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What’s your Investment Quotient? (IQ)

Measure your financial intelligence in minutes.

Chances are you’re a pro at growing your money. Chances are you’re getting better at it. Maybe you’ll take your first steps with a little guidance. One way to find out is to take this short, fun test to find what your Investment Quotient really is. Your score will reflect whether you need an investment advisor or if you can manage your wealth yourself. It’ll only take 5 minutes but help secure a lifetime.

1. Ever prepared a budget and implemented it?

2. Pick a life mantra

3. Kaun banega Crorepati?

4. What’s in your emergency fund if you needed it today?

5. How much should one’s retirement income be?

6. Which of the following statements best describes you?

7. ULIPs are great for investors who want

8. I feel Insurance is mainly meant to…

9. Investment matlab…

10. How often do you review your bank account statements?