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Revolutionising Indian healthcare with home diagnostics

Digital developments driving growth for home COVID-19 have been responsible for the exponential growth of home diagnostics.

Revolutionising Indian healthcare with home diagnostics
The recent pandemic also pointed out the shortcoming of traditional diagnostic testing such as mislabelling patients’ names, delayed results or misinterpreted results, etc. (File)

By Kannan A

The first at-home pregnancy tests became accessible in the 1970s to provide patients with sensitive testing in the comfort of their own homes; since then the field of home diagnostics has evolved. Even though continuous advancements were being made to the home diagnostic sector through the years, it was the pandemic-induced global health crisis that created the need for digital transformation in diagnostics.

According to Transparent Market Research, the global home diagnostics market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 4.4% from 2021 to 2031. The modifications made in response to the pandemic have now become a part of a larger trend towards decentralising clinical trials such as remote sample collection, enhancement in the patient clinical trials, enrollment & retention of the patients; all with the help of technology. With just a few taps on our smartphones or other devices, we can now access high-quality healthcare services, thorough diagnosis, qualified pathologists, doctors, and medical workers. During the pandemic, people were taking tests from the comfort of their homes and even now it continues to be the utmost preference. Additionally, even the reports became accessible and made available through phone or any other device via email/messages among other modes. Digitisation has aided in improving the accuracy and expanded the diagnostic capacity of per day without adding to the workload of the healthcare workforce, which was already overburdened by the rise in coronavirus infections.

Technology making the home diagnostic industry resilient

Digital developments driving growth for home COVID-19 have been responsible for the exponential growth of home diagnostics. It has transformed from tedious visits to the conventional on-site clinical research models to a remote strategy that makes use of more advanced health technologies such as AI, IoT, and machine learning. Now not only can it not achieve cost and quality goals, but the diagnostic industry can also better communicate, analyse and apply the information by using high-end technology.

Growth of the diagnostic players

India’s laboratory market is undergoing a significant change due to the business expansion plans of popular corporate laboratory chains, not to mention the sector was earlier dominated by unorganised paths labs across the country. Therefore, the strategic approach by the current business players; introducing new technology that permits more focused and accurate examinations that were previously unavailable to residents of rural areas or tier II and tier II cities. Henceforth, the expansion of the larger chains will aid in the introduction of numerous new-generation preventive and predictive tests for a broader population.

The need for convenience

The convenience provided to customers through online booking, home collection of samples, and online reporting is the driving factors behind diagnostic services. The success of this model lies in the simple fact that it reduces the common man’s burden of travelling for any kind of diagnostic service. This convenience has helped in tapping significant opportunities for entities with a strong network and high-tech lab. Thus, increasing the revenue turnaround time by reporting a quick result.

Ageing population

The share of older people in the overall Indian population is rising. In many cases, an increase in age means an increase in the number and complexity of illnesses. Thereby, resulting in more demand for diagnostic services and preventive care.

Technology is widely used in the healthcare industry. It is accurate to say that digitalization has changed the game for the healthcare sector, particularly the diagnostics sector, from keeping a track of one’s health to using online services like booking pathology lab tests etcetera. The demand for diagnostic services is rising as a result of greater awareness of preventive and curative healthcare, driven by marketing communication strategies employed by various diagnostics businesses.

(The author is a Chief Operating Officer (Operations, Healthtech Business and Services), Metropolis Healthcare Ltd. Views expressed are personal and do not reflect the official position or policy of the

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