1. 10 reasons why Hillary Clinton’s victory in US Presidential election would be ‘disastrous’ for India

10 reasons why Hillary Clinton’s victory in US Presidential election would be ‘disastrous’ for India

The India-US relationship would be under threat if Democratic party candidate Hillary Clinton wins the upcoming presidential election.

By: | Updated: October 31, 2016 4:41 PM
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The India-US relationship would be under threat if Democratic party candidate Hillary Clinton wins the upcoming presidential election. According to the US- based political analyst Arvind Kumar, Hillary’s victory would be a disaster for India. In a detailed article published in the Sunday Guardian, the politics expert has shown how the Clintons have always been hostile to India and pursued policies against India not only vis-a-vis Pakistan but also in relation to the Indian space programme and Hindus. Considering the way Hillary’s husband and former US President, Bill Clinton, carried out his hostility towards India, it is highly unlikely that she would chart a different course of action if she wins the election. Kumar has pointed out that Hillary’s record as the US Secretary of State under President Barack Obama has also been anti-India in many aspects.

Here are 10 reasons that would make Hillary’s win a disaster for India, according to Kumar

1. Hillary Clinton’s victory would bring back the US hostility of the 1990s towards India under Bill Clinton

Kumar says that Hillary Clinton’ victory in the election would bring back the US’ hostility of the 1990s towards India under the presidency of Bill Clinton. He writes that India’s relationship with the US took a sudden downturn after Bill Clinton took office in 1993. For nearly a year, Clinton did not appoint an ambassador to India and he opposed India on a number of fronts. Kumar says Bill Clinton took a number of steps to disarm and weaken India by preventing access to technology and carried out a sustained attack on the Indian economy by imposing several economic sanctions.

2. Bill Clinton’s administration took several measures to “retard” development of India’s space and technology sectors

Kumar writes that in 1991, Senator Joe Biden, who is now the US Vice-President, introduced an amendment in the bill granting aid to Russia. The Bill made it mandatory for Russia that it would not sell cryogenic engines for India’s space programme. The Clinton administration took several measures to “retard” development of India’s space and technology sectors. The then US government also blocked the sale of Cray supercomputers that were approved under the
Ronald Reagan administration. In contrast, the Clinton administration allowed the sale of these supercomputers to China.

3. Bill Clinton administration tried to choke India economically

The Clinton administration also targeted for several economic sanctions and threatened the country under what was called the Super 301 clause of the American trade law. The then US government “specially targeted” Indian textile and carpet industries. In the 1990s, terms like “Dunkel Draft”, “Super 301”, “WTO” and “patent laws” were synonyms with the US’ bid to destroy the Indian economy, leading to several protests in India.

Kumar points out a “famous episode” in which the Clinton administration declared that Indian skirts were flammable and banned them after an officer ignited a skirt in front of television cameras.

4. Clintons have always been pro-Pakistan, anti-India

According to the article, the Bill Clinton administration was consistently anti-India and pro-Pakistan on the security front. Clinton’s Cabinet members supported terrorists in India. The then US Vice-President Al Gore even described Punjab as “Khalistan”.

Bill Clinton made his close friend Robin Raphel the Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia. Under Raphel, the US State Department agenda supported separatists in Jammu and Kashmir. The US administration also offered F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan. Not only this, the US State Department propped up the Taliban regime in Afghanistan during this period.

Kumar says that recently, when Hillary Clinton was the US Secretary of State, Raphel was appointed to oversee a $7.5 billion aid package to Pakistan. However, she ended up being investigated by FBI for spying on behalf of Pakistan and lost her security clearance, he writes. Charges against Raphel were dropped after FBI started probing Hillary Clinton for using a private email server for classified emails.

5. Clintons are known to abuse power

When Bill Clinton took the second term as the US President in 1996, Madeleine Albright replaced Warren Christopher as the Secretary of State. Albright never made any effort to hide her hostility towards India. Kumar says her “weekly outbursts on television even bordered on racism.”

Albright continued her attacks on India even after leaving the office. She called for a plebiscite in Kashmir, thus justifying the actions of Pakistani terrorists and separatist groups. Kumar says the Clintons and people close to them have always abused power. He cites the example of Albright’s bombing of Yugoslavia and then getting her investment firm to attempt a takeover of mines in that country.

Albright had also justified the deaths around half-a-million children in Iraq, claiming the deaths were “worth it”. Recently, Albright threatened American women saying “there was a special place in hell reserved for them if they did not vote for Hillary Clinton.”

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6. Hillary Clinton’s anti-India, anti-Narendra Modi activities

Kumar writes that as the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton picked up where Bill Clinton and his Cabinet members had left off. She “did not waste any time in pursuing anti-India activities. Soon after Hillary was appointed the Secretary of State, Teesta Setalvad, an activist who has been allegedly involved in framing Prime Minister Narendra Modi on false charges, received a “handsome donation” from Vikram Chatwal. Vikram’s father Sant Chatwal had been a trustee of the Clinton Foundation. Emails leaked by WikiLeaks have shown that Sant Chatwal also had a role in the infamous cash-for-votes scam in the Lok Sabha.

Other emails leaks highlighted that the US government wanted to Setalvad’s NGO and use her claims in the so-called human rights reports that could be used against India and Hindus. Considering Hillary’ background, Kumar says, these actions are not unexpected.

7. Hillary Clinton as a member of “the Fellowship”

Jeff Sharlet, an investigative reporter, had exposed that Hillary’s is part of a “secretive group” in Washington DC known by several names such as “the Fellowship, the Family, or the C Street House.” Kumar writes that this group uses religion to further their geopolitical agenda around the world and evangelical Christians are their main tool for interfering in other countries.

According to Kumar, the separation of East Timor from Indonesia using religious persecution as the excuse was one of their achievements under Bill Clinton. When Atal Behari Vajpayee became the Prime Minister of India for a few days in 1996, Bill Clinton acted at the behest of this group and set up an advisory committee that was supposed to deal with religious freedom around the world. The committee, which had members from every faith except Hinduism, recommended the creation of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). Since its inception, this government agency has made fictitious claims to attack Hindus and India. Kumar says that the USCIRF was also responsible for “demonising” Narendra Modi on “false charges” and recommending the US government not to let Modi enter the US.

8. Talks to appoint Joe Biden as Secretary of State under Hillary Clinton

Kumar said that Hillary’s victory would trigger a disastrous era for the Indo-US relationship not because of her past records but for her future plans as well. Kumar says that there are talks to appoint Joe Biden as Hillary’s Secretary of State if she wins. If this happens, Biden would pursue his agenda of thwarting the development of India’s space programme and other technological advancements.

9. Huma Abedin of Pakistani descent as Hillary Clinton’s closest confidante

What is more worrisome is the fact that Hillary Clinton’s closest confidante is Huma Abedin, who is of Pakistani descent and her family has links with radical Islamist elements in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, according to Kumar. Abedin may end up playing important role in determining the US foreign policy.

10. Henry Kissinger’s support for Hillary Clinton

According to Kumar, another point against Hillary is that “war hawk” Henry Kissinger has support and has praised her stint as Secretary of State. “Kissinger’s hostility towards India is no state secret, as many of his racist, anti-India statements have been recorded on tape.”

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