We provide affordable, accessible healthcare services: Vaibhav Singh, Co-Founder and MD, Visit Health

Visit Health is a one-of-a-kind holistic health benefits platform that aims to provide quality healthcare experiences accessible to all.

visit health
Visit’s end consumers can connect to medical specialists on call and get prescriptions through its telehealth and telemedicine specialty.

By Shardul Nautiyal

A fully-integrated, 360-degree primary healthcare platform – Visit Health helps corporations design primary care including medical services before hospitalization, as well as wellness solutions for employees and their dependents. Its offerings include doctor-on-call/chat, in-clinic specialist consultations, prescribed diagnostic tests, diet & wellness coaching, and mental health assistance services. Visit’s end consumers can connect to medical specialists on call and get prescriptions through its telehealth and telemedicine specialty.

Financial Express Online recently caught up with Vaibhav Singh, Co-Founder, and MD of Visit Health to discuss Visit Health’s ecosystem in India and more. Excerpts:

Tell us about the concept of Visit and its journey.

Visit Health is a one-of-a-kind holistic health benefits platform that aims to provide quality healthcare experiences accessible to all and available anytime and anywhere. Our journey began in 2015 with the launch of a full-stack integrated Employee Health Benefits Platform. Even then, our end goal was to provide quality healthcare accessible anytime, anywhere, but our reach was limited. We began by extending primary healthcare benefits to employees through partnerships with corporates and insurance providers.

Our mission was to bridge the colossal service gap in primary healthcare in India because the corporate health benefits and insurance broadly cover secondary care, i.e., hospitalization. Consequently, the primary healthcare market was struggling with an ever-widening demand-supply gap and the Covid-19 pandemic has only compounded the calamity. Our technological intervention aims to bridge this gap by providing healthcare access to employees as well as retail customers.

What different aspects is Visit bringing to the table that makes it stand apart from its counterparts?

Enabled with AI, Visit is a one-stop platform for all healthcare needs, including primary care such as physical and emotional wellbeing, teleconsultations and OPD programs and secondary care. The platform provides the underserved Indian populace 24×7 access to on-demand healthcare services at their fingertips. Our vast network of healthcare centers is spread across the country, which includes over 30,000 doctors available for cashless consultations, 7,000+ pin codes for medicine delivery and more than 4,300 pin codes for diagnostic tests. Our state-of-the-art app harnesses the power of gamification, data and customization to create a highly engaging and meaningful experience for our customers.

Throw some light on your business model. What is your monetization model?

We offer customized corporate solutions under OPD (cashless, wallet & reimbursement models), Annual & Pre-employment Health Check-ups, Gym & Studio Memberships, Comprehensive EAP, Telemedicine, and Wellness. These solutions are in the form of corporate-sponsored annual subscriptions based on ‘unlimited’ access packages for employees and their dependents.

Eg: we have an Unlimited Use Gym & Studio Access starting at just Rs.2500 per annum per employee.

Elaborate on the present market scenario. What kind of business opportunities do you see in this segment?

Ever since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the global market has been witnessing burgeoning demands for primary healthcare services like teleconsultations, mental health support, fitness, nutrition, diagnostics, medicine, and regular doctor appointments. The demands for healthcare services have skyrocketed in India as well, but there is a perennial supply crunch.

All players operating in the retail space, be it credit card providers, smartphone companies or gyms, are looking to offer value-added healthcare services to their customers. The market is rife with business opportunities for us as we can plug these retail distributors into our network of doctors, diagnostic centers, and pharmacies. Our quick and seamless tech integration within their existing system will allow them to offer add-on healthcare services to their end-users without changing the end-user experience.

Is Visit looking forward to expanding to the retail side after B2B? What are the plans?

Having gained insights and experience from the B2B sector, we are eager to foray into the retail space. The outbreak of the global pandemic has exposed and exacerbated the grim reality of Indian healthcare. With telehealth at the forefront of today’s healthcare needs and a burgeoning demand for primary healthcare services, we hope to bridge this gap. Since the pandemic, every retail player wants to provide cashless healthcare services to their customers as an add-on. We are building an extensive network of diverse retail entities like telecom and travel companies, supermarket chains, e-commerce platforms, credit card, and loan providers, and NBFCs to offer bundled healthcare products to their end customers.

What exactly is the offering for the retail customer?

The offering for retail customers is not far from that to our B2B customers. Our mission was and still is to provide quality healthcare services accessible to all and available anytime, anywhere. We will offer our retail customers a wide-ranging bundle of services that will focus on wellness and primary care services, such as on-call doctors, specialist consultations, prescribed diagnostic tests, medicine delivery, and full-scale cashless OPD plans. Our goal is to provide universal access to affordable and quality healthcare services to Indians, regardless of the distribution channel, whether through their employer, insurer, credit card provider, or gym.

Any specific pricing for the retail customers? Or will it vary?

The pricing will vary depending on the volume of offering, the type of product bundle and the services in that retail bundle. But I can assure you that the customers will be able to access quality healthcare services at their fingertips from as low as ₹5-10 per year. The pricing for all our retail customers will range from ₹5-500 annually.

How many partnerships have you done so far to cater to the retail market? Can you mention a few names with some figures?

Currently, our retail partnerships have been amongst the following categories- credit card and loan providers, smartphone and telecom companies, insurers, NBFCs, assistance product companies, rural distribution organizations, and gyms. As far as the insurance providers are concerned, we have collaborated with Care Health Insurance, Aditya Birla Health Insurance, and others. We have also joined hands with an assistance product company, CPP Assistance Services. In addition to this, we are also in advanced talks with several other retail entities and mass distributors for bundling our primary care services for their end customers.

Tell us about your current audience and what type of audience are you looking to tap in the future?

Our current audience ranges from corporates, MNCs, and insurance companies to credit card and loan providers, assistance product companies, gyms, telecom and smartphone industries. With healthcare as our offering, everyone becomes a target audience because the demand for healthcare services is ubiquitous right now. In the upcoming months, we are hoping to tap into the retail sector and its diverse customers. Our ultimate aim is to provide affordable and quality healthcare services to all, accessible anytime and anywhere.

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