Ayurveda is the most tested, enduring healing modality prevailing in the world today: Vikas Chawla, Vedas Cure

‘Ayurveda is a complete system of health. It is both preventive and curative, and originated in India thousands of years ago. It is trusted science to heal people completely (Body, soul and mind) including COVID.’

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'Ayurveda is a natural and oldest scientific medical system which has shown commendable results, with a long record of clinical experience.'

Ayurveda promotes a science of living which has been tested and cherished from the age of our ancestors. The market for natural & organic products is rapidly growing, as consumers understand and value the benefits of ingredients sourced directly from nature. Amid the spike of COVID-19 cases around the nation, Financial Express Online caught up with Vikas Chawla, Founder and Director, Vedas Cure to elaborate upon role of Ayurveda in combating the virus, changing nature of Ayurveda industry since the pandemic began and opportunities that lie in future. Excerpt:

How important is Ayurveda’s role in combating COVID, boosting Immunity of individuals or helping the recovered patients in regaining their healthy body & mind?

Ayurveda is a complete system of health. It is both preventive and curative, and originated in India thousands of years ago. It is trusted science to heal people completely (Body, soul and mind) including COVID. For covid, Ayurveda recommends symptom based treatment, as per the symptoms exhibited Ayurveda has solution for all. Vedas Cure product range developed for combating COVID has herbs and spices like Adoosa, Banfasa, Chhoti Kateri, Pushkarmool, Saunth, Kali Mirch, Pippali Choti, Dalchini, Laung, Ajwain, Arjun Chhal, Saunf, Jaiphal, Atees, Piyabasa, Mulethi, Tulsi Beej, and Giloy. All these have properties to control fever, provide relief in case of chest congestion, lung infection, cough and cold. India has a lower mortality rate than other countries, because of the natural therapy available in the form of Ayurveda as an alternate solution.

We are getting maximum queries for these products from the regions of Maharashtra and Delhi NCR since the past two weeks, as cases are on rise. The positive results of our immunity booster products have been quite evident in the past two virus waves.

We also have a product called Ashwagandha tablet which helps in regaining energy for body & mind post recovery from COVID. Hemoglobin & iron levels significantly come down in COVID infected patients, our product Haemo- Glanemia care helps in increasing the levels of Hb, with the ingredients of Wheatgrass and Giloy. Vita mineral capsules are also helpful with sources of Vitamin B3, B12 and minerals, they are recommended to patients feeling fatigue post COVID. 

Are Ayurvedic treatment & medicines helpful and effective for all age groups in the present scenario when Indian lifestyle has been influenced by West to a favorable extent, as treatments suggested dates back to our ancestors?

Ayurveda is the most tested, enduring healing modality prevailing in the world today. It is a natural and oldest scientific medical system which has shown commendable results, with a long record of clinical experience. More than just a medical system, it is a system of living a healthy life. Ayurveda in simpler words can be defined as living in sync with the rhythm of nature. Ancient wisdom of life has a holistic approach to treatment methodology. It treats a human being as a whole, (mind, body and soul). A system of prevention & diagnosis always takes into consideration physical, mental and astral aspects. It is absolutely effective in all age groups.

Toddlers from the age of one can be given only a minute pinch of Ashwagandha powder with their milk to boost their immunity, twice a week. Munakka powder is also one such ingredient which is helpful in preventing the common problem of constipation. Ayurvedic herbs intake can be modified as per the age group to optimize their benefits, as they come without any side effects.

How has the year 2021 been for Vedas cure as a growing Ayurveda startup?

We have more than 50 products launched in the year of 2021. Some of the prominent ones being Sin Asthma Care, Haemo Glanemia Care, Vitiligo Care, Ulcerative Colitis Care, Oils such as Cactus, Ginger, Lemon, Grapefruit, etc.

The year of 2021 has been very promising for Vedas Cure as an Ayurveda brand that believes in preparing customized treatments & solutions for each of their customers. There has been a 20% increase in sales and enquiries that we have received from Pan India. During COVID, the healthcare industry was the only one proceeding continuously in terms of sales. The number of enquiries that we receive on a daily basis have risen, for issues such as weight management, females have been the active TG. Piles, constipation are issues commonly found in men, however problems like hair loss have seen an almost equal turnaround of enquiries from both the genders. Vedas Cure’s immunity booster products have seen an equal share of enquiries from both males and females.

Vikas Chawla, Founder and Director, Vedas Cure

What kind of additional support apart from licensing, import of herbs is needed from the government to make Ayurveda more popular among the people?

The government is already actively advocating about Ayurveda products, at domestic and international levels. Even our honorable PM can be seen quoting Ayurveda as a preventive and curative treatment for all kinds of disorders. We hope this will bring international recognition to the Ayurveda industry as a whole from different corners of the world. However, we only expect that some kind of flexibility must be given to BAMS doctors, so that they may also become active contributors in prevention of COVID. They should be given allowance to recommend a medicine/ treatment in cases of health emergencies arising as an after-effect of COVID. An official certification course can be initiated by the government which certifies an Ayurveda professional fit to prescribe medicines during COVID. This will become a boon for the entire sector.

One mission of Vedas Cure as a brand that it wishes to achieve in 2022. What is the plan for it?

Our mission is to reach as many people as possible, because we are using the most authentic form of Ayurvedic compositions for curing a variety of lifestyle disorders. We may compromise on the taste of the product, but we don’t believe in compromising on the characteristics of the composition. As herbs when taken in raw form, have the fastest healing effect. For the coming years, we also plan to launch offline stores in smaller cities with free medical consultation. As Vedas Cure believes in recommending medicines based on the ‘Prakriti’ of the person.

Also highlight certain aspects which must be addressed by the Ministry of AYUSH to make the Ayurveda system of medicine propel globally?

The Ministry of AYUSH should form a body with renowned Ayurveda experts who will be responsible in taking the benefits of this science and complete awareness to international lands. The experts with deep knowledge of Ayurveda must come forward to lead this body, and facilitate an association with international universities, colleges to run full-time courses. In this manner, the course of Ayurveda can be inculcated in International curriculums.

Yoga as a way of leading a healthy lifestyle was promoted widely globally. We celebrate International Day of Yoga now with so many nations together. The ancient science of Ayurveda also deserves the same kind of stature. Eminent Ayurveda prodigies can be sent to universities abroad for delivering lectures, conducting workshops to make the promotion more immersive. We must also start exporting more Ayurveda products to developed nations, some agreement between the regulatory bodies can be formed that allows recommending Ayurvedic products and herbs for treatment of disorders. This will also be very helpful for local players in India involved in procurement of herbs.

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