‘Pandemic has taught us no single healthcare system can give competent answers to all our wellness needs’

‘Society needs to have sustained and robust immunity and lifestyle changes to fight against COVID-19. All the companies have come up with different products to counter the virus, but this overnight research doesn’t help.’

‘Pandemic has taught us no single healthcare system can give competent answers to all our wellness needs’
'Zyropathy as a system is essential for today's world because our approach is based on curing the root cause of the ailment.'

Covid-19 is perhaps the only health emergency that has put to test the four fundamental health systems pillars: promotive, preventive, curative, and rehabilitative. Any curative-care dominant health system like India’s will struggle with a pandemic because hospitals should be the last line of defence and not the only one. In the absence of a promotive and preventive system all the pressure shifts to one centre. To make the use of nutraceuticals easy for the consumers, a natural healing system: Zyropathy uses a combination of food supplements to fulfil the deficiency of essentials and ZyroNaturals Nutraceuticals for activating dysfunctional non-essential systems inside the body. Zyropathy aims to eliminate the root cause of diseases by stimulating the natural healing ability of the body. Delhi NCR based Zyropathy uses a natural healing method with a combination of food supplements to fulfil the essential’s deficiency and ZyroNaturals for activating dysfunctional non-essential systems inside the body. In an exclusive conversation with the Financial Express Online Kamayani Naresh, Health Expert and Founder of Zyropathy talked about the A-Z of Zyropathy. Excerpts:

What is ‘Zyropathy’? What are the principles of Zyropathy, and why do you think a new system like that is essential for today?

Zyro means ‘Helping Humanity’, and it is a natural healing system that redefines health and healthy living by treating the root cause of illnesses. Our ancestors used to live a healthy life for over 100 years without doctors and hospitals. But with the growing changes in the environment: pollution in the air, water, land and the food we consume increased toxicity in our body. Today we only want a cure that will miraculously change the discomfort to move on with our busy lives quickly but life becomes an endless loop of hospitals, appointments and medicines until we finally realize that this has been doing more harm to us than good. But health is primarily an inside job and our body is an intelligent machine that should not be toyed beyond a point. All you have to do is to awaken the body’s natural ability to take care of it. This is where Zyropathy comes into the picture as we have been redefining the idea of health and healthy living for over a few decades and healed more than 1 lakh patients across the globe in 17 countries. Zyropathy understands that the human body is made of food and hence only food can restore it with natural immunity. Consequently, Zyropathy combines ayurvigyan with modern medicines such as food supplements to eradicate the ailment from the body.There are hundreds of medical treatment systems in the world already. We think Zyropathy as a system is essential for today’s world because our approach is based on curing the root cause of the ailment which provides permanent relief rather than quickly controlling symptoms or carrying out harsh procedures to the body to get the results. Our combination of food supplements and zyro naturals, fulfill the deficiency of essential nutrients in the body that helps rejuvenate the non-essentials system for complete wellness with zero side effects and astonishing results.

How is your approach to treating A-Z diseases different from the modern medical way with an example?

Whenever there is an illness in our body, allopathy is suitable only for controlling the symptoms of disease and providing emergency support which is often a harsh and invasive measure that your body is naturally not ready to face. Moreover, homoeopathy is only helpful in treating deficiencies of vitamins and minerals. Zyropathy fulfils these gaps by offering consultations backed with high quality nutrition and herbal formulations. For example, modern and general allopathic approaches to cancer treatment are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation (cut, poison & burn) which merely provides symptom relief for a short duration but does not cure cancer at all. Whereas, Zyropathy looks at it differently. Zyropathy considers uncontrolled growth of cells, which defines cancer as a failure of immunity. Immunity, whose primary task is to protect the body from external aggression and internal disorders, gets absolved completely in management of toxicity levels within, which poses an emergency condition for survival.

