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Syenergy Environics provides radiation management solutions for homes and workspaces to negate the effects of e-pollution

Ajay Poddar,Founder & Managing Director, Syenergy Environics
According to Poddar, Syenergy Environics is relentlessly innovating to develop scientifically validated, health protection solutions that are accessible to anyone.

Technological advancements and the invention of new gadgets open up a new world for everyone to learn and choose from. But sometimes, along with several positive aspects, there come some negative ones too. As people adopt modern technologies in every aspect of their lives, they tend to ignore the health risk that comes with it. All telecom gadgets emit harmful electromagnetic waves, and with the increasing usage, people are getting exposed way to it too much. That’s where Gurgaon-based Syenergy Environics steps in. With its novel radiation protection solutions, Environics aims to help people across the globe gradually improve their overall wellness.

“The unseen and unfelt threats—manmade or environmental—have led to increased health issues while affecting individuals’ overall wellbeing and productivity,” says Ajay Poddar, co-founder & managing director, Syenergy Environics. “At Environics, the team understands the impact of these harmful earth emissions and electro smog and finds non-intrusive ways to change their nature with simple, non-intrusive solutions. Some of them include no relocation of people and wastage of space by vacating them.”

According to Poddar, Syenergy Environics is relentlessly innovating to develop scientifically validated, health protection solutions that are accessible to anyone. The company invents services, which are highly economical and easy to implement. The products are not only aesthetic and user-friendly, but are also cost-effective. Moreover, the benefits are measurable and discernable, which make work and living spaces safer and healthier.

Syenergy Environics has developed Envirochip — a device-specific solution for electrosmog, Enviroglobe—which offers protection against the impact of radiation from sources that are beyond human control and Envirocover— a radiation protection solution embedded in mobile covers for different handset models. Further, the company’s radiation protection technology has been internationally tested and certified by world-renowned scientific and medical institutes such as AIIMS and Max Healthcare in India, MIT Technology Review, DB Technology of UK, to name a few.

“Over 4 million people across 13 countries use products like Envirochip and Enviroglobe, which protect them from personal and public devices and installations. These products further safeguard individuals against correcting or transmuting harmful effects of ground emissions and natural energies for more than 100 million sq ft of built-up area,” says Poddar.

The company has installed its products covering about 350 sq km at 2600 establishments, including airports, refineries, power plants, offices, homes, educational institutions, among many others. The installations have resulted in improvements in health parameters, and the productivity of individuals has increased too.

“Today, with the advent of faster data processing gadgets, there is an exponential increase in screen time, and consequently, exposure to e-smog magnifies. These factors, in turn, affect sleep patterns, hearing abilities, vision, skin, and heart health,” says Poddar. “Our team is relentlessly developing validated scientific solutions to enhance personal immunity and protection against bacteria and viruses. The unique, user-friendly, and economical products are being introduced into the market and are evoking great interest from trade partners.”

With the documentation of the benefits of correcting natural energies and emissions, the company aims to encourage establishments—concerned about the health and productivity of individuals at workplaces—to use its products, says Poddar. It envisions redefining communities across the globe by bringing focus on healthier lifestyles. “We aim to touch 100 million lives by the end of 2023 by introducing more valuable and relevant products and services to our portfolio,” he informs.

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