1,00,00,000 jobs in 365 days! Modi’s counterpunch to opposition’s unemployment blow in Parliament

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New Delhi | Updated: July 24, 2018 9:47:08 PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday junked the criticism his government is facing over unemployment issue. Speaking on the floor of the Lok Sabha, the PM claimed that over one crore jobs were created in the country over the past one year.

Narendra Modi, job creation, unemployment, Lok Sabha, unemployment in India, no confidence motion, EPFO, Formal sector jobs, Informal sector jobs, Narendra Modi job creation, Rahul Gandhi, Congress1,00,000,00 jobs in 365 days! Modi?s counterpunch to opposition?s unemployment blow in Parliament

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday junked the criticism his government is facing over unemployment issue. Participating in the discussion on the no-confidence motion against his government in the Lok Sabha, the PM rejected the opposition’s allegations and claimed that over one crore jobs were created in the country over the past one year. The prime minister referred to survey figures of an independent agency to attest his claim, adding the government has decided to publish monthly job data to lend weight to the argument.

Countering Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s charge, the PM said the opposition parties are spreading lies and misleading youths over the issue of unemployment in the country. “Again, there is an attempt to trample the truth. There is no information but the opposition is just making baseless talks. Had they thoroughly looked into the matter (unemployment), they would not have committed the sin of playing politics by dashing the hopes of youths of the country,” he said.

The PM then went on to give a point-by-point rebuttal to tear into the opposition over unemployment. He said the government has decided to publish monthly job data and detailed data from the Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) to lend weight to the argument. “The government will present before the country all figures regarding employment present in the system, every month.”

Formal sector

# PM Modi referred to the figures available in the system to say, “There is a way to assess employment in the formal sector- through EPF, adding that in the nine months between September 2017 and May 2018, 45 lakh new subscribers had joined the EPFO, out of which 77 per cent were less than 28 years of age. Taking the EPF and NPS subscribers together, more than 50 lakh jobs were created in nine months. This figure will reach 70 lakh for the full year.” Modi added that “data from the Employees State Insurance Scheme was not taken into account as Aadhaar linking of subscribers was still underway”.

Narendra Modi, job creation, unemployment, Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi, Congress, EPFO, Formal sector jobs, Informal sector jobs Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks in the Lok Sabha on ?no-confidence motion? during the Monsoon Session on Friday.

# Referring to an independent study by an agency on professionals such as doctors, engineers, lawyers, CAs who entered the workforce, the PM said, “There are a number of professional bodies in the country from where young professionals register themselves and become self-independent. For example- doctors, engineers, architects, chartered accountants, company secretaries.”

# According to the survey by an independent institute, he said, 17,000 new Chartered Accountants have joined in the system. Of them, 5,000 have started new companies. “If one Chartered Accountant institute provides employment to 20 people, then around 1 lakh CA’s must have got employment in such institutes.”

# He said more than 80,000 postgraduate doctors, dental surgeons, and AYUSH doctors pass out of colleges every year. Of them, he said, even if 60% starts their own practice, then one doctor can provide employment to 5 other people, and this figure will be 2,40,000. In 2017, there were around 80,000 new undergraduate and postgraduate lawyers. Out of them, even if 60% may have started their practice and provided employment to 2-3 people, then around 2 lakh new jobs are expected.

“In these three professions only (doctors, CAs and lawyers), more than 6 lakh people have got employment opportunity in 2017,” he highlighted.

Informal sector

# Talking about the informal sector, he said that alone in the transport sector, job opportunities were provided to around 20 lakh people. He said that 7.60 lakh commercial vehicles were sold last year. “Even if we suppose that 25% of this was a replacement of old vehicles, 5.7 lakh new vehicles were pressed into service for transporting goods. If one commercial vehicle has two people working on it, nearly 11.40 lakh jobs were created in this sector.”

# The Prime Minister said that the sale figure for passenger vehicles was 25,40,000. “Out of that, if 25% was a replacement of old vehicles, then 20 lakh new vehicles were on the roads. Even if 25% of these new vehicles get a driver and conductor, then 5 lakh new jobs were created.”

Modi vs Rahul, Narendra Modi, no confidence motion, Modi speech, Congress, Lok Sabha, NDA government, Bharatiya Janata Party, Modi governmentNew Delhi: A board displayed Result of the vote ?no-confidence motion? in the Lok Sabha during the Monsoon Session of Parliament, in New Delhi on Friday, July 20, 2018. (LSTV GRAB via PTI)(PTI7_20_2018_000281B)

# Likewise, he said that 2,55,000 autos were sold last year. “Out of them, even if 10% was a replacement of old autos, then around 2,30,000 autos were pressed into service last year. Since autos work in two shifts, three people get employed by 2 autos. In this way, 3,40,000 people got employment through new autos.”

The PM concluded that “if we combine all these figures from EPF, NPS, professions and transport sector, then around 1 crore new jobs were created in the last one year alone.”

“This is conveyed through the survey of an independent institute. I am quoting that institute and not citing government data. Therefore, it is my request to not bury the truth without knowing the facts. There should be no effort to mislead the country in this regard.”

Earlier, Congress president had alleged that the government has failed to generate employment opportunities in the country. Targetting the Prime Minister, he had said, “You said every person will get Rs 15 lakh – this is jumla No 1. You said two crore youth will get jobs every year, this is jumla No 2. In 2016-17, all over the country, four lakh people have got jobs according to the labour survey. The Indian youth had faith in the PM as in every speech of his he said he will give 2 crore jobs to the youth. Wherever you go, you speak about jobs — make pakodas, open shops… who will give jobs? Jobs will be given by small business and shops.”

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