As the immunity is diversified in handling an unplanned task the cells with fast multiplication characteristics which were kept under the control of immunity aside for emergency repairs take advantage and start the process of multiplication resulting in uncontrolled growth of cells i.e. Cancer. Zyropathy recommends a combination of supplements depending upon the type of cancer, which inhibit/retard the rate of growth of cancerous cells, enhance immunity and provide optimum nutrition to healthy cells in order to strengthen the body to eradicate cancer. Zyropathy also recommends supportive  treatment such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation on a need basis to initially contain intensity. We believe that integration of Zyropathy and Allopathy can provide complete remission in most of the cancer cases and can drastically reduce fatality rate.

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Kamayani Naresh, Founder Zyropathy

What makes your products better than what your competitors have to offer?

The modern medicine system only controls symptoms and as side effects adds on another ailment, whereas the significant difference between Zyropathy products is that we eliminate the root cause of the ailment so that consumers don’t learn to compromise with it but instead get completely rid of it for lifetime. We ensure that there are no drugs, steroids, immuno-suppressants and harmful ingredients in our products. All without any side effects and eliminating other minor health issues also for a chain reaction of complete wellness in the body.

Should nutraceuticals be consumed under medical supervision only, or have they been developed as OTC products?

All our products fall in the OTC category and thereby can be consumed without any medical supervision. However, for ailments, proper diagnosis and expert recommendation is a must to achieve the desired results. Although the description of the products on the Zyropathy website is quite comprehensive, Zyro Health Care can be contacted in case of any doubt. In addition, in-depth detail and research have gone into creating each method of unique treatment. Still, there can be individuals who might surprise you and need extra attention because we deal with all kinds of human conditions.

What is the role of Zyropathy in times of COVID-19?

The pandemic has made us recognize that no single health care system can produce competent answers to all the wellness needs of modern society. Therefore, there is a requirement for a comprehensive and unified idea of healthcare.

Society needs to have sustained and robust immunity and lifestyle changes to fight against COVID-19. All the companies have come up with different products to counter the virus, but this overnight research doesn’t help. After 14 years of intensive research, Zyropathy developed Preventika, an immunity booster. Made from 14 locally sourced herbs, including curcumin, the supplement has boosted the overall immunity system. Preventika is not explicitly formulated for coronavirus but has helped people strengthen their bodies against the long-lasting effects of the virus. Zyropathy’s philosophy is to finish off the root cause of diseases rather than treating symptoms which sometimes appear slow because we are dealing with the natural healing immunity of the body.

Do you think the scope of the nutraceutical market can make a long-term impact on healthcare in India?

Globally we have seen a trend where people opt to improve their health by switching over to found cures and supplements more naturally. However, changing food habits, more desk jobs, and less physical work will make people vulnerable to lifestyle ailments. Furthermore, the dependence on modern medication and harsh treatments comes secondary to building and strengthening the body’s internal immunity levels for many people. Consumers who have been deceived by conventional medicines or have suffered side effects are being driven to alternate sources of healing. The government funding trend is also open to new and traditional techniques. This is the best time in history for an alternative health startup to flourish if it’s helping people since people are available and patient about adopting natural cures and remedies into their lifestyle.

Which were your highest selling products during the pandemic and why?

Zyropathy uses two types of products, i.e. Food Supplements and Zyro Naturals. Food supplements are used to fulfil the body’s deficiency, and Zyro naturals made from plant extracts are used for curing ailments. During the pandemic, one of our bestselling products was our immunity booster, “Preventika ”, which was developed to prevent 19 different conditions besides enhancing immunity with 14 years of extensive research to back it up and has proven to be very effective in Covid-19 prevention. Another one is Zyropathy’s “Z-CEE Premium ” which has an essential combination of antioxidants that reduces oxidative stress, neutralizes the damage caused by free radicals and activates the functioning of cells throughout the body. It is one of the best antioxidants with rare and premium ingredients which no other product in the market provides at our special price.

What are your plans for new products and serving more towards healthcare in India?

We plan to revolutionize healthcare as an integrated healthcare solution where Zyropathy cures patients as a one-stop solution for healthcare with an integrated healthcare solution where patients get end-to-end healthcare solutions from all spheres of medicine such as Allopathy, Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Zyropathy and medical specialists under one roof. Discussions are underway to develop an enterprise model. We are also launching Certificate Courses in Zyropathy as a medical discipline from January coming year.

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