initiative?

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