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How much are your little expenses costing you?

Ever stop to wonder, how much that last shopping spree cost you? Or those daily cab fares? Or even that night out you can’t remember who paid for? Expenses, both big and small, have an impact on our long-term financial well-being. Yet, before some of these purchases we all say, ‘Kya Farak Padta hai?’ and go on to spend anyway. Take this quick quiz and we’ll show you how your spends are likely to impact your future.

Office jaana hai. What is your most preferred way to commute?

How india commutes to work

  • 15% by private transport
  • 18% public transport
  • 23% on foot
  • 30% do not travel
  • Source: https://www.downtoearth.org.in/dte-infographics/commute_to_work.html

The weekend is finally here. How would you prefer to celebrate Saturday night?

5 smart ways to spend your weekend

  • Pursue a passion
  • Unplug from work
  • Spend time with family & friends
  • Catch up on sleep

Where do you spend the most every month?

Average Indian’s Monthly Expense

  • 40% on food, 13% on housing
  • just 4% on education

Source: Hindustan times, 2016

In the last 6 months, how much have you shopped for online?

People from North India spend the most when shopping online: Approx 37% spends more than the average of Rs. 1990/month

Source: DealSunny India Spending Behaviour Report, August 2016

What percentage of your monthly income do you manage to save?

India’s monthly income blues

  • 35% Indians save nothing
  • 36% save less than 10%
  • 16% save 10-19.99%

Source: DealSunny India Spending Behaviour Report, August 2016

How important are your investments to you?

Approximately 27% Indians don’t invest their money

Source: DealSunny India Spending Behaviour Report, August 2016

How important is insurance to you?

Indians and emergency expenses

  • 40% use savings
  • 23% use credit cards and borrowed money
  • 15% work extra hours to earn more
  • 12% cut vacations for the year


